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South African Activist: Critical Race Theory the ‘Same Toxic and Demented Racial Politics That Set Afire My Homeland’ in Recent Years

South African Activist: Critical Race Theory the ‘Same Toxic and Demented Racial Politics That Set Afire My Homeland’ in Recent Years

Rian Malan: “It is exactly these values that have brought South Africa to its knees.”

South African writer and journalist Rian Malan scorches the “toxic and demented racial politics,” which has caused his country to explode last week, in a New York Post op-ed.

South Africa witnessed riots and looting. People demolished private businesses as cargo vessels stayed away “because it’s too dangerous to unload them.” People are hungry and left without jobs, especially young back men. The riots have left 63% of them jobless.

South Africa and CRT in America

Malan, who traced the origin of the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” sees those politics entering American society through critical race theory (CRT) and race-baiter Ibram X. Kendi.

The politics sprout from what Malan calls the Beautiful Idea, which we hear from “the sermons of critical race theorists trying to force you to take the knee and atone for your supposed sins.” This idea “pushed South Africa to the brink.”

Kendi “blames all racial disparities on racist policies.” But Kendi cannot find a specific policy:

But what policies is he talking about? Kendi is reluctant to be drawn on this score, and with good reason: He can’t name the policies, because they don’t exist anymore. In your country, all discriminatory laws have been repealed, all forms of overt racism outlawed and replaced by laws that enforce preferential black access to jobs, housing and college admissions.

So Kendi must insist that an invisible miasma of “systemic racism” infects white people and propels them to act in ways so subtly racist that most of them aren’t even aware they’re sick until it is pointed out to them by diversity consultants.

The same equity Kendi pushes caused South Africa to break out into chaos and more inequality.

President Thabo Mbeki (1999-2008) implemented the Beautiful Idea in sports. He did not like the rugby team because it did not have adequate racial representation. He preferred racial representation over team success.

Then Mbeki pushed it into the economy:

At least initially, Mbeki’s scheme worked fairly well. Some blacks became billionaires. Many others joined the white suburban elite and sent their kids to private schools. Transformation of the civil service spurred the growth of a new black middle class, generally commanding salaries far higher than in the private economy.

But in the longer term, the economic consequences were devastating. In addition to paying taxes at Scandinavian levels, South African corporations were required to cede large ownership stakes to black partners, whether or not they brought anything to the table besides black skin and connections in high places

Firms were also required to meet racial quotas in hiring and ensure that management was racially representative, meaning roughly 88 percent black. Tendering for government business became increasingly pointless, because contracts were invariably awarded to black-owned firms, even if their prices were double, triple or tenfold.

Investment dried up. Brains drained. The economy stagnated, causing unemployment to surge to 11.4 million today, from 3.3 million in l994. The upshot: utter misery for the underclass, doomed to sit in tin shacks, half-starved, watching the black elite grow fat on the pickings of equity laws and rampant corruption.

In other words, putting one race above another will not solve anything. White people think it must be done, but black South Africans differ (emphasis mine):

Most black South Africans recognize this. By 2021, only 3 percent of them cited racism as a serious problem, according to a survey by the Institute of Race Relations. The same survey found that 83 percent of black South Africans were in full or partial agreement with the following statement: “Politicians are talking about racism to excuse their own failures.”

Which brings us to the slender silver lining in this dark story. Many black South Africans who oppose this lawlessness were out in force last week, manning roadblocks to keep the mobs away from their homes and businesses.

Equity and CRT Seeping Into Society

We see similar actions in America. White farmers sued President Joe Biden over a USDA loan forgiveness program only for minor farmers. A federal judge temporarily blocked the program. Two federal courts ruled it unconstitutional.

The farmers filed a lawsuit earlier this month in the federal District of Minnesota.

Support fell for the Black Lives Matter movement a year after George Floyd’s death. The New York Times made it sound like only whites stopped supporting it, but it also dropped among blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.

Let’s go back to schools and CRT. Professor Jacobson argued we need to fight CRT to stop society from turning on each other. He said:

What we are witnessing in real time is the wholesale turning of society against itself. The implementation of Critical Race Theory in various forms is a part of it, turning society against itself through manufactured racial conflict. This racial self-flaggelation is epitomized by Ibram X. Kendi’s misleadingly titled “antiracism” formula, in which the world is divided into “antiracists” (engaged in a never-ending struggle to unravel ‘systemic’ racism by destroying norms) and “racists” (everyone else who does not agree with them or just wants to be left alone or advocates treating people without regard to skin color). CRT and its offshoots are societal dead ends of perpetual conflict and repression.


