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Everyone is Running Week at Legal Insurrection

Everyone is Running Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

Doesn’t this massive field of contenders come off as a bit desperate?

Of course…

The competition for most progressive is fierce.

Trump forges ahead.

What bias?

Professor Jacobson on the Tucker Carlson show!

This was just sad.

World news.

Branco cartoons!


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Looks like we have:

1. A fake who has been in politics since 1973 with nothing to show for it except scandals, lots of sniffing/groping and self enrichment while in office.
2. A fake Cherokee who has enriched herself, doesn’t even know how to drink a beer, and beyond that I’m not really sure what she’s ever done for America.
3. A mayor with a fake family history.
4. A couple of avowed socialists.
5. A fake Hispanic hit-and-runner who dresses as animals and eats dirt.
6. A couple of senators who made complete idiots of themselves in several televised hearings.
7. Riff-raff

No thanks.

I forgot the guy who thinks it’s OK to wage war on American citizens using legit nuclear weapons. He gets an “honorable” mention for that alone.

DouglasJBender | June 16, 2019 at 2:32 pm

I’ve carefully considered the 20 Democrat candidates for President in the top photo. Here are my conclusions:

* Inslee looks the most Presidential (but that’s not necessarily saying much).
* Biden looks like he’s contemplating which girl’s hair he’d like to sniff next.
* Warren still doesn’t look like an Indian.
* Buttigieg looks smarmily overconfident, and nerdy.
* “Hickenlooper”? “And now, everyone please rise for President Hickenlooper.” (His name rhymes too easily with “Chickencooper”.)
* Gabbard is the prettiest.
* Sanders always looks angry, with more than a hint of instability.
* Harris looks like a mediocre cook trying to win you over with excessive friendliness.
* The rest look to me like the board members of a random PTA group.

Biden/Obama (moooochelle, that is)