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New Law in China Bans Online Content That ‘Hurts Chinese Feelings’

New Law in China Bans Online Content That ‘Hurts Chinese Feelings’

Communist party to outlaw speech seen as a “detriment to the Chinese national spirit or hurts the feelings of the Chinese people.” 

China’s Communist Party (CCP) is set to criminalize public speech and online content that ‘hurts Chinese feeling.’ People found guilty under the proposed law could face fine and jail sentence, media reports say.

The law will apply to written content, speech, and even items of clothing. “China’s legislature on Aug. 28 deliberated draft amendments to China’s Public Security Administration Law that would ban behavior, clothing and speech that is “detriment to the Chinese national spirit or hurts the feelings of the Chinese people,” the Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported Friday.

According to news reports, the vaguely-worded law does not specify what might constitute ‘hurting Chinese feelings.’ The ‘crimes’ could range from wearing a traditional Japanese kimono to criticizing the Communist rule, media reports suggest.

The Australian public broadcaster ABC News reported Thursday:

Proposed changes to a Chinese public security law to criminalise comments, clothing or symbols that “undermine the spirit” or “harm the feelings” of the country have triggered the concern of legal experts, who say the amendments could be used arbitrarily.

The draft changes were first made public last week as part of a mandatory “soliciting opinion” process, as concerns mount about the increasingly authoritarian and nationalistic rule of President Xi Jinping.

The proposal is the first major reform of China’s public security law since it came into effect in 2005.

Violations of the law could lead to detainment for up to 15 days and fines up to 5,000 yuan ($1,068), according to the draft law.

The punishment could also apply to those who “smear and deny heroes and martyrs’ spirit and deeds” and those who “glorify invasion wars”.

This will be in addition to already existing draconian laws in place since the era of Mao Zedong (1943-76). In recent years, millions of Chinese citizens have been subjected to forced labor and Marxist ‘re-education’ camps for merely belonging to ethnic or religious minority.

The proposed law is yet another attempt to cement President Xi Jinping’s hold over the China’s 1.4 billion people. Five years ago, the CCP abolished the two-term limit and declared Xi China’s president-for-life.

Since taking power in 2013, Xi Jinping unrolled an ambitious plan to expand China’s influence across the globe and modernize the country’s armed forces. Under Xi’s leadership, the communist regime dreams of surpassing the U.S. as the world’s foremost economic and military power.

Xi’s trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) seeks to expand China’s clout over foreign governments and dominate their markets with Chinese state-run corporations. Beijing has undertaken as massive buildup of its military to be concluded by 2027 to coincide with the People’s Liberation Army’s 100th anniversary.


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So their eyes slant up or down?

I can never remember

Are these the same guys who ran over a Chinese citizen with a tank?

Asking for a friend…

    amwick in reply to gonzotx. | September 10, 2023 at 7:53 am

    It is here in a way..that kind of absurd notion. Any discussion of Hate speech is a precursor.

    BTW slightly OT

    Funny thing is that Slants is a 1A Scotus case.. won by Ron Coleman.

Coming here soon enough

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Skip. | September 10, 2023 at 3:08 pm

    Only if we let it. Like we let tribal chieftains fake reverends take control of how law and order is kept in our communities. The way we let the left take control of the language. I could go on, but you know what I mean.

Communist party to outlaw speech seen as a “detriment to the Chinese national spirit or hurts the feelings of the Chinese people.”

I’d like to think that our courts would strike this law on several grounds, most notably as contra the 1st Am. and as being void for vagueness.

But today, as opposed to my law school years, I’m not so sure.

Once again we see what made America great. Viz, because the created government was prevented from doing all sorts of things, our system freed us to pursue our own self-interests and to keep the fruit of our labors. As that ideal gives way (high taxation, regulation of more and more) and we have more and more government, we as individuals are less.

See video Overview of America.

中国共产党臭气熏天 (The Chinese Communist Party smells bad). Will that suffice?

I self-indentify as Chinese, and a law against hurting Chinese feelings hurts my Chinese feelings. Arrest Xi NOW!

China is asshoe.

As outrageous as this is, I’m sure Musk, Zuckerberg, Gates and, of course, Comrade Biden are all rushing to ensure that they work to improve American-Chinese relations by enforcing this law.

The enforcement begins with demerits on your social credit score.

I think 3500 social credit is considered perfect.
I think 650-1000sc is possibly the typical average score for worker class.

It’s hard to nail down specifics.

750 required for applying a Canada visa.
700 required for applying a Latvia visa.
780 required for applying a South Korea visa.
To be a Uber driver is minimum 350sc.
To play online games at Internet cafe minimum 100sc.

Twitter link to Songpinganq:

“The largest construction site in the world – Building Xi Jinping’s city – the Xiong’an city —— every street lamp will have a facial recognition camera to watch you. Soon 4 million people from Beijing will be forced to relocate to here by Xi Jinping.”

Songpinganq’s feed is a bit repetitive and spammy. S/he never quite gets around to explaining certain things. One post showed a woman trying to buy bottled water from a vending machine and getting rejected because of her low social credit score. What’s her score? Dunno. Water is essential to life, so where exactly do people with low scores buy water? Dunno. What about public drinking fountains? China has very few public drinking fountains etc etc.

    scooterjay in reply to Tiki. | September 10, 2023 at 9:15 am

    Good thing I am debt free and self-sufficient.

    Tiki in reply to Tiki. | September 11, 2023 at 1:05 pm

    Songpinganq reposted

    China updates Social Credit System to incorporate Central Bank Digital Currency.

    Now minimum Social Credit Score of 350 needed for purchasing drinks from these facial recognition vending machines. Lower scores barred.

    If your score is too low, no drinks for you

At least they admit that that the intent of laws which restrict speech is so that no one gets their feelings hurt….”/sarc”

If we just got them all hooked on opium there wouldn’t be any feelings to hurt.

This is for you, Xi….


No doubt Democrat pols are watching this carefully.

Interesting….Google Translate wants to back up my translation history.
I expect to be shot dead in six weeks. This isn’t good.
I won’t fall without taking two with me.

The idea that since “ideas” and “speech” can be “hurtful” and anyone guilty of “hurting (government-approved) feelings” should be punished sounds strangely familiar to me.

We now know that Biden got the gov’t censorship idea from his employer, President Xi.

Seems to me living under Communist rule must hurt the feelings of a boat-load of Chinese people.

thalesofmiletus | September 10, 2023 at 2:21 pm

Just like the Lefties in the West!

So no more Winnie the Pooh memes then?

    henrybowman in reply to Paul. | September 10, 2023 at 11:57 pm

    My favorite is a Disney cel of Pooh walking with Tigger, next to a photo of Xi walking with Obama in precisely the same pose!