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Unions Advised Teachers How To Hide Gender Surveys from Colorado School District and Parents

Unions Advised Teachers How To Hide Gender Surveys from Colorado School District and Parents

“administrators told teachers – just don’t go there”

In Jefferson County, Colorado, the school district told teachers not to conduct gender surveys of students that included preferred pronouns.

The teacher union then told teachers that if they did conduct the surveys they should be paper surveys which could be destroyed afterwards. Essentially, the union allegedly tried to help teachers break the law and hide this from the district and parents, who are justifiably outraged.

CBS News Colorado reports:

Controversy erupts in Jefferson County after the teachers union tells educators to destroy evidence of student surveys regarding gender identity

Some parents in Jefferson County say teachers are breaking state and federal laws and their union is helping them get away with it.

At issue are student surveys about gender identity. While the school district says it’s unclear whether surveys about students’ preferred pronouns are illegal, there are several lawsuits regarding the issue. So, administrators told teachers – just don’t go there.

The teachers union told them something else. An email from Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA) to teachers says, “if you do a questionnaire, please make it a paper and pencil activity – any digital records are more permanent and may be requested under federal law.”

The union also encouraged teachers to “make your notations about students and not hold on to the documents.”

Denice Crawford, who has three kids in the school district, says she was encouraged when the district sent an email to all employees before the school year started reminding them state and federal law prohibits mandatory surveys that ask kids about protected information and even voluntary surveys, it said, are illegal unless parents can opt out.

When her son came home with a survey asking about his gender identity she was more than surprised.

“Deceived, lied to, taken advantage of,” she said.

Watch the video report below:

This past spring, a teacher union in Colorado passed a resolution condemning capitalism.

FOX News reported:

Colorado teachers union passes resolution declaring capitalism ‘inherently exploits children, public schools’

The Colorado Education Association [CEA] reportedly passed a resolution that declares that “capitalism inherently exploits children, public schools, land, labor, and resources.”

A final version of the resolution that was passed states that “CEA believes that capitalism requires exploitation of children, public schools, land, labor, and/or resources. Capitalism is in opposition to fully addressing systemic racism (the school to prison pipeline), climate change, patriarchy, (gender and LGBTQ disparities), education inequality, and income inequality.

However, a screenshot captures an earlier draft of the resolution that included a call to replace capitalism with a “new equitable economic system.”

The screenshot of the original version of the resolutions reads “CEA believes that capitalism requires exploitation of children, public schools, land, labor, and/or resources and, therefore, the only way to fully address systemic racism (the school to prison pipeline), climate change, patriarchy (gender and LGBTQ disparities), education inequality, and income inequality is to dismantle capitalism and replace it with a new, equitable economic system.”

These people are radicals. If parents want this to stop, these people need to go. All of them.

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Morning Sunshine | September 3, 2023 at 12:19 pm

Starve the beast. Take your kids out. Vote to defund the system. Elect Libertarian-Anarchists to the boards. Destroy it.

    The entire “education” establishment in this country, from pre-K through post-doc, is wholly dysfunctional. It should all be destroyed and education returned to direct neighborhood control.

    henrybowman in reply to Morning Sunshine. | September 3, 2023 at 4:24 pm

    Not even that gets you where you want to go.

    A perfect example of this dilemma is Scott Stewart out in Arizona, who’s been elected and then re-elected to the board of directors of Pima Community College in Tucson. More than once now, he’s had to choose between supporting or opposing a tax increase, the beneficiary of which is the very college he swore (by taking the job) to protect and serve.

    As a result, he has had to make choices, between doing the job he was elected to do, and upholding his Libertarian principle of no new taxes … which would mean NOT performing the duties as defined in the job description. (Most libertarians I know would consider that “committing fraud” against the voters who elected him!) And. in at least one instance, he has voted for the tax increase — because his job basically demanded that he do so!

    The problem is, he has been elected to this office — BOTH times — while running as a “big-L,” under the Libertarian Party banner…

    To his credit, Stewart has tried to answer his critics. “I did not campaign on the platform of dismantling the institution,” he says. “I campaigned on a simple platform of keeping the college effective, affordable for students and taxpayers and, more substantially, exporting some of the things that the college does well to other institutions that don’t do them as well.”

    He also cites one of the more thoughtful among those critics, who says, “For Scott, or any other board member, Libertarian or otherwise, to oppose such measures would be tantamount to opposing the very institution on whose board he serves …” Foley then adds the not so rhetorical question: “[W]ould any candidate for PCC board stand a chance of being elected on a platform of dismantling the institution?”

    –Steve Trinward (2004)

      Interesting job description and oath of office – members of the board have the fiduciary duty to approve tax increases which favor the institution. Sounds to me like a Leftist interpretation of the job requirements.

    Thank you Morning Sunshine! The correct answer is not to try to reform the un-reformable government schools, but to bypass them entirely.

Is this the place for a RICO action?

Why do teachers elect union leaders that seek to advance highly controversial, socially destructive ideas?

    Because most “teachers” are hard-core Leftists.

      And most teachers are hard-core leftists because the vast majority of “schools of education” are hard-core leftist. And because the government schools hire only people with degrees from “schools of education”.

    Whitewall in reply to Q. | September 3, 2023 at 2:23 pm

    That is innate in leftist ideology, to destroy. These teachers unions back one political party. Its agenda has been to destroy everything it touches. Once destroyed then a ‘new man’ and new systems can be constructed with these leftists in charge. Problem is, leftists exist to destroy. They will start over and over. Failure to do so denies their most basic nature. For them, “What Is to be Done?” has only one answer but no end..

    henrybowman in reply to Q. | September 3, 2023 at 4:27 pm

    Because every union election is safe and effective the most secure election in history.

“if you do a questionnaire, please make it a paper and pencil activity – any digital records are more permanent and may be requested under federal law.”

As much as the left babbles about law and order they are it’s biggest offenders. They are always looking for ways to get around the law to prevent others from seeing what they are doing.

These “educators” and union thugs should be deported. Suggested destinations: China, North Korea, Cuba, Saudi Arabia….

Cultural Marxist Seminaries

“Evangelicals Advised Teachers How To Hide Christian Baptisms from Colorado School District and Parents”

Unions: no problem!

    henrybowman in reply to LB1901. | September 3, 2023 at 4:29 pm

    Are you dissing our district’s “mandatory swim tests?”

    (My college actually had one of these for all freshmen. Fail it, and you lost your “choice” of first semester PE activity.)

I grew up in Jeffco and attended public schools K-12. It was a fantastic school system then. We read Ivanhoe in 5th grade, synthesized chlorine gas in 6th grade science. My high school math teacher had a PhD in mathematics, and I tested out of freshman calculus at CU Boulder (go Buffs!)

I am now retired back in Jeffco, and by golly my residential property assessment just jumped 58% in one year. I’m so happy to be financing this happy horseshit with my property taxes.

None of my teachers would have thought to ask personal questions like these. They concentrated on teaching. But there were no teacher’s unions and it was all during the Truman and Eisenhower administrations.

Why is this so hard?

A student’s sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are all issues that are not part of a school’s curriculum.

Reading, writing, math, science, and history are all that should be priorities, with elective arts, shops, and musics if time and budget permit are all that lie within the purview of school.

Teachers that pay more than passing attention to any student’s attributes outside those subjects without parental knowledge and consent need to be fired.