A major Iranian terror attack on the U.S., Israeli, and Emirati embassies in an East African nation has been foiled,  Israel media reports say.

The authorities in an unnamed African country have arrested several Iranian agents involved in scouting diplomatic missions for a terrorist attack, the Israeli public broadcaster Kan disclosed on Monday.

Many of the Iranian agents were reportedly using European identities while carrying out the operation.

“Several agents were of European nationality, besides their Iranian citizenship,” the Israeli channel i24News disclosed.

The Times of Israel news website reported:

Several Iranian agents who scouted out the Israeli, American, and Emirati embassies in an unnamed East African country in preparation for a potential attack have been arrested, according to a Monday Israeli TV report.

The agents were sent by Iran to gather intelligence on the sites for a terror attack, Kan News reported, citing Western intelligence sources.

Some held dual European and Iranian citizenship, and some were arrested in the East African country, while others were apprehended in different countries. The attack was thwarted last month, according to the report.

The report said Iran intended to target one of the missions in retaliation for the killing of its top general Qassem Soleimani by the US last year and of top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in November. Iran blamed Israel for Fakhrizadeh’s killing and swore revenge.

The revelation comes days after an IED blast outside the Israeli embassy in India. The pro-Iranian terrorist group, Jaish-ul-Hind, claimed responsibility for the attack, the Indian media reported.

The Indian authorities have also cited an Iranian hand in Friday’s bombing.

“According to counter-terrorism officials in New Delhi, there is enough to suggest the involvement of Tehran in the blast,” the Indian daily Hindustan Times confirmed. The bombers used military-grade explosives but failed to breach the Israeli diplomatic compound or hurt anyone.

As President Donald Trump’s administration came to a close, Iran ratcheted up the hostile rhetoric. The regime vowed to avenge the killings of its nuclear and terrorists masterminds under the outgoing U.S. administration.

Friday’s blast in New Delhi and the planned terrorist attack in East Africa are apparently part of that plan. Indian investigators recovered a letter at the scene claiming the attack to be revenge for Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian terrorist mastermind who was killed in a January 2020 U.S. drone strike in Iraq. The note also mentioned Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the senior commander in Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (a U.S.-designated terrorist group) and widely regarded as the “father of the Iranian bomb,” who was gunned down last November near Tehran.

In its global campaign of terror, Tehran regards foreign diplomats and their families as legitimate targets. The Shia Islamic regime began its terrorist career in 1979  with the storming of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, holding 52 American diplomats and nationals hostage for fourteen long months.

In 1994, the Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group carried out the suicide bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 innocent victims, including Israel diplomats.

Soleimani, the great Iranian “martyr,” was plotting attacks on U.S. diplomats and troops stations in Iraq when President Trump’s drone strike eliminated him. The pro-Iranian militias, who stormed the U.S. embassy in Baghdad in December 2019, were under Soleimani’s command.


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