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Media More Concerned With DeSantis Not Meeting Biden Than With Hurricane Idalia Damage

Media More Concerned With DeSantis Not Meeting Biden Than With Hurricane Idalia Damage

How can DeSantis “snub” Biden when there were no plans for them to meet in the first place?

Whether or not you support Florida governor Ron DeSantis in the GOP primary, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that he’s not an outstanding governor.

Indeed, he shines just as brightly when it comes to tackling emergencies from Communist China buying our state’s farmland to a national or global digital currency to covid and hurricanes as he does in battling Democrats’ plans to destroy our nation with Critical Race Theory, racist “anti-racist” training, and transgender indoctrination in our state’s classrooms.

DeSantis’ steady hand and superlative leadership ensured that those in the path of Hurricane Idalia received immediate and competent aid to restore power and other services and to get bridges and roads opened back up as quickly as humanly possible.

DeSantis doesn’t stand around waiting for FEMA to worry about the “equitable” and “antiracist” way to distribute aid; he jumps in and gets things done for all Floridians.

DeSantis absolutely rejects the Democrats’ insanity about human beings being the sole cause of climate change and Team Biden’s laughable claim that his rejection of string-riddled federal ‘climate’ aid somehow caused Hurricane Idalia.

It is against this backdrop of DeSantis’ admirable leadership that the left had a mental breakdown because DeSantis chose not to meet with Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden, who for some reason decided (or had decided for him) that he’d be a welcome in sight in Florida in the midst of a disaster. He wasn’t. At least not in Live Oak, FL.

Reuters reported:

U.S. President Joe Biden said he will meet with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis when he visits the state on Saturday to survey damage from this week’s Hurricane Idalia.

But DeSantis’s spokesman, Jeremy Redfern, said there were no plans for the two men to meet.

So Biden just put it out there that he was coming to our state and was going to meet with our governor? Without actually arranging such a meeting first? In an attempt to what? Force a meeting?

My first thought was this:

Not only did he not take the bait, but he was clearly very busy dealing with a real disaster that affected a good number of people in his state. He didn’t have time to deal with a doddering old corruptocrat who just wanted a photo-op and had zero to offer anyone in our state.

Apparently, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) did meet with Biden, which is fine since he has no role in governing or doing much of anything in the state. Even ABC News had to admit that DeSantis met with FEMA and the Biden team to ensure minimal interference in the state’s recovery efforts.

ABC News reports:

President Joe Biden on Saturday surveyed damage caused by Hurricane Idalia and reassured the storm’s victims of the federal government’s response, after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis chose not to meet with him.

While on the ground in Florida, Biden said he was not disappointed that DeSantis rejected a meeting with him.

“No, I’m not disappointed,” Biden said Saturday afternoon. “He may have had other reasons because- but he did help us plan this. He sat with FEMA and decided where we should go, where it’d be the least disruption.”

Biden then commended Florida Sen. Rick Scott, a Republican, who in contrast with DeSantis joined the president on his tour of some of the hardest-hit areas. The president said he was “very pleased” that Scott was present even though they do not agree on “very much at all.”

Of course, the Democrats, their media propagandists, and their ‘Republican’ allies had a field day calling DeSantis “evil” for the ‘absolute outrage’ of ‘snubbing’ a completely useless and utterly corrupt president during a disaster.

Here are just a few of the ludicrous headlines:

  • Independent: “Hurricane Idalia updates: Biden promises to ‘take care of Florida’ on visit after DeSantis snub”
  • Newsweek: “DeSantis Snubs Biden’s Post-Idalia Visit as Rick Scott Praises President”
  • Fox News: “White House says ‘there was no indication’ DeSantis would snub Biden visit after Idalia”

How can DeSantis “snub” Biden when there were no plans for them to meet in the first place? I guess he snubbed Team Biden’s attempt to bully and shame him into a photo-op?

Needless to say, people have thoughts.

I think there may have been time when deciding to prioritize his state and disaster relief over meeting with the sitting president might have appeared unseemly, but those days are long gone now, and to my mind, DeSantis did the right thing here.


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Well, at least DeSantis won’t be hugging him.

Come on – the “media” is the propaganda arm of the democrat party. That’s all they are.

Biden is a vicious demented idiot that can’t find Florida on a map.

I vaguely recall Obama dislocated his shoulder trying to get his arm around Christie.

On RdS “snubbing” OBiden – Bidung was fear mongering about climate change and racism … better RdS snub the lying old coot before he tries to tie the gov to his political BS by association, than RdS have to deny it in a clean up operation afterwards …

DeSantis really is a highly competent executive officer. Floridians and DeSantis deserve one another in the best, most positive, of ways.

Seamless coordination between county public works departments, utility companies, fire and cops, grocery retailers and volunteers is feat rarely attained. Practice, planning and dedication just don’t happen nor is it conjured from the ether.

I simply don’t care if he lacks ‘campaign charisma,’ or whether or not he rattles off pithy one liners during primary debates. He’s not Bruce Willis and life isn’t an ongoing Die Hard movie.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Tiki. | September 3, 2023 at 11:14 pm

    DeSantis should continue to do well by Florida, it would be a shame if the Peter Principle became his legacy.

      That’s just silly. At no point in time during his governorship of Florida has DeSantis been incompetent or even remotely wrong. The Peter Principle does not apply to a competent and compassionate governor who does everything so exactly right that even the Democrat hacktivists can’t find fault . . . until they create it with this crazy narrative that DeSantis “snubbed” Biden.

