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#Twitterfiles Part 3: Twitter Regularly Interacted With FBI/DHS To Restrict PRE-ELECTION Tweets

#Twitterfiles Part 3: Twitter Regularly Interacted With FBI/DHS To Restrict PRE-ELECTION Tweets

Matt Taibbi: “During this time, executives were also clearly liaising with federal enforcement and intelligence agencies about moderation of election-related content… [W]e didn’t see one reference to moderation requests from the Trump campaign, the Trump White House, or Republicans generally.”

After the first batch of the Twitterfiles were released, I argued that #Twitterfiles Are About Biden Family Corruption and Media Coverup, but that Elon Musk may have made a mistake by asserting there was a First Amendment issue, as government involvement in that first release was muddy “based on what’s been revealed”:

Musk made a mistake by portraying this as a First Amendment issue and as government interference. That allowed others, particularly in the corrupt corporate media, to argue over whether it really was a constitutional issue because the government involvement was obtuse (based on what’s been revealed). The government involvement was by the Trump FBI, but anyone with half a brain knows that the Trump FBI was out to get Trump, so the issue is muddy. And Biden campaign involvement was pre-Biden administration.

So we have this fevered distraction about whether the 1st Amendment applied — it’s reminiscent of the endless debate about whether the gross racialization of education really is “Critical Race Theory.” Arguing over what the meaning of “is” is, is a classic Democrat tactic.

What the files do show is a deliberate effort by leftists inside Twitter (which was about all of them) to spike the story and any mention of the story on the most important political platform in the country, based on false claims that the laptop was hacked and/or Russian disinformation. It was one of the greatest travesties of media manipulation, amplified across multiple platforms and mainstream media outlets.

They killed the greatest threat to the Biden candidacy — the exposure a month before the election that Joe Biden sold his office and his access via his son, and he lied about it….

…. we must not shy away from the truth that the run-up to the 2020 election was manipulated to bury a story that could have and possibly would have changed the outcome of the election.

The second release was even more interesting, but did not reveal much about government involvement, #Twitterfiles Part 2: “Twitter employees build blacklists, prevent disfavored tweets from trending, and actively limit the visibility of entire accounts or even trending topics”.

The third release tonight takes this all to another level. Matt Taibbi has a long Twitter thread about what he has found in this third release. The title of the thread is “THREAD: The Twitter Files THE REMOVAL OF DONALD TRUMP Part One: October 2020-January 6th,” but the most interesting parts to me are the pre-election activities. The government in the form of the FBI and DHS was intimately involved in Twitter’s censorship regime BEFORE the 2020 election.

That timing is critical. The government partnered with Twitter to censor political speech before the election — having nothing to do with post-election claims of election fraud, J6, or anything that allegedly was part of a criminal conspiracy.

Here are some key findings regarding pre-election censorship (emphasis added):

3. We’ll show you what hasn’t been revealed: the erosion of standards within the company in months before J6, decisions by high-ranking executives to violate their own policies, and more, against the backdrop of ongoing, documented interaction with federal agencies.

8. The bulk of the internal debate leading to Trump’s ban took place in those three January days. However, the intellectual framework was laid in the months preceding the Capitol riots.

9. Before J6, Twitter was a unique mix of automated, rules-based enforcement, and more subjective moderation by senior executives. As @BariWeiss reported, the firm had a vast array of tools for manipulating visibility, most all of which were thrown at Trump (and others) pre-J6.

10. As the election approached, senior executives – perhaps under pressure from federal agencies, with whom they met more as time progressed – increasingly struggled with rules, and began to speak of “vios” as pretexts to do what they’d likely have done anyway.

14. On October 8th, 2020, executives opened a channel called “us2020_xfn_enforcement.” Through J6, this would be home for discussions about election-related removals, especially ones that involved “high-profile” accounts (often called “VITs” or “Very Important Tweeters”).

15. There was at least some tension between Safety Operations – a larger department whose staffers used a more rules-based process for addressing issues like porn, scams, and threats – and a smaller, more powerful cadre of senior policy execs like Roth and Gadde.

16. The latter group were a high-speed Supreme Court of moderation, issuing content rulings on the fly, often in minutes and based on guesses, gut calls, even Google searches, even in cases involving the President.

17. During this time, executives were also clearly liaising with federal enforcement and intelligence agencies about moderation of election-related content. While we’re still at the start of reviewing the #TwitterFiles, we’re finding out more about these interactions every day.

