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South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is one of 18 or 19 Democrats running for president, has enjoyed mostly fawning press coverage since he entered the race back in January. But he hadn't really done anything early on to differentiate himself from the crowded field of contenders. So he decided to do something about it. Along the way, our so-called "impartial" mainstream media eagerly lent him a helping hand. They invented a "feud" with VP Mike Pence that did not exist.

Although General John Kelly had agreed to stay in his position until 2020, President Trump is reportedly removing Kelly from his position as White House Chief of Staff. Kelly was brought in to replace Reince Priebus and instill order to the chaotic Trump White House, and by all accounts he did an admirable job. Trump has announced that Kelly will leave his position by the end of the year.

You can always count on Rep. Maxine Waters to give away the plans to destroy Trump's presidency and administration. The latest of which occurred Friday and included a suggestion to "knock off" Trump, which was greeted with applause and cheers. The National Newspaper Publishers Association gave Waters a National Leadership Award and Waters used her platform to trash Trump.

Vice President Mike Pence has officially laid out the plan to begin creating a military command dedicated to space, establishing the “Space Force” as the sixth branch of the U.S. military. If everything goes according to this plan, the Space Force would be in place by 2020, making it the first new branch of the military established since the Air Force was formed shortly after World War II.

A chemical attack in Syria has left dozens dead.  Assessment is on-going, so reports vary as to how many people were killed.  Early reports say that at least 42 people were killed, with hundreds in need of medical care.  The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is reporting that over 70 civilians were killed. According to reports, the victims of Saturday's chemical attack showed signs of chlorine and nerve agent poisoning. President Trump has responded vigorously on Twitter, tagging Syria's president "Animal Assad" and reminding us that Obama's 2013 empty "red line" threats against Syria's use of chemical weapons emboldened the Russia-supported regime.

Vice President Mike Pence told The Washington Post on his way home from the Olympics that the U.S. is ready to open talks with North Korea after a discussion with South Korean President Moon Jae-in:
The frame for the still-nascent diplomatic path forward is this: The United States and its allies will not stop imposing steep and escalating costs on the Kim Jong Un regime until it takes clear steps toward denuclearization. But the Trump administration is now willing to sit down and talk with the regime while that pressure campaign is ongoing.
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