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Bringing the Border to New York Week at Legal Insurrection

Bringing the Border to New York Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

It is amazing how quickly New York City began to feel the impact of illegal immigration once the border crisis was brought to their doorstep.

There is a crime problem that comes with it.

Other blue areas are feeling it too.

New York should try being Texas for a day.

This was the other stunning new development this week.

The left is getting desperate.

The left’s J6 circus continues.

This is lawfare, plain and simple.

Turnabout is fair play.

Is this equal justice under the law?

Biden is misfiring all over the place.

He has some major problems ahead.

He has been on vacation for weeks.

Is she ever going to retire?

The media is such a joke.

Why is the ADL targeting Musk?

Lots of news out of Israel this week.

Other world news.


This too.

Does he mean it?

Sometimes Maher is right.

Crime is driving people away.

Mugged by reality.

This is entertaining.

We miss you, Mandy!


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If these illegals were not intellectually inferior, criminal parasites there would be no crisis. But, they are completely blameless and unworthy of our wrath. Our duplicitous, avaricious hypocritical leadership class deserves our contempt.