Billionaire and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has stirred up Democrat wrath by contemplating an independent 2020 run for president.  They and their #NeverTrump allies are ten kinds of not happy.

Apparently, the left’s latest attempts to dissuade Schultz from doing so will include tactics they’ve used repeatedly against Republicans: angry mobs confronting him anywhere and everywhere.

The left’s weaponizing of angry mobs against their perceived “enemies” is encouraged not only by assorted SJW activist groups and their financiers but by prominent Democrat politicians like Maxine Waters.

We’ve extensively covered this leftie “tactic” as it’s played out against prominent Republicans, right-leaning media figures, and Trump supporters.

Now it seems, this angry mob machine is being geared up to attack the left’s latest enemy: Howard Schultz.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explains the Democrats’ ire toward Schultz.

Liberal ire, fury and passionate intensity (which the worst are often full of) toward a man who is himself a liberal, and who seems entirely decent and utterly mild mannered, makes one think: Maybe Mr. Schultz is worth a look.

. . . .  Mr. Schultz is a longtime supporter of liberal Democrats. He believes in global warming, NATO and gay rights. But he also believes the nation’s debt is out of control, and that abolishing insurance companies is a bad idea. (He took on Sen. Kamala Harris on this point last week.) He’s a capitalist who wants to keep Obamacare but make it better.

And he thinks both parties practice destructive, toxic politics — to the detriment of good government and sound public policy.

And that brings us to the rub and the reason for all the hating on him: Mr. Schultz wants to run as an independent centrist.

He’s going to seek the presidency outside of the parties and the primaries — like Ross Perot.

And this possibility, for it is only that so far — Mr. Schultz would have to spend hundreds of millions to make himself known to the country and to get on the ballot in 50 states and he is still terribly native and somewhat ill-informed about the size and difficulty of the undertaking — has brought the Democratic Party and its allies in the media out with pitchforks and torches and much gnashing of teeth.

Schultz recently kicked off a book tour in his (and Starbucks’) hometown of Seattle, and he was greeted by angry lefties who are urging him not to run as an independent.

The Detroit News reports:

“Grande ego. Venti mistake”: That was the message protesters had for former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz as he returned to his hometown of Seattle after announcing that he’s mulling an independent run for president.

Several dozen protesters gathered outside a downtown theater before Schultz appeared to promote his new book Thursday night. They included Democrats who fret his candidacy would hand President Donald Trump another term, and green-and-gold-bedecked basketball fans who haven’t forgiven him for selling the Seattle SuperSonics to a group that moved the team to Oklahoma City more than a decade ago.

“The way he dealt with the Sonics shows a huge fault in his character,” said Farheen Siddiqui, 26, who wore a team jersey to the protest. “He acted like a child who was not getting his way.”

. . . . The protesters outside his talk Thursday chanted: “Pick a party.” Some carried signs decorated like Starbucks cups that read “Compost your campaign” and “Grande ego. Venti mistake” – a reference to the Italian names for drink sizes at the coffee chain.

Watch the report:

For his part—and as of January 30th—Schultz seems to be taking the sputtering outrage from the left in stride.

It will be interesting to see how he responds if (when?) angry leftie mobs begin harassing him at restaurants and at home.


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