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We recently noted that witches were planning to hex US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I would argue that the 2018 campaign cycle has been magical, indeed....for Republicans. It is now being reported by Washington Examiner contributor Philip Wegmann that Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate from Arizona, summoned witches to help her rally against the Iraq War when Sinema.

Arizona Democrat Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema has been in the news a lot lately as comments she made at left-wing forums have resurfaced. Among the comments was that Arizona was the "crazy" state, and the "meth lab of democracy." She also said she didn't care if a constituent went and fought for the Taliban, and that it was inappropriate to criticize anarchist property destruction. It seems that new controversies regarding Sinema's radical past arise daily.

Midterm elections are only a few weeks away so we're watching the polls closer each day. I found that polls for the Senate races in Missouri, Arizona, North Dakota, and Tennessee have the Republican candidates in the lead. Democrat incumbent Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is only down a point, but Arizona Republican Rep. Martha McSally slightly raised her lead as she tries to take over retiring Sen. Jeff Flake's seat.

The latest Fox News polls show that Republicans have an opportunity to flip two Senate seats while holding onto another. However, Democrats have a chance to take over Arizona Republican Jeff Flake's seat and Missouri Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill captured a lead from her opponent. Tread with caution, though, because all of them have slim leads in these polls.

Yesterday I blogged on the latest Axios poll on a few Senate races, which show that the Democrats face losing seats in the chamber. The opposite has happened in House races as The Cook Political Report changed ratings in 10 races and seven of those moves favor the Democrats. The publication's monthly review also revealed that Democrats have a slight edge to win the 23 states they need to take over the House.

The GOP has a one-seat majority in the Senate, which would make one think the Democrats have a real shot at claiming the majority in the upcoming midterm elections. But, the latest poll from Axios/SurveyMonkey shows a Senate Democrat majority is not likely. Axios' numbers have two Democrats winning in red states, but three Democrat incumbent Senators in danger of losing.

The GOP now only holds a one seat majority in the Senate since Democrat Doug Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore, who faced numerous sexual misconduct allegations, in the Alabama Senate special election. That loss made the 2018 elections even more crucial for the GOP. Is it possible for the party to keep or even add to their majority? Or will Democrats pounce and take over? Politico listed these races as the ones to watch in the new year.

A "Faith on the Hill" study of the newly sworn-in 113th Congress's religious makeup reveals that the number of members with no religious affiliation is on the rise. Besides nearly doubling the number of religiously unaffiliated members from the 112th ( 6) to the 113th...

"To pull a Warren" I think we have us a new -- what's the word -- descriptor for falsely claiming minority status. @LegInsurrection Someone tried to pull a Warren in…— blank (@Eri_Barrister) July 10, 2012 Via The Daily Caller: A Democratic congressional candidate in Arizona is facing questions...