      You seem to want this exemplary Republican governor to fail, but he’s not failing. Not even close. He’s getting the job done: be it cleaning up voter rolls in blue areas, taking on the media/Trump/Fauci establishment on covid and doing the right thing for Floridians, or taking on the anti-American Democrats who are working overtime to establish an unAmerican culture in our children, DeSantis is all about America, freedom, liberty, and literally making America great again.

      A thing Trump talked a lot about, but never did because he craved approval from the Democrat media (his life-long allies, remember) and wanted personal glory–checks that had his smiling face on them, American taxpayer-funded checks that paid people more to stay home than to WORK. So appalling.

      How horrible was this blanket you-funded checks to prisoners, dead people, and random con artists that Trump trumpeted as his covid policy? Um, pretty darned unforgivable. If a Democrat president pulled that crap, you guys would be (justifiably) outraged. But Trump does it, and you’re all, ooh, totes cool move by a totes cool dude. Our Savior. THE ONLY WON. And crap. Makes me sick.

      Oh, you’re worried about Ron’s political legacy.

      I’m concerned that he set the salad fork where the entree fork should be placed! And used a ordinary knife when serving butter from the butter dish.

        JohnSmith100 in reply to Tiki. | September 4, 2023 at 5:51 pm

        I am not worried about DeSantis, I am worried about him being a disaster for Americans. Heads need to roll in the beltway, I think he would be a disaster for America.

        gonzotx in reply to Tiki. | September 5, 2023 at 2:42 pm

        Tiki has officially gone insane

          Remind me how you’ve worked it out that it’s okay for Trump to hump whores. Being a god-fearin’ Texan and all.

          How the First Lady feels about the public disrespect and her shame over her husband humping filthy whores.

          And how DeSantis’ wife is – and I quote – a “whore.”

      inspectorudy in reply to JohnSmith100. | September 5, 2023 at 11:14 am

      Why can’t you look at the facts and see that your comment is absurd? Fail? In what way? Everything he has attempted to do he has done. He has no corruption scandal waiting in the wings or personal scandals. He is an open person who answers any questions asked of him without the political BS that most offer. He came from a blue-collar family and worked hard for all he has gained. Where exactly do you see failure?

It isnot the media. It’s state ran / democratic party media.

The media I follow, the new media hasn’t written a single word about it other than. What the state ran / democratic party media has to say about it. I don’t care as I do t listen to or read them.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | September 4, 2023 at 3:48 am

The only good thing about Traitor Joe going down to Florida was that a tree might fall on his head or he might get eaten by an alligator.

Alas, Traitor Joe’s trip to Florida was totally worthless. Maybe next time.

Refusing to play the lapdog legacy media gotcha games is smart political strategy. So is ignoring Biden’s BS manufactured sympathy photo op. Not to mention Biden still owes East Palestine the visit he promised to make….

this will certainly help Ron D. standing.
I wish I could support him. I can’t he is
a Bush clone, I may vote for whoever
the nominee is … maybe … depends
on who wins it …
but the primary my vote is for Trump.
with so many people against him in govt. RINO’s and Dems and the press
he still got more done then most recent
presidents. I will take more of that

    HarvardPhD in reply to jqusnr. | September 4, 2023 at 4:40 pm

    What is the basis of this “Bush clone” nonsense? It has no basis in fact that I have read anywhere: it is just a mantra endlessly and mindlessly repeated by Trumpistas who give blind allegiance to their Leader. Is anyone interested in facts anymore?? Or simply in repeating slogans?

    inspectorudy in reply to jqusnr. | September 5, 2023 at 11:19 am

    Another absurd claim. How about you tell us why RDS is a Bush clone? Bush was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. His dad was a former POTUS. He only served in the reserves and never went to a hostile country. He came about as close as you can without being a Democrat in his policies. He basically did what Biden has done with national emergencies, not show up. What is it that makes people like you say something that has no facts to back it up?

    Azathoth in reply to jqusnr. | September 5, 2023 at 12:40 pm

    “I wish I could support him. I can’t he is
    a Bush clone, ”

    He’s not a Bush clone. He’s a MAGA Republican, who got elected with MAGA support, who does MAGA things and implements MAGA policies.

    If the election hadn’t been stolen he would be skating to the White House right now as Trump’s heir apparent and we’d be looking at four more years. And then four after that.

    I have no idea why he’s running now, or why it’s such a shitty campaign –particularly when you see him swing right back into action as the RDS we all know an love at times like this.

    But he is NOT a Bush clone.

“”I can’t he is
a Bush clone””

The enduring lie. You can’t criticize what he does as governor, so you have to make up silly stuff like this.

The seriousness paid to these matters is comical. No matter how small, it is large. In this case, it’s not just the media. People should keep asking why Biden is too busy for Ohio.

why Slo Joe won’t go to Ohio
1. they tend to vote GOP.
2. no ice cream
3. too many kids to sniff in DC
4. cover for Hunters laptop
5. can’t blame Trump for it.

I am sure there are others

on another note. it really doesn’t matter
who the GOP nominates unless the states clean up the way they do elections old Joe (or Michelle or whoever they nominate ) will win
the ballots are all ready printed and in boxcars .. 100 million this time ….