18. Policy Director Nick Pickles is asked if they should say Twitter detects “misinfo” through “ML, human review, and **partnerships with outside experts?*” The employee asks, “I know that’s been a slippery process… not sure if you want our public explanation to hang on that.”

19. Pickles quickly asks if they could “just say “partnerships.” After a pause, he says, “e.g. not sure we’d describe the FBI/DHS as experts.”

20. This post about the Hunter Biden laptop situation shows that Roth not only met weekly with the FBI and DHS, but with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI):

21. Roth’s report to FBI/DHS/DNI is almost farcical in its self-flagellating tone: “We blocked the NYP story, then unblocked it (but said the opposite)… comms is angry, reporters think we’re idiots… in short, FML” (fuck my life).

23. Some of Roth’s later Slacks indicate his weekly confabs with federal law enforcement involved separate meetings. Here, he ghosts the FBI and DHS, respectively, to go first to an “Aspen Institute thing,” then take a call with Apple.

24. Here, the FBI sends reports about a pair of tweets, the second of which involves a former Tippecanoe County, Indiana Councilor and Republican named @JohnBasham claiming “Between 2% and 25% of Ballots by Mail are Being Rejected for Errors.”

The FBI’s second report concerned this tweet by @JohnBasham:

25. The FBI-flagged tweet then got circulated in the enforcement Slack. Twitter cited Politifact to say the first story was “proven to be false,” then noted the second was already deemed “no vio on numerous occasions.”

26. The group then decides to apply a “Learn how voting is safe and secure” label because one commenter says, “it’s totally normal to have a 2% error rate.” Roth then gives the final go-ahead to the process initiated by the FBI:

27. Examining the entire election enforcement Slack, we didn’t see one reference to moderation requests from the Trump campaign, the Trump White House, or Republicans generally. We looked. They may exist: we were told they do. However, they were absent here.

34. In the docs, execs often expand criteria to subjective issues like intent (yes, a video is authentic, but why was it shown?), orientation (was a banned tweet shown to condemn, or support?), or reception (did a joke cause “confusion”?). This reflex will become key in J6.

35. In another example, Twitter employees prepare to slap a “mail-in voting is safe” warning label on a Trump tweet about a postal screwup in Ohio, before realizing “the events took place,” which meant the tweet was “factually accurate”:

36. “VERY WELL DONE ON SPEED” Trump was being “visibility filtered” as late as a week before the election. Here, senior execs didn’t appear to have a particular violation, but still worked fast to make sure a fairly anodyne Trump tweet couldn’t be “replied to, shared, or liked”:

39. Here a label is applied to Georgia Republican congresswoman Jody Hice for saying, “Say NO to big tech censorship!” and, “Mailed ballots are more prone to fraud than in-person balloting… It’s just common sense.”

41. Meanwhile, there are multiple instances of involving pro-Biden tweets warning Trump “may try to steal the election” that got surfaced, only to be approved by senior executives. This one, they decide, just “expresses concern that mailed ballots might not make it on time.”

42. “THAT’S UNDERSTANDABLE”: Even the hashtag #StealOurVotes – referencing a theory that a combo of Amy Coney Barrett and Trump will steal the election – is approved by Twitter brass, because it’s “understandable” and a “reference to… a US Supreme Court decision.”

43. In this exchange, again unintentionally humorous, former Attorney General Eric Holder claimed the U.S. Postal Service was “deliberately crippled,”ostensibly by the Trump administration. He was initially hit with a generic warning label, but it was quickly taken off by Roth:

48. The significance is that it shows that Twitter, in 2020 at least, was deploying a vast range of visible and invisible tools to rein in Trump’s engagement, long before J6. The ban will come after other avenues are exhausted

The remainder of the thread is devoted to post-election claims and the run-up to J6 and the banning of Trump. But again, to me, the pre-election shadowbanning and throttling revealed in Part 2, combined with pre-election censorhip in partnership with the government, is the real blockbuster.



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Colonel Travis | December 9, 2022 at 10:22 pm

Agree the government involvement is the most crucial part here. Trump and Musk have pulled back two big curtains: the first continues to undergo punishment, the latter has it coming.

America isn’t a banana republic. It’s a mafia.

    Indeed. But how to obtain accountability for any of the actors in the matter, particularly on the government side of the equation?

