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Sinema Shakes up the Senate Week at Legal Insurrection

Sinema Shakes up the Senate Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

People on the right were disappointed by the outcome of the midterms in the Senate, but you have to admit the latest news is pretty funny. This is how the week began and ended.

In other big news, more details were dropped about Twitter.

Just stunning.

This was also noteworthy.

The border continues to be a mess.

And Biden is not helping.

What is Trump thinking?

This is just not right.

What is it with this administration?

More woke nonsense.

How to deal with wokeness.

This could get interesting.

Probably a good idea.

Just awful.

Remember when you weren’t allowed to say this?

World News.

Oh my.

That’s a shame.


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Sinema’s action is a distinction without a difference. She will not caucus with Republicans, mostly vote Democrat, and try to act the “maverick”, AKA asshole.

No other government institution better illustrates how the UniParty operates than the US Senate. This move by Sinema keeps the balance of power as if the election never happened. Our 100 senators will continue loitering on public property.