Friday night, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family were asked to leave the Red Hen, a restaurant in Virginia, because she works for Trump. She wasn’t booted out by a low-level employee but by the restaurant owner.

Sanders handled the ordeal well, saying of the Red Hen owner, “Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so.”

The ordeal sparked a national conversation. But there’s more to the story.

According to Mike Huckabee, Sanders’ father, after being kicked out, Sanders and her husband went home. The rest of her family went to the restaurant across the street.

The owner of the Red Hen followed Sanders’ family to the restaurant across the street. Outside of the restaurant, she started a protest.

Monday night, Paula Bolyard at PJ Media blogged:

Mike Huckabee told Laura Ingraham today that the story didn’t end there. “Once Sarah and her family left — and, of course, Sarah was asked to please vacate — Sarah and her husband just went home,” he said. “They had sort of had enough.”

But the rest of her family went across the street to another restaurant, he explained, and that’s when things got even more absurd.

“The owner of the Red Hen —because nobody’s told this — then followed them across the street, called people and organized a protest, yelling and screaming at them from outside the restaurant and creating this scene,” said Huckabee. One of Sanders’ in-laws, whom he described as “very liberal,” walked out and said, “Look, I don’t like Trump, I’m not a supporter, I’m a far — considered liberal — but you guys are embarrassing me and you’re not helping the cause.”

Nevertheless, the mob yelled and screamed even though Sanders was no longer there because, apparently, having even a tangential relationship to the Trump administration means you’re not fit to be out and about in polite society and you’re no longer to be afforded public accommodations.

“This is what the left has been reduced to,” Huckabee lamented. “It really is tragic, and it is dangerous.”

The inability and unwillingness to tolerate any variation in opinion or thought is completely out of hand. This is the product of unchecked emotional reactivity.

There is no reason to believe the provocation and harassment will subside before it escalates further.


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