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“Politicians are talking about racism to excuse their own failures.”

Yes. They exercise liberal license to indulge diversity [dogma] for profit and leverage.

Critical Racists’ Theory presumes diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment), not limited to racism, sexism, ageism, breeds adversity.

That said, diversity of individuals, minority of one. Baby Lives Matter

South Africa is witnessing the advance of bio-leninism in the form of the “Bloody Shovel”.

Here in south Florida there are lots of South Africans. Lots.

Just finished reading the Equity in Civics Education white paper financed by the Hewlett Foundation and published in November 2020. Basically an Equity Mandate and existing social and economic inequalities tied to race are to be used to overthrow the United States government as traditionally understood.

Plans are for this to be the primary focus of K-12 education, with the academic disciplines we traditionally pushed simply used to provide concepts to interpret the existing Inequities that must be changed.

How do we survive a curricula that speaks of this as a vision to “restore justice” when such a society and ‘ideal democracy’ has never successfully existed anywhere?

Thanks for reminding us what this did to South Africa since the American Constitution Society last week established the Truth, Racial Healing, and Reconciliation Commission.

It’s never about race, it’s always about power and money.

texansamurai | July 20, 2021 at 5:18 pm

malan’s grandfather was a key figure in the implementation/creation of apartheid in south africa–he knows of where he speaks–his first novel, “my traitor’s heart” is a stunning work–written in the mid-eighties and unavailable at the time in the us, was able to obtain a copy via a canadian publishing house–whether you agree with his conclusions in the novel or not, it is a compelling piece of writing

I do not wish to be alarmist, but CRT leads to a race war.

Neo marxists have merely changed the labels.

It used to be “the proletariat”, today they say “POC” or “BIPOC” or “BAME” in the UK.

If you watch Yuri Bezmenovs media appearances you will begin to understand rapidly.

The building blocks of this idealogy were all made by marxists. No sane individual could cook up such a ploy in a “university” no less.

This a a great essay by Angelo M. Codevilla on the matter :

Part of the terrible problem is that young people did not see the Soviet Union, the Cold War.

The West is historically deeply ignorant and very susceptible to story telling. Social media spreads ignorance at the speed of light. They know nothing else.

They learn history from a THIS NOW Insta video.

*The Rise of Political Correctness*
From Marx to Gramsci to Trump.

by Angelo M. Codevilla :

“Machiavelli is the point of departure in a section of Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks that describes how the party is to rule as “the modern prince.” But the modern prince’s task is so big that it can be undertaken seriously only by a party (in some 50 references he leaves out the word “Communist”), which he defines as “an organism; a complex, collective element of society which has already begun to crystallize as a collective will that has become conscious of itself through action.” This prince, this party, has to be “the organizer and the active expression of moral and intellectual reform…that cannot be tied to an economic program.” Rather, when economic reform grows out of moral and intellectual reform, from “germs of collective will that tend to become universal and total,” then it can become the basis of the secularization of all life and custom.

The party-prince accomplishes this by being Jacobin “in the historic and conceptual sense.” Gramsci writes: “that is what Machiavelli meant by reform of the militia, which the Jacobins did in the French Revolution.” The party must gather consensus from each of society’s discrete parts by persuading—inducing—people who had never thought of such things to join in ways of life radically different from their own. The party develops “its organized force” by a “minutely careful, molecular, capillary process manifested in an endless quantity of books and pamphlets, of articles in magazines and newspapers, and by personal debates repeated infinitely and which, in their gigantic altogether, comprise the work out of which arises a collective will with a certain homogeneity.” But note well that the Jacobins used no little coercion to achieve their “nation in arms.””

The real problem is that CRT is being pushed in our schools right down to the K-12 levels. And that’s happening primarily because of one company that has been pushing this new curriculum to school systems, superintendents and administrators across the US. It’s called American Reading Company. I wonder if all the school systems adopting the program offered by them really know what they are getting into. If they do, this is a more serious problem than we realize. The reviews by former and current employees of ARC are quite revealing, giving an inside look at how it’s CEO, Jane Hileman, and other management run the show and how they treat workers there. Spend a little time here reading the “Cons” in these employee writeups: