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Israel: Migrant Gangs Riot in Tel Aviv, Injuring Dozens of Policemen and Damaging Property

Israel: Migrant Gangs Riot in Tel Aviv, Injuring Dozens of Policemen and Damaging Property

The Times of Israel: “Eritreans from both sides faced off with construction lumber, pieces of metal, rocks and at least one axe.” 

Echoing events witnessed across Europe, a large-scale migrant riot was reported in Israel. At least 140 people were injured, including dozens of policemen, when rival gangs from the East African nation of Eritrea clashed with each other in the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday.

The rioters were supporters and opponents of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, who has been in power for more than 30 years. According to the Jerusalem Post, “Hundreds of police officers and refugees were injured as protests in Tel Aviv by Eritrean asylum seekers against the East African nation’s regime turned violent, Israel Police and local hospitals reported.”

Eritrean mobs swarmed the streets of Tel Aviv with makeshift weapons, destroying shops and public property while most Israelis observed the Sabbath. “Eritreans from both sides faced off with construction lumber, pieces of metal, rocks and at least one axe, tearing through a neighborhood of south Tel Aviv where many asylum seekers live. Protesters smashed shop windows and police cars, and blood spatter was seen on sidewalks,” The Times of Israel reported.

The Ynet reported Saturday:

Violent protests erupted between hundreds of Eritrean asylum-seekers and police in Tel Aviv on Saturday during a protest against an event organized by the Eritrean Embassy.

The Police were attempting to disperse the rioters using riot control measures and live ammunition, and after hours of turmoil, law enforcement announced that peace had been restored to the area, while no less than 39 rioters were arrested.

The police said some 30 officers were injured in the clashes, and protesters were shot by police firing live rounds after they felt “real danger to their lives.” Police in riot gear and on horses tried to corral the protesters, who broke through barricades and hurled chunks of sidewalk, batteries and rocks at the force.

At least 135 individuals, including 15 in critical condition, were caught in the midst of chaos on the streets. Most of the wounded were brought to Souratsky Medical Center, as some of them suffered gunshot wounds while dozens more were taken to other area hospitals that declared a mass casualty event.

Eritreans make up the majority of the more than 30,000 African asylum-seekers in Israel. They say they fled danger and persecution from a country known as the “North Korea of Africa” with forced lifetime military conscription in slavery-like conditions. [emphasis mine]

Netanyahu gov’t mulls deporting violent immigrants

The Israeli government is considering measures to prevent further migrant rioting, including sending miscreants back to their country. “Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday convened a special meeting with his ministers to examine the way of handling “law-breaking infiltrators” following violent riots staged by Eritrean immigrants in Tel Aviv,” the TV channel i24NEWS reported.

“The Israeli government will convene a special ministerial committee tasked with exploring the possibility of deporting Eritrean migrants who were involved in Saturday’s riot in Tel Aviv and attacked police officers,” the TV network noted in a separate article.

The LA Times described the events on Saturday as “one of the most violent street confrontations among African asylum seekers and migrants in Tel Aviv in recent memory.” This is yet another incident of conflict from troubled and impoverished third-world countries spilling over to their host nation. Such rioting is repeatedly witnessed in European countries with large immigrant populations, such as France, Germany, and Italy.


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* SIGH * … even there

Deport them. Let them kill each other at home.

Migrants? Call them what they are – enemy invaders.

Dolce Far Niente | September 3, 2023 at 2:57 pm

They were fools to let “asylum seekers” in.

Deport them all, and let them go home tofix the sh*thole they came from rather than making Israel (and America) into reflections of their home countries.

Nothing says “obnoxious ingrate” like “migrants” brazenly engaging in violent crime, in a country that was nice enough to let them in.

Diversity is our strength.

    JohnSmith100 in reply to MTED. | September 3, 2023 at 7:43 pm

    Competent diversity an be a strength, today we have incompetent diversity. It is one thing to take in the best and brightest, taking in a bunch of entitled morons is foolish.

I think the average IQ there matches the analogous situation in the US. (googles) Nope, it’s actually even 3 points lower there.

The Gentle Grizzly | September 3, 2023 at 5:12 pm

There went the neighborhood.

“The rioters were supporters and opponents of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, who has been in power for more than 30 years.”

Never understood why supporters always seem to be everywhere but the country they support.

Best way to solve this is for Israel to grab everyone on both sides and deport, using military force if necessary against Eritrean, and than warn the rest in Israel to get their shit straight.

1. Remember Jan 6th? Even the political protests you believe in have a chance of becoming a riot

2. People persecuted by Eritrea who fled to Israel to escape slavery at the hands of their government decided to protest the embassy of their persecutors. Such a protest in this case went out of hand. While it was horrible that is NOT a reason to judge them evil. Do you like judging the Jan 6th protestors who turned rioters due to a bad moment and lots of anger?

The anger over Trump being wronged is dwarfed by the anger that your life was taken from you.

3. The article says the Israeli government is only considering deportation over the riots. Clearly they know better than to lump genuine asylum seekers who did something horrible and stupid in a moment of anger with entitled illegal immigrants in Europe, which is why they haven’t done it and are instead considering if they should.

4. Note something lacking in the article? No civilians injured or killed and no property damage, and the target of the wrath (Eritrean Embassy) NOT hurt at all.