    We’re constantly told, both here and in other more widely seen venues, that no laws have been broken. A prime example was Robert Muller’s eagerly awaited final report. It was one great big pulsing, throbbing, stinking, equivocating pile of dung. Durham traipsed around the Swamp for over a year and, accompanied by great fanfare, announced an-one-indictment. I have personally seen big city parking violations prosecuted more vigorously and taken more seriously in a traffic court than Sussman’s case was by the citizenry.

    The crimes against the nation here are so many and so obvious, but then we’re told repeatedly that no actual crimes have been committed, no statutes violated, no victims identified, no one with standing to sue. Oh sure, these are really bad people, but there’s nothing to be done. Cue the “elections matter” crowd.

    We have an election, actually thousands of them simultaneously, and we all know what happens. Oh, a “few” complaints turn up, but they’re just little hissy fits coming from the usual trouble makers. Sure, there are a few irregularities here and there, but there’s nothing to them, they wouldn’t have changed anything, anyway, and besides, what statute has been violated and by who? Nothing.

    Anybody there? Hello. . . .
    Hello . . .
    . . .

I really hope Elon knows what he is doing. I don’t want anything to happen to SpaceX and his entrepreneurial endeavors in general. I wish someone else was willing instead of him.

US government/mafia: “That’s a nice rocket company you got there…it’d be a shame if anything happened to it.”

If not Musk, then who?

We all need to do this

If you have t seen Senator Johnson’s 3 hour presentation with many of the Drs, scientists, statisticians who have researched amd documented the insanity of the Covid shot, go to
Rumble amd see it!

Everyone must do what they can

As President Trump
Said, they are coming for us, he’s just in the way…

I’ll try to link ( I always get in trouble when I do)

This collusion and corruption between agencies of the United States government is ‘just’ between it and Twitter, imagine what disclosures of similar government collusion with Facebook, Google, the WaPo, NYT, Comcast (NBC/MSNBC et al), Disney (ABC), and Viacom-CBS would/will expose.

Victor Immature | December 10, 2022 at 6:28 am

Certainly seems a lot more like election interference than a couple of “Macedonian content farmers” in 2016. Pretty much proof of tampering but they’ll just say “Big deal, everyone knows that, it’s old news”. If this was going on there certainly were games being played with the ballots.

This is why the foot soldiers of the left forced every candidate to denounce the idea of a rigged election before the midterms.

This is the same FBI and CIA that have not changed since the Kennedy Assassination or is this misinformation as well?

GOP-led Congress must hold hearings on this. Why the hell is the FBI even engaged in brazenly lawless water-carrying/running interference on behalf of Dumb-o-crats, by censoring damaging stories about them? The FBI’s domestic focus is supposed to be counter-terrorism. This activity is outrageously subversive, corrupt and totalitarian.

    Coolpapa in reply to guyjones. | December 10, 2022 at 3:47 pm

    They’ll either just grandstand on it or issue “sternly-worded” letters because most of the GOP was in on it or tacitly approved of it.

The level of coordination (collusion?) between SR Execs at Twitter and Fed LEO re the election and CDC /public health officials is being made very plain. The suspicions and inferences we had drawn re this activity is being confirmed in real time with these releases.

The communications and messaging advantage Twitter gave to d/prog candidates and Branch Covidians was not organic. It wasn’t a result of neutral rules or evidence, instead it was a series of deliberate choices to help craft and maintain a preferred narrative. A cabal of SR Twitter folks invoked their power over content on the platform to limit or eliminate it’s reach. In some cases banning the messengers entirely. The willingness of Musk to purchase Twitter and pledge to return it to its previous neutral stance re lawful content is a huge blow to the d/prog and their allies.

His decision to release the internal communications of Twitter which chronicle the saga of Twitter’s descent into a willing partner of the Feds, among others, to censor is perhaps going to be a bigger story. These revelations identify who did what to whom, why and when. Sunshine is very good disinfectant.

Celebrities and media people are saying they are leaving Twitter.
The group Musk is deleting the MOST aggressively is child pornography.


Steer the vote. Influence the vote. Caveat emptor.

Bloomberg: Musk Twitter Leak Raises Concern About Outside Data Access

Leak ?

In spite of all that had been shown to us these last 6 years you still have supposed conservatives getting the vapours about voting Trump.

