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Rejecting the Clownish Media Week at Legal Insurrection

Rejecting the Clownish Media Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Everyone on the right is tired of the liberal media’s game. People aren’t going to play it anymore.

Why does anyone take them seriously anymore?

People aren’t buying the spin from Democrats either.

On some issues, the left has pushed the public to the limit.

Everyone has had it with crime.

Republicans are pushing back on border security.

And other things.

It’s time to draw a line.

Note the difference.

Hope she had a nice trip.

World news.

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“Clownish Media” must be defined. They are not funny clowns, but evil. Clowns were originally comic performers characterized by humor to entertain people and make them laugh, But when we talk about the media, they evil clowns, not funny clowns or I would laugh.

Why would anyone watch that blunt CNN anal dildo?