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A major Iranian terror attack on the U.S., Israeli, and Emirati embassies in an East African nation has been foiled,  Israel media reports say. The authorities in an unnamed African country have arrested several Iranian agents involved in scouting diplomatic missions for a terrorist attack, the Israeli public broadcaster Kan disclosed on Monday.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015: Boko Haram technically defeated. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on December 1, 2020: War against Boko Haram far from over. Boko Haram, the radical Islamic group that has been terrorizing Nigeria for years, claimed their militants kidnapped hundreds of schoolboys in the northwestern state of Katsina.

Amid an escalating armed conflict in northern Ethiopia, Israel has kick started an operation aimed at airlifting around 2000 Ethiopian Jews from the country. The first flight of this mission arrived on Thursday carrying 319 members of Ethiopia's Jewish community. They were greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leading members of his government at Ben Gurion airport.

While the world focuses on the COVID pandemic and China's shenanigans, a potential conflict has been brewing between Ethiopia and Egypt involving the waters of the Blue Nile. This month, Ethiopia completed the initial filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), a nearly $5 billion hydroelectricity project. The country plans to fill the rest of the dam over the next five years, a prospect that worries downstream Egypt, which depends on the Nile for freshwater.

China is running a massive surveillance network in Africa, reveals a new report published by the Heritage Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. The intelligence gathering operation was most likely run through State-owned Chinese companies involved in building critical government infrastructure. These firms have built or renovated around 186 top government buildings and 14 sensitive governmental telecommunication networks across the African continent, which include a number of presidential palaces, parliaments, and military installations.

Having reported news for almost six years, I seldom become a subject of it myself. Yesterday was one such rare exception as I was repatriated from South Africa to Germany.

Five years after a significant outbreak in Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared another international emergency over Ebola. The spread of the Ebola virus, which began in the central African nation of Congo, has been designated as a "public health emergency of international concern," a WHO spokesperson said.

A man murdered Ahmed Hussein-Suale, a journalist who helped expose major FIFA corruption, as he drove home on a motorbike in Ghana. From USA Today:
Ahmed Hussein-Suale was killed late Wednesday, shot twice in the chest and once in the neck at close range while driving in the suburb of Accra where he lived. He died immediately, according to police.

First Lady Melania Trump has spent the last week in Africa, touring during Ghana, Malawi, Kenya and Egypt. The trip was designed to enhance the First Lady's public profile, generate goodwill, and strengthen the connections between the Trump administration and the leaders of these nations. The normally-reserved Mrs. Trump used a photo-op at the Giza complex, set in front of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, to comment on her husband's tweets and the Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Reporters traveling with her as she traversed Africa this past week asked her about the news back home of the confirmation of the president’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett M. Kavanaugh, and the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that he sexually assaulted her.