The Democrat debates are the best thing that ever happened to Donald Trump.

Tonight’s debate in Houston was another example, a mostly sleepy affair in which the two leftist party leaders — Bernie and Warren — further cemented their primary policy of taking private insurance away from almost 150 million people. Some of the lesser contenders called them out on that, as did Biden.

Warren was not much of a presence. She and Bernie are mostly interchangeable at this point. That’s not good for her. Her answer to almost every question is big, evil corporations.

Spartacus gave an impassioned performance, it might move his needle a little, but won’t boost him from the bottom tier. Yang had a cute (and highly questionable) offer to pay 10 viewers $1000 if only they (and millions of others, of course) would go to his website. Klobuchar played the role of moderate Democrat, but got almost no air time.

Castro is a disagreeable character, can’t imagine he helped himself by impliedly accusing Biden of being senile: “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago? Are you forgetting already what you said just two minutes ago?”

Beto will take your AR-15s. He wants you to know that.

Biden did well for him. No drool running down his chin, he remembered where he was and what year it was. In many ways Biden won the debate as he looked “normal” compared to the two people to his immediate left and right.

But my big takeaway is that someone’s campaign should have ended tonight. Kamala Harris. Her performance tonight was an embarrassment of canned one- and two-liners bashing Trump, and anecdotal stories about people she’s met.

Her opening statement ended by telling Trump to go back to watching Fox News.

On the issue of trade policy, she compared Trump to the Wizard of Oz. The joke failed, with George Stephanopoulos reacting awkwardly.

When Biden noted (correctly) that the constitution would prevent Harris from many of the sweeping executive orders she’s promising, particularly on guns, Harris didn’t disagree, she simply said she’ll do it anyway:

Kamala Harris proved me wrong — I’ve viewed her as someone whose intellect is a mile wide and an inch deep. I’d like to revise that assessment — her intellect is a mile wide and half-an-inch deep. There’s no there, there.

Kamala Harris’ campaign should have been over tonight. But I’m not making predictions.


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