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Filmmaker, Actor Laughs at Question About Lack of Diversity in Film That Takes Place in 1750s Denmark

Filmmaker, Actor Laughs at Question About Lack of Diversity in Film That Takes Place in 1750s Denmark

Hollywood needs more people like Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Arcel.

Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen and filmmaker Nikolaj Arcel didn’t have time for a reporter’s stupid questions about diversity.

(BTW, Mads is one of the most underrated actors. Adore him!!)

The Promised Land takes place in Denmark in the 1750s, so yeah…it has an all-Danish white cast.

I absolutely love how Mads doesn’t hold back his annoyance:

An unnamed reporter from Denmark asked, “This is a cast and Danish production that is entirely Nordic, therefore has some lack of diversity, you would say, there’s also new rules implied in Hollywood.”

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who stars in the film made by his fellow countryman Nikolaj Arcel, cut off the question while shaking his head in disbelief.

“What? From the get-go,” Mikkelsen said while laughing.

The reporter continues to dig his hole, which leads to more laughter and hysterics from Mads and Arcel, but again, especially from Mads:

The reporter then said there are “rules of diversity across the Atlantic,” noting that the Academy Awards have representation and inclusion standards for Oscars eligibility in the Best Picture category.

“Are you worried about that?” the reporter asked.

Mikkelsen, who recently starred in the latest “Indiana Jones” film, appeared agitated. He shot back, “Are you?”

The reporter then evoked “Parasite” — which won Best Picture for the 2019 movie year — a South Korean film with a prominently South Korean cast and crew. It would be eligible for the top prize under the new rules, while he said an “all-Nordic cast” is not.

Arcel reminded the reporter the movie takes place in 1750s Denmark, which basically had no people of color:

“First of all, the film takes place in Denmark in the 1750s,” he said.

“We do have a big plot line about a girl of color who is being subjected to racism, which was very rare, any people of color in Denmark… almost, nobody. She was probably at the time the only one in the entire country of Denmark,” Arcel continued. “It wasn’t a thought in our mind. I think it would be a little weird, it’s just historical, it’s just how it was in the 1750s.”


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Television distribution rules have utterly destroyed the Nordic Noir genre. Even a historical drama won’t get a quota pass, so will not gain general European distribution without risible minority casting. The Icelandic series Trapped had an episode centering around Icelanders in the country’s remotest region in which they met in the dark of night in candlelit caves summoning forth their ancient ancestral spirits. One such native was an Afro-coifed negro, speaking in a 42 street patois, while dealing with his pregnant blonde girlfriend and interracial child. He was one of the true ancients fighting the wave of modernity!

Lucifer Morningstar | September 9, 2023 at 10:31 am

I’m shocked! Shocked to find that a film set in 1750s Denmark didn’t cast any token minorities but had a completely Nordic/White cast for the film.

As Greta would say, “How DARE they”!

Hollywood has spoken. Even more importantly The Academy™ has spoken. Film productions must shoehorn minorities and women into every production no matter how nonsensical it would be to do so simply to increase the magical “diversity” of the film.

    I haven’t watched an Academy Awards Show since 1985 when The Academy failed to present one award to the movie, The Color Purple, after it had been nominated for ELEVEN awards. In the eyes of more than a few movie reviewers it was the best picture of the year.

Diversity has now become another dirty word. Cultures are not created equal.

Just when I think this egalitarian woke codswallop can’t get any more ignorant, childish, and stupid….BOOM…some braindead lefty proves me wrong.

Categories of facts the left can’t accept or comprehend: historical, scientific, economic…

The reporter did have a point, though. Hollywood has stupid rules now for movies to be eligible for awards consideration. It may be unlikely, but it’s possible the reporter was pointing out that stupidity with his question.

    guyjones in reply to utroukx. | September 9, 2023 at 1:03 pm

    Those new rules for award eligibility are offensive, racist and absurd attempts to control and dictate the terms of artists’ art.

    The diktat is obnoxiously totalitarian and Stalinist/Maoist — “Cast x number of people “of color” or from “underrepresented” groups, or else, forfeit eligibility for Academy awards.” This is such a manifestly noxious and evil conceit.

I was disappointed by the lack of diversity in the cast, when I recently watched “Shaka Zulu.”

In fairness by 1750 it is at least theoretically possible for a non Europeans to have been present, the Dutch had already established and lost New Amsterdam (NYC) and had trading outposts in India, Asia, S Africa and the Caribbean. Build a fake storyline around it simply to satisfy some arbitrary ‘diversity’ demand? Nah that’s stupid pandering. If the actual story already incorporated such a character then sure but creating an a historical person just because? Nah.

    And the Norse adventurers had been to the “new world”almost 600 years earlier. They could have had Canadian First People included in the story.

Hollywood makes movies to pander to the sensitivities of a few thousand (or hundred thousand) self-appointed liberal elites. As for the other three hundred million Americans and millions of others around the world, screw ’em.

You can “celebrate” anything, as long as it isn’t white and European. Northern Europeans are especially doubleplus ungood.

I’m offended that Jurassic Park entirely ignored Godzilla..

Listen carefully to the reporter’s questions. I think the reporter is pointing out the hypocrisy of the rules. The reporter mentions that the movie Parasite with an all Korean cast was acceptable to the new rules, but this movie won’t be acceptable with an all Nordic cast.

    henrybowman in reply to Ironman. | September 10, 2023 at 12:59 pm

    Disney just announced: Taraji P. Henson will be playing Pippi Longstocking.
    (Greta had already been tapped to be Baba Yaga in “The Chicken and Waffle House.”)