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The North African country of Tunisia is turning into a "springboard" for illegal immigrants trying to get to Europe, according to the German newspaper Die Welt. The Muslim-majority country, destabilized in the wake of the "Arab Spring", was becoming a serious security threat to Europe since the Tunisian government was encouraging its Islamized or otherwise troublesome young men to emigrate to Europe.

The United States Africa Command confirmed that three Army Special Forces soldiers were killed in Niger on Wednesday night after they were ambushed. Two other U.S. soldiers were wounded while Nigerian forces lost five soldiers. The command released this statement:
Update #2: On Oct. 4, three (3) U.S. service members and one partner nation member were killed while the U.S. was providing advice and assistance to Nigerien security force counter-terror operations, approximately 200 km north of Niamey, in southwest Niger. Additionally, two U.S. service members were injured and evacuated in stable condition to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

The forces of social justice self-righteousness have claimed another victim, as an ancient Egyptian-themed fraternity party was sacrificed on the altar of "cultural appropriation".
The University of Michigan branch of Delta Sigma Phi recently deleted their Welcome Week party that was Ancient Egyptian themed due to backlash from the student body. The party asked students to “honor our Egyptian roots and join us on the night of September 1st to celebrate our newly built pyramid” and “come to Delta Sig as a mummy, Cleopatra or King Tut it doesn’t matter to us.”
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