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Report: FBI Warned Twitter of a Hunter Biden ‘Hack-and-Leak Operation’ in Weekly Meetings

Report: FBI Warned Twitter of a Hunter Biden ‘Hack-and-Leak Operation’ in Weekly Meetings

The weekly meetings happened before The New York Post dropped the laptop story on October 14, 2020.

The FBI warned Twitter of a Hunter Biden “hack-and-leak operations” in weekly meetings before The New York Post dropped the laptop story, Miranda Devine wrote in the publication.

Devine claimed the information came from “a sworn declaration by Twitter’s former head of site integrity, Yoel Roth.”

THIS is the information I was waiting for. However, I noticed Devine didn’t attach the documents:

The extraordinary revelation for the first time lays bare how the FBI was involved in pre-bunking the story of the laptop, which had been in the bureau’s possession for almost a year.

“I was told in these meetings that the intelligence community expected that individuals associated with political campaigns would be subject to hacking attacks and that material obtained through those hacking attacks would likely be disseminated over social media platforms, including Twitter,” said Roth in a Dec. 21, 2020, declaration to the Federal Election Commission.

“I also learned in these meetings that there were rumors that a hack-and-leak operation would involve Hunter Biden.”

Roth’s signed declaration formed part of Twitter’s defense against a complaint by the Tea Party Patriots Foundation that its censorship of The Post was an “in­ kind” campaign contribution to then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign.

Twitter censored The New York Post laptop story on October 14 even though the story proved the information came from a legitimate source.

The New York Post never hid the fact that the publication received the information from Delaware repair store owner John Paul Mac Isaac after Hunter Biden did not pick up the laptop.

Devine also answered an important question: How did the FBI know The New York Post would publish the story? Devine wrote:

Well, the FBI was spying on Trump’s then-lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s online cloud, under the pretext of an investigation into alleged foreign agent registration violations, a probe which conveniently was dropped this year.

The covert surveillance warrant on Giuliani gave the FBI access to emails in August 2020 from Delaware computer repair store owner John Paul Mac Isaac disclosing information damaging to Joe Biden from the laptop Hunter Biden had abandoned at his store in April 2019.

The FBI also had access to my messages with Giuliani in October discussing when The Post would publish the story.

The FBI knew that Mac Isaac was a legitimate whistleblower because he had come to the bureau in the fall of 2019 to express national security concerns about evidence on the laptop of payments to the Biden family from Ukraine and China. On Dec. 9, 2019, two agents arrived at his store with a subpoena and took the laptop and a hard-drive copy.

We know from FBI whistleblowers who have come forward to Republican members of Congress that rogue FBI employees within the Washington Field Office buried the laptop and other information detrimental to Joe Biden before the 2020 election.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk released some emails through Matt Taibi showing Twitter employees talking about censoring the story and developing a PR spin.

I didn’t see anyone mention the FBI or anything about previous warnings.

Taibbi even said out of the documents he read, he did not find evidence involving the government in the laptop story.

It doesn’t make any sense:

This contradicts Roth’s sworn declaration that the FBI warned of a “hack and leak” operation involving Hunter Biden, as well as Twitter’s lawyers’ response to the FEC in December 2020.

Law firm Covington & Burling told the FEC that Twitter “had been warned throughout 2020 by federal law enforcement agencies to be on the alert for expected ‘hack-and-leak operations’ undertaken by malign state actors, in which those state actors might hack electronic communications of individuals associated with political campaigns and seek to disseminate the leaked materials. … Reports from the law enforcement agencies even suggested there were rumors that such a hack-and-leak operation would be related to Hunter Biden.”

Musk promised more releases, but we don’t know if that will even happen.


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The FBI was illegally reading Guliani’s emails and saw it was coming. So, they got out ahead of the story. Corruption protecting corruption.

    Lybrarious Booker in reply to MattMusson. | December 6, 2022 at 10:07 am

    Rudy should have used SIGNAL – I’m sure the 3 letter agencies can break into encrypted apps, but its a lot harder than rummaging through emails backed up to the cloud FFS

Any link available to any declaration and supporting exhibits like FBI-Twitter email threads filed in a court ?

So, the corrupt FBI was meeting with Facebook and Twitter (and, I assume, other social media companies), brazenly and lawlessly running interference to suppress a damaging news story about its favored Dumb-o-crat candidate for President.

Yet, the water-carrying, Dumb-o-crat media shills/lapdogs/lackeys/propagandists would have us believe that this is all perfectly acceptable, and, indeed, laudable, conduct.

Proving the deep state illegally interfered in the 2020 and 2022 elections.

Flip it: what if the laptop was that of Donald Trump, Jr.? Would the FBI have acted the same?

Come on, man!

    guyjones in reply to navyvet. | December 5, 2022 at 5:17 pm

    I had posed the same thought experiment. We all know the answer.

    The notion that the media propagandists would have exhibited restraint in reporting on an “unverified” laptop belonging to one of President Trump’s sons, containing images/video featuring him smoking crack and engaged in sex acts, as well as emails referring to President Trump as the “Big Guy” who was exacting a 10% tithe of his son’s ill-gotten foreign bribery lucre, is farcical.

There is a youtube channel called “popo medic” who is a must follow on youtube.

It’s basically run downs of really violent stuff with vivid detail of what really went down. He just covered Ruby Ridge and has done some other stellar stuff on Waco among other. I was not politically awake when either of these things went down. I avoided the news and was happy being an ignorant young adult.

I bring this up because the FBI has totally gone into a zone where it’s tough to see “why” they exist except as a politized hammer to go after undesirables. Eventually this will go badly. While the government has the upper hand in “violence” they don’t have a monopoly on it and at some point people will get wise to it and not only hit back, but this will be people who know how to hit and they will hit back in a way that lands a lot of agents dead. That’s the positive scenario… the other scenario is Oklahoma City.

    henrybowman in reply to Andy. | December 5, 2022 at 3:35 pm

    Even Oklahoma City had its false flag moments — according to OK state representative Charles Key, “The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) had field agents assigned to the office at the Murrah Building. Yet, on the day of the bombing, not one of those agents were killed. They were mysteriously, uncharacteristically absent from the building that morning.” If they had advance warning, it’s a damn pity they didn’t bother to share it with the kiddies in the daycare center.

As more information comes out the FBI looks worse. So sad.

Why has the FBI not been defunded yet?

    Milhouse in reply to irv. | December 5, 2022 at 4:45 pm

    Because the Dems control Congress? And because even next year they’ll control the senate and presidency, so they will have the upper hands? The House will surely make a motion to reduce the FBI’s funding, but ultimately it will have to compromise and make do with some minor reforms or token response because the senate won’t pass an appropriation that zeroes out the FBI.

      Arminius in reply to Milhouse. | December 5, 2022 at 5:59 pm

      I don’t see why. All spending bills have to originate in the house. I realize that the Senate can gut a house spending bill and send it back to the House. But the House Republicans don’t have to play ball.

        Milhouse in reply to Arminius. | December 6, 2022 at 1:35 am

        If they want an appropriation bill to pass in the end, they have to play ball. They pass a bill that zeroes out the FBI, the senate rejects it, and then they have to negotiate. In the end the government must be funded, or they will be blamed for the shutdown.

“Taibbi even said out of the documents he read, he did not find evidence involving the government in the laptop story.”

I do believe (from what I saw of that conversation) Taibbi was saying there was no evidence of foreign government (Russia) being involved in the laptop story.

JackinSilverSpring | December 5, 2022 at 5:12 pm

The FBI, delende est.

It’s absurd to think the FBI will be defunded or pay any price for this. To the contrary, this signals how powerful and dangerous they are. Politicians will want to curry their their favor, not anger them.