Men, get you a lady like Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao! Immigration protesters accosted Chao and her husband Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as they left Georgetown University.

Chao took none of their nonsense and snipped at them to leave her husband alone.

They blared audio of crying children at Chao and McConnell and kept asking them why they separate families.

Chao reminded the protesters that McConnell is not the president and therefore is not separating the children.

Obviously upset, and who can blame her, she demanded the protesters leave her husband alone.

This is how I imagine McConnell’s face after seeing his amazing wife stick up for him like that. You go, girl!!


We have documented the numerous times the left has lately harassed people within the government, including Maxine Waters encouraging it. It’s so bad the DHS sent safety warnings to all its employees.


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