Splinter News doxed Stephen Miller Wednesday, publishing his phone number online. Miller serves as a Senior Advisor to the President.

I’m not including a link to the post for obvious reasons, but it’s titled thusly:

The post reads:

The Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant children from their families has been credited primarily to the strenuous efforts of White House adviser Stephen Miller. Perhaps you would like to call him about it.

The New York Times reported that Miller, the wolfish young Trump whisperer, has been the most effective driving force behind the implementation of the brutal policy that is now leading the national news—a policy that Miller himself called “a simple decision.” And while citizens plan protest marches and scream at Kirstjen Nielsen as she eats dinner, Miller himself has been rather unavailable for direct feedback from the public.

We all know that Donald Trump is a great fan of facilitating direct feedback from the public, because he personally published the cell phone numbers of both his Republican primary opponent Lindsey Graham and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. So it is fair to assume he would support the public’s right to call (or text) Stephen Miller.

Miller’s cell phone number is [redacted]. He’s a busy guy, but maybe you can get ahold of him long enough to have a productive discussion.

Splinter, which is basically Gawker reborn, is owned by Univision and its focus is (according to Univision) serving “as a news and politics site for a justice-minded, inclusive, and incisive audience.”

It’s always the “inclusive” ones that engage in dangerous and unquestionably unhinged behavior.

Miller has become social justice public enemy number one. He’s been accused of coercing Trump into installing the zero-tolerance policy (read: enforcement of existing laws) that has detained illegal border crossers without turning them loose. The Atlantic published an article Tuesday claiming family separation is what Miller wants.

But it’s only the latest in a string of unhinged and disturbing behavior from the anti-Trump crowd.

Tuesday night, a socialist mob harassed Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen while she was at a restaurant for a working dinner.

Also Tuesday, Peter Fonda called for Baron Trump to be imprisoned with pedophiles as recompense for the child separation mess.

The Resistance™ is increasingly driven by immature emotional reactivity, reactivity that continues to escalate to a dangerous level. There is little to no concern for how the reactivity affects or harms their target, so long as their perverted notion of justice is achieved.

These are dangerous times.


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