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After a week of covering the Wuhan coronavirus as both as a pundit and a biosafety professional, I have come to the conclusion that maybe it is time to dial back the drama associated with the pathogen.

A middle school student at Immanuel Christian School in Virginia recently claimed white boys at the school held her down and cut her hair. The media wasted no time trying to pin this controversy to Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, because she works there as a part-time art teacher. Now we know it was a hoax.

One of the many admirable precepts of America's system of government has been the peaceful transfer of executive power, a transfer that hinges on the acceptance of election results and all parties working together for the good of the country. In four years, there's another election and the losing party tries again.

If it's a day ending in "y," you can rest assured that perpetually outraged feminists are going to find something "offensive" in order to rally their troops. This week has been no exception. The latest outrage du jour comes from news reports out of Mississippi where a Republican gubernatorial candidate is facing backlash after telling a female journalist that she could only interview him in his truck as he made campaign stops if another man was present.

The Supreme Court upheld an Indiana law that required a burial or cremation of an aborted human being, but decided to provide an unsigned opinion on the portion of the law that bans abortion based on sex, race, and disability. Vice President Mike Pence signed the bill into law in 2016 when he served as governor of Indiana. Justice Clarence Thomas issued an opinion in support of the Indiana law on abortion restrictions due to eugenics using abortion as a form of eugenics on minorities.