THAT is what good police in a healthy society looks like, maybe we should start looking to Israel as a model for that. Obviously injured police are a bad thing, but that risk is why police are considered heroic.

5. There are criminal penalties besides deportation, and while it may be satisfying to deport people to their deaths it is not right. The law does actually say in the United States that the railroading of Jan 6th protestors turned rioters is fine; one group of rioters getting away with it is not a legally valid reason to let another group of rioters go. It does not make it right.

Are we a party of compassion with rule of law, or an iron gripped hang them all party?

We can’t be both.

    alien in reply to Danny. | September 3, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    “Note something lacking in the article? No civilians injured or killed and no property damage, …”

    Then you didn’t read the article.

    “…destroying shops and public property while most Israelis observed the Sabbath.”

    GWB in reply to Danny. | September 5, 2023 at 9:23 am

    1. Non sequitur and citing facts not in evidence.
    2. Who is judging them evil? They brought their crap to their new land. That means they didn’t learn anything about being a guest, and need to be sent elsewhere. No other third party should be punished by their presence, so Eritrea it is.
    Your continued TDS is really awful. You should get therapy for that.
    3. This is a mish mash of gobbledy gook that doesn’t even make sense.
    4. So police are perfectly OK to harm with violence? WTH kind of “compassionate” moron are you?
    5. Man, you got a real hard-on for the MSM version of what happened Jan 6th, don’t you? And it shows your warped morality. Again and again. The complaints about Jan 6th prosecutions has nothing to do with compassion and everything to do with law.

The emotional extortion present in the “deport people to their deaths,” means that all applications for political asylum must be accepted by the host country.

I have the solution. Shoot the Eritrean dictator in the head, deport all males age 15-30 back home.

    Danny in reply to Tiki. | September 3, 2023 at 7:24 pm

    You do realize the Eritrean government actually would execute them right?

    I am against throwing the book at the Jan 6th rioters who are just normal people who took in too much anger in a short period of time and did something stupid.

    Not being an absolute and unbelievably disgusting hypocrite I hold the same standard for young men from Eritrea who had their lives taken from them, fled to Israel and did something stupid when seeing their oppressors gave them too high a jolt of anger in too short a period of time.

    I actually have a moral compass and it doesn’t change depending on who I am pointing at.

    There are criminal penalties besides deportation, and seeing as how Israel did not say they are deporting anyone (only talking about the possibility) it is clear they know better than you do.

      alien in reply to Danny. | September 3, 2023 at 7:45 pm

      “I am against throwing the book at the Jan 6th rioters …”

      False analogy.

      JohnSmith100 in reply to Danny. | September 3, 2023 at 7:49 pm

      They are not the west’s problem. By and large they are morons and do not merit compassion when they are much more deserving people.

      Tiki in reply to Danny. | September 3, 2023 at 8:15 pm

      You’ve been hovering around all day hoping some one dare take issue with your – all or nothing- Eritrean extortion gambit. Then you lump in J6 for added boost.

      No matter what happens, there will be an Eritrean civil war. Assassinate the dictator. Send the men home.

      You can join the UN Peacekeeping force.

      GWB in reply to Danny. | September 5, 2023 at 9:17 am

      There are criminal penalties besides deportation
      And why should they have to resort to any of them? No, they brought their violence to their “host” country, so they should simply be made to leave. They do not have a right to be there.

      And if their home is so dangerous, perhaps they should look to why that is. I view this sort of rioting as indicative of where the fault in Eritrea lies, and it is NOT with their dictator, believe it or not. The fault lies within.

      Yes, you have a moral compass. But it doesn’t orient to true north.

    pst314 in reply to Tiki. | September 4, 2023 at 11:03 am

    The foolishness of the “deport them to their deaths” can be illustrated by the wars of the 20th century:
    When communists were losing to fascists they fled to safe havens in the UK and America where they worked hard to destroy the nations that gave them refuge.
    Similarly when communists were losing to islamists.
    Likewise when one islamic faction was losing to another islamic faction.
    It is an evergreen error for “liberal minded” people to think that there is moral virtue in being a political refugee while refusing to pay attention to the nature of those refugees. But then, this is often not an error but a consciously chosen tactic to do us harm.

Glad Israeli police are using live ammunition.

That was so obviously a bought and paid for, staged riot.
Where did they all conveniently get uniform colored t-shirts and all those nearly identical sticks most of them seem to wielding?
Their is a diabolical campaign to undermine the legitimate government of Israel, using chaos and civil unrest.
Watch for more like this.

Do you suppose that when wannabe immigrants feel slighted, they turn on the country they want to immigrate to and wonder why there is no sympathy? It’s like the millions of Mexicans who got here, legally or not who display the Mexican flag every May fifth. If they love the country they abandoned then go home! Why wave that flag in the faces of the people who allowed them to come here for a new and better life?

Eritreans make up the majority of the more than 30,000 African asylum-seekers in Israel.
Why are there any asylum seekers in Israel in the first place? If they’re not Jews, then why Israel? (Obviously, for the same reason so many seek America – soft hearts.) Given Israel’s very real problems with people already within their borders (the ones set by treaty, not the de facto current ones)., why would they import more?

Netanyahu gov’t mulls deporting violent immigrants
He’s mulling it?! It should already be happening. You bring violence to the country where you’re seeking asylum, you and your entire extended family should be sent home immediately. You no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt.