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‘A World Without Walls’: Tijuana Mayor Puts a Piece of the Berlin Wall Near the U.S. Border

‘A World Without Walls’: Tijuana Mayor Puts a Piece of the Berlin Wall Near the U.S. Border

The Tijuana mayor wants to teach us a lesson, you guys.


How the heck is this just now getting in the news?

Tijuana Mayor Montserrat Caballero and former Mexican foreign secretary Marcelo Ebrard installed a piece of the Berlin Wall near the U.S. border last month.

Tijuana is located right on the Mexican-California border. If you watched Narcos: Mexico, you know a large cartel grew out of the city.

They want to teach America a lesson! The plaque reads, “May this be a lesson to build a society that knocks down walls and build bridges.”

Do teach us, sir:

The installation, titled “A World Without Walls,” was erected Aug 13. in Friendship Park after Caballero was contacted by the owner of the artifact, Marcos Cline, looking to set it up in a poignant location.

“Why in Tijuana? How many families have shed blood, labor and their lives to get past the wall,” Caballero asked of the US border wall.

“The social and political conflict is different than the Berlin Wall, but it’s a wall at the end of the day. And a wall is always a sphinx that divides and bloodies nations,” the mayor said.

Cline said he initially tried to deliver the Berlin Wall slab to former President Donald Trump during his presidency but was turned away by the White House.

He then found a ”second life” for the artifact in Tijuana, with the relic serving as a type of art piece criticizing America’s immigration policies.

They’re just ticked because we’re trying to keep their cartels and drug lords out. God forbid we don’t want the murderers, rapists, and drugs crossing into our land.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order when he first took office that ended any new border wall construction. However, the administration decided to continue any projects already contracted out.


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Morning Sunshine | September 4, 2023 at 12:06 pm

difference. Berlin was to keep people in. This is to keep people out.

of course, from his perspective, that wall is to keep the Mexicans in Mexico…. but ask yourself – why do they want to leave so badly, and why is that my problem?

Because a prop doesn’t understand mush like the people that put it there. That wall was erected to keep people in. Mexico might take a lesson.

Dolce Far Niente | September 4, 2023 at 12:23 pm

Mexico has exported all its political and social problems to the USA for many decades. The cash sent home is Mexico’s biggest source of revenue.

Forcing Mexicans to stay in Mexico will bring that country down in short order, at least what hasn’t already failed.

How we prevent American morons from taking the drugs that are enriching the cartels (who bribe officials and politicians in both countries) is a problem we refuse to address.

Speaking of…have you noticed the fences around federal buildings?
VA is a prime example.

Since Caballero and Ebrard seem to suggest that political lines overlayed onto the globe are meaningless will they:
1. Resign from their political position based on those lines
2. Refuse compensation as result of holding a position based on those lines
3. Fight to ensure all comers are allowed to enter and remain in Mexico
4. Fight to ensure that these newcomers to Mexico are accorded the same rights and privileges as Mexican Citizens
5. Endorse the US or TX for that matter conducting military actions or raids across these same lines

These open borders people are wholly unserious. They ain’t about to live up to the ideals they espouse. Eff them and their transparent propaganda efforts.

Money to marbles, he has a wall around his estate in the gated community.

In Berlin they shot people violating the wall
We should take a lesson from that….

    Not really a funny joke, bro.
    Was stationed there (US Army, Field Station Berlin) which pretty much inoculated me vs socialism and arguments for same. Any govt system people flee is not a good system – but the US border wall is an indictment of Mexico and other countries being fled from, not the US being fled TO.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to rduke007. | September 5, 2023 at 10:13 am

    Amen, lets have a bounty on illegals, give them 30 days to leave, and then hunt them down.

Obtuse is an understatement.

It hides the donkey show.

If you don’t understand the difference between a wall that keeps people IN from one that keeps people OUT, then I can’t help you.

Mr. Mayor. Why do people want to leave Mexico? Answer me that!

Build the wall, high and tall. And wide, very wide.

You couldn’t make this stupid sh*t up. Earlier this summer, the major of Tijuana moved into a military base for protection from the cartels.

Gee… what’s one of the primary features that makes that military base safe?

Now that Mexico has solved its drug and cartel problems, they can branch out into telling other countries how to run their country.

Which Cartel owns that territory these days? Did the mayor get their permission to put it there?

Borders make differences between countries. Without them, the world would probably be one big near shit-hole with no place to go in which the situation was in any substantial way improved. There countries for refugees to flee to and for immigrants to migrate to because they maintained their borders, in some cases for hundreds of years.

People risk their lives to cross borders only when the cost/benefit analysis shows that the risk is worth it. Canadians and Americans wouldn’t risk their lives to cross into each other’s countries because there’s little or no benefit to making the crossing at such risk. Mexicans and Central Americans risk their lives to cross the US border because the cost/benefit analysis is positive – it is worth the risk. But there is a United States to cross into, that is so much better that crossing into it is worth a risk to one’s life, because of the BORDER. People do not risk their lives to cross borders from first-world, industrialized nations into second- and third-world shitholes.

In some circumstances, borders create a quantum barrier that once jumped (in the proper direction), can result in the immediate elevation of one’s prospects. Borders are created (or develop) from the creation of a nation. A “nation” is a people united by common beliefs. “Diversity” destroys this unity, destroying the nation. Only when immigrants assimilate does the nation benefit from the special qualities that the immigrant brings. But when the immigrant doesn’t assimilate, he is nothing but an invader who is trying to grow his nation within the borders of another (a cancer). And when he succeeds, and turns his adopted country into a mirror image of the shithole he fled, where to then? Sooner or later, the whole world will be a generic shithole, and borders will be unnecessary because they won’t contain anything different enough from any other place to be worth their maintenance.

Mexico deals harshly with people who illegally enter Mexico.
So to h*ll with lying, corrupt Mexican politicians.

Well to be fair Tijuana is the definition of “dog and pony show”.

Start with your house, mayor. Then start with all the rich people and their resorts in Mexico.when you’ve removed all the walls and fences from your own property (and given up your guns and knives, too), then I’ll ponder taking down mine. But it won’t ever get that far.

It’s probably a piece of a brothel that was destroyed the last time Pemex (Mexico’s national oil company) had a catastrophic explosion, at a refinery in a densely populated section of the city, in which hundreds of Mexican Nationals died, and the government covered it all up…but the Berlin Wall thing, yeah, that’s a great story. Let’s go with that…

Some of us saw the Berlin Wall (or the Inner-German Border) when they were in operation. The mayor of Tijuana is an idiot who has no clue what she’s talking about.

make your own damn country better and your people will want to stay there. so long as any country south of the our border is a s***hole, then people will want to come here.

Yeah, this whole the Southern border is Just. Like. The. Berlin. Wall. thing has been around since Obama.

The difference, of course, is that the Berlin wall was built to keep people IN. Given the way things are going, though, we should probably be worried if the Democrats get to a point that WANT to build a wall. Their wall will be all about keeping people in, as well. I think I heard that first from Ron Paul: a wall designed to keep people out can be used to keep people in. I thought he was out of his mind. Then.