The totalitarian impulses of #TheResistance have been a focus here ever since the attempt soon after the 2016 election to intimidate Electoral College Electors into not honoring the vote in their states. Since then, whether through Antifa or more normalized liberals, anything goes so long as it seeks to unwind the result of the election.

The initial excuse was the Russia-collusion-mania, which we now know as the byproduct of Hillary operatives and intelligence/law enforcement agency Trump haters. There have been a rolling series of fabricated excuses, from Trump planning nuclear war with North Korea to the now omnipresent “border separation” issue.

The border separation issue is a real issue, but it’s a problem caused entirely by foreigners who bring their children with them on the dangerous and illegal trek across the U.S. border. It’s not a problem caused by Trump.

The result is child exploitation by Democrats and open borders advocates (increasingly one and the same) who simultaneously argue: (a) you can’t separate a child from an arrested parent, and (b) you can’t detain the child with the arrested parent. So the only alternative for #TheResistance is to allow foreigners to evade and avoid U.S. immigration laws so long as they bring a child with them. This guarantees that using children as immigration human shields will continue.

The media has been complicit in demagoguing the issue, Iconic image of crying child separated from family at border is fake news, child never separated.

Against this backdrop, we have the deplorable use of Nazi analogies not just for the Trump administration, but for anyone who supports enforcement of immigration laws. When you view your opponent as a Nazi, then anything goes, including invading personal space for political reasons.

We saw this play out when DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed at a restaurant, DC Socialist Group Chases DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Out of a Restaurant Shouting, “Shame!”:

Tuesday night, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was chased out of a D.C. Mexican restaurant by a group of socialist protestors shouting “shame!”

The Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America are demanding Nielsen step down and that ICE and CBP be abolished.

Now they are harassing Nielsen at home, as The Washington Times reports:

A group of protesters gathered outside Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Virginia townhouse Friday morning, chanting “no justice, no sleep” and blaring audio of immigrant children crying.

About two dozen protesters with the progressive group CREDO Action chanted with megaphones, waved signs that read “child snatcher” and played the ProPublica audio clip of immigrant children being separated from their parents at the border, HuffPost reported.

Ms. Nielsen was forced to walk by protesters shouting “Shame!” when she left her house, according to video posted on social media. One man shouted, “You belong in the Hague!” and, “You’re a modern-day Nazi!” as Ms. Nielsen entered her vehicle and left.

Heidi Hess, the co-director of CREDO Action, said it’s important to hold members of the Trump administration accountable “everywhere.”

“There’s a child snatcher living in Alexandria, Virginia,” Ms. Hess said in a statement. “Rightfully so, there’s a huge amount of attention focused on the border and the detention centers but the people who are making the decisions are here in DC, so it’s important to shine a spotlight on them as well.”

Bringing protests home is not a new tactic from the left. We saw similar tactics in Wisconsin used against Scott Walker and other Republicans over the union reform legislation in 2011-2012. But never before was it part of a national movement as it now is with #TheResistance.

It’s not hard to predict how this will end.


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