Monday night, a group of about 20 people gathered outside of Sr. White House Advisor Stephen Miller’s D.C. Apartment.

Miller was not home. He was traveling with the president to a rally in South Carolina.

USA Today reported:

About 20 people protesting Miller’s role in the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy marched about a block to Miller’s CityCenterDC apartment building, handing fliers to spectators along the way.

Miller, who was traveling with President Trump to a campaign rally in Columbia, South Carolina, was not home when the protesters arrived.

“I think humans have the right to privacy, but as a public figure, his actions and policies affect people in their homes and in their lives,” said Sue Udry, a bystander.

The group, which identified themselves simply as “concerned D.C. residents,” stood in front of Miller’s apartment building chanting “immigrants are welcome here.”

…At one point, one of the protesters got into an argument with a building resident who appeared to be irritated with the protesters.

But another resident, John Michael Gonzalez, said he was pleased to see activists demonstrate against Miller’s policies.

“I believe in what they’re doing. It’s terrible what the administration’s doing to children and their parents,” Gonzalez told USA TODAY.

“They’ve left their countries fleeing persecution … the first thing they (immigration officials) do is take their children from them,” Gonzalez said.

From the protest:

It’s kind of perfect that they’re using a thoroughly debunked image as part of their propaganda.

One of the event organizers, Jesse Rabinowitz, told USA Today, “As long as Stephen Miller and the Trump regime terrorize black and brown communities, penalize immigrants and ban Muslims, they will be met with frequent displays of public anger and moral outrage.”

Rabinowitz, who appears in the videos above, has locked his Twitter account, but appears to have posted Miller’s phone number on Facebook, based on this post:

Rabinowitz also claims he was part of the mob that harassed DHS secretary Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant last week:

Last week, a “justice-minded” website doxxed Miller by posting his cell phone number online.

Despite a lack of supporting evidence, progressives continue to describe Miller as a white supremacist.

DHS Secretary Nielsen was confronted by an angry mob outside of her home last week.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was turned away from a Virginia restaurant Friday because she works for the president. After she and her husband went home, the restaurant owner followed Sanders’ family to the restaurant across the street where she led a protest.

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters recently encouraged the harassment of public officials.


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