These people just don’t get it. Democrats hate them but these so called conservatives will vote for candidates that go along to get along with Democrats and will then turn around lecturing us on some of Trumps appointments as President 🙄

These so called conservatives need to do us all a favour and just fuck off and continue voting Democrat as they always have.

Meanwhile Democrats keep on Democrating because there is literally no one holding them to account now OR threatening to hold them to account coke 2024.

This is a threat to democracy. Let’s see the communications of ALL the Big Tech players, The precedent has been set. Hopefully, there will be subpoenas and hearing for the public to see just how much they were misled by these stupid and dangerous people.

    I want to see the communications between Democrats and the media as well.

    None of this would EVER happen if we had an honest media prepared to shine the light on the shit Democrats have been getting up to!

    But no, the media is in bed with Democrats and happily run cover for them.

    Meanwhile so called cOnsErVatIvEs get the shits when Trump, quite rightly, points out the Constitution is dead if there is no remedy for stolen elections.

      henrybowman in reply to mailman. | December 11, 2022 at 1:45 am

      Trump didn’t point out that “the constitution is dead,” he proposed “the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution” by our sidein response to election fraud. This isn’t just misspelling coffee.

        “Trump didn’t point out that “the constitution is dead…”

        No, he shouldn’t have to. It is clearly dead and apparent to thinking people.

        What part of the constitution, say the bill of rights, do you think is being followed by the government?

          mailman in reply to Barry. | December 11, 2022 at 4:29 pm

          As you said, it’s apparent to anyone capable of running two or more functioning brain cells together that the Constitution is dead.

IANAL but I don’t see anything Twitter did that I would believe is actionable. They are a private company and can use whatever method they want to adjust flow on their site. However, I do believe the gov people can be held criminally liable. For one spying on an election campaign. I don’t believe it matters that they had an open investigation on Guilliani (whether legitimate or not). When they used said investigation for political purposes it was a violation that I am sure a good prosecutor could bury them with. The biggest issue is who would prosecute and where. We all know the DOJ will not. Could a state prosecutor try them in their state courts?

    jhkrischel in reply to gmac124. | December 10, 2022 at 9:35 pm

    Election law violations – 1.23 Trillion dollars in publicity work, done by Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube, without reporting it, for the DNC.

    They got Capone for taxes. Maybe they’ll be able to turn the screws on Vijaya Gadde with the same playbook they used against D’Souza.

      mailman in reply to jhkrischel. | December 11, 2022 at 5:12 am

      Oh, and I guarantee you that she will have a fuckkoad more to worry about than D’Souza ever did if that ever happened to her/he/zhe/it.

    mailman in reply to gmac124. | December 11, 2022 at 5:15 am

    The fact intelligence services were using stuff that had spied on American citizens (with no justification for that surveillance other than “we need to get a skin suit elected so we can control him”) to work with big tech while the media remained compliantly silent to actively undermine a sitting President should be a big fucking problem for everyone regardless of whether you’re a R, D or I!!

    I’m so old I remember when intelligence services were supposed to be working for MY best interests, not fucking their best interests!!

    Barry in reply to gmac124. | December 11, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    Nor equipped with an honest brain.
    There are a variety of laws broken here, by both the government and the “private sector”.

Musk is a great patriot for releasing all of this smoking gun evidence

What we are witnessing is undoubtedly one of the most important stories of the past decade, but we know that. There is a hardcore element of the left media that does not want to address it, deny it, or hope it just goes away. This we also know.

Does your average voter, even exposed to this, care? Occasionally I discuss these things with people I consider to be average voters, and learn that they don’t follow gain of function story, what James Baker did, who Christopher Steele is, etc…

This is a scandal of the highest order, and we know the media is avoiding it, but I wonder even if it was widely known would it change votes in GA, AZ, PA, WI, NV, MI and so on in the next election.

It’s very deep in the weeds stuff and now two years old. In 2024, it will be four years old and I’m not sure it will reach the type of independent voter that needs to be convinced sending Biden or Newsom to the White House is a horrible idea.

We can walk and chew gum at the same time so keep getting these reports out, but also work on ballot harvesting and mail in and getting behind the GOP nominee 100%.

If the right’s hope is that come 2024 the Twitter Files revelations will push them over the finish line, I think it will again miss the boat.

I have no clue how people with what appears to be functioning minds cannot see the truth.