The Daily Beast recently came under fire for investigating and ultimately outing a private citizen for the crime of sharing a video that makes fun of Nancy Pelosi.

Now they are claiming that speculating about Joe Biden’s health is out of bounds.

Justin Baragona writes:

Fox News Stars Begin Pushing Rumors About Joe Biden’s Health

One month after Joe Biden announced his run for president, several Fox News stars have already begun quietly pushing rumors that the 76-year-old ex-veep is in poor health.

Since the end of May, Fox Business Network and Fox News star Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery and Fox News prime-time host Sean Hannity have speculated on-air, on at least four separate occasions, that the current Democratic presidential frontrunner is secretly dealing with health issues, often comparing his condition to illness-related conspiracy theories the network pushed about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

The Biden rumor-mongering seemingly began May 29, during the broadcast of Fox News’ afternoon gabfest The Five. While assessing Biden’s candidacy, Kennedy claimed to know Democratic operatives engaged in a whisper campaign about Biden’s health.

“He is much more like Hillary Clinton, because if you talk to Democrats, who are working for different campaigns, all of the aggressive gossip whisperers—and this is where the action is happening in terms of opposition research—it’s people having a few drinks at a bar and whispering, ‘You know there is something wrong with the former vice president,’” she claimed. “But that’s what they are actively doing right now. And it is surprising because they are concerned with taking Biden down and getting their candidate out there.”

Here’s the best part of the article. It’s so good I’m going to bold it:

In the news business, it is considered irresponsible to spread baseless, potentially damaging rumors about public figures.

That is an astounding statement, and if it were true, every liberal media outlet would now be effectively out of business. CNN and MSNBC have built their entire business models on this notion.

And what about the Daily Beast? We recently noted the return of the Democrats’ favorite Yale psychiatrist, the one who has helped them push the idea that Trump is mentally unfit for office.

And in March of 2018, the Daily Beast published this:

How Close Is Donald Trump to a Psychiatric Breakdown?

With reports that a giddy commander in chief is running around the White House like a kid freed of any adult supervision, having dispatched every moderate who hasn’t resigned in hopes of saving a shred of his integrity, Donald Trump now appears to be in a state of mania as he escalates his efforts to bolster his fragile ego before he goes into the cage with special counsel Robert Mueller—or fires him.

This was exactly what the contributors to the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump warned about six months ago. The psychiatric professionals who contributed to the book have monitored and come to know Trump’s character better than most clients they have treated or people they have interviewed. As the special prosecutor’s noose tightens around the president and his cultish family, it is increasingly clear that he is an imminent danger to the public, and this impinges on professionals’ duty to society. Sheehy wrote about the book and its genesis in these pages last October (Sheehy and Sword also contributed to the book).

In October of 2017, the Daily Beast published this:

These 27 Top Shrinks Think Trump Might Be Nuts

The president attacks the mayor of San Juan after a devastating hurricane as the death toll rises. In his maiden UN speech, he threatens North Korea with “total destruction.” His tweetstorms show a narcissistic mind obsessed with cutting down critics and igniting culture wars while ignoring the responsibilities of his office. No wonder a new poll shows that a stunning 56 percent of Americans believe Donald Trump is “not fit” to serve as president.

But while much of America has begun speaking openly about the mental state of their president, the actual professionals in the field of psychiatry are prohibited from doing so because of the gag rule imposed by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

Does anyone at the Daily Beast read the Daily Beast?

And more importantly, haven’t they heard this?

In the news business, it is considered irresponsible to spread baseless, potentially damaging rumors about public figures.

CNN, which has also pushed the narrative about Trump’s mental health, is also now running interference for Biden.

Chris Cillizza writes:

Fox News crosses the line on Joe Biden

For anyone who watches Fox News Channel, it’s not at all surprising that its anchors and hosts (with few notable exceptions) talk up President Donald Trump while knocking down the Democrats running against him in 2020.

While that position puts Fox somewhere in the grey area between journalism and activism, it’s not exactly new. There are ratings in partisanship — so Fox News engages in partisanship.

But even partisanship should have its limits. And one of those limits should be raising entirely unfounded questions about a presidential candidate’s health. Which is exactly what two Fox News personalities — Kennedy and Sean Hannity — have done, according to this terrific piece by the Daily Beast Justin Baragona…

CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted this:

They have made every aspect of Trump’s life and well-being fair game for over two years. Now they are calling for rules of decency to protect the person they expect to face off against Trump in November of 2020.

They think they can have it both ways. They’re wrong.


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