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Antifa Mob Chases Ted Cruz Out of a DC Restaurant Yelling “We Believe Survivors!”

Antifa Mob Chases Ted Cruz Out of a DC Restaurant Yelling “We Believe Survivors!”

Then demand Fox News and The Daily Caller pay for using video they posted on Twitter

Monday night, an Antifa group chased Senator Ted Cruz out of a DC restaurant yelling.

From The Daily Caller:

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz was chased out of a DC restaurant by protesters on Monday night, according to video posted on Twitter.

Two videos were posted by “Smash Racism DC” and they show a large group of protesters chanting “We believe survivors” in reference to sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at Sen. Cruz and his wife, Heidi Cruz.

One video shows a protester confronting Sen. Cruz and his wife as they entered the restaurant. Sen. Cruz tells the woman “God bless you” before attempting to take a seat at a table.

After the protesters surround the table, Sen. Cruz tells Mrs. Cruz, “Let’s go ahead and go” and puts on his jacket to leave.

“Vote no on Kavanaugh!” one protester screams. “Cancel Kavanaugh for women’s rights.”

But wait! It gets better. They posted the videos to a public forum — Twitter — and then demanded Fox News and The Daily Caller pay them for using their footage. The internet, how does it work? There’s this thing called fair use.


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Fascists are not welcome, as the mob chases folks out of a restaurant

Antifa is to antifascism as truth squads are to the truth

At least now the true nature dystopian and totalitarian of the communist (aka “progressive”) left is there for all those who care to see.

This election will tell us whether our nation is on the road to a new dark age where totalitarianism masquerading as kindness replaces the natural rights of man.

This mob of Democrats chased Ted Cruz and his wife out of a DC restaurant. Democrats haven’t chased so many people out of public restaurants since the pre Civil Rights era.

This is what racism and fascism look like in the 21st century. Hitler’s brownshirts would be proud of their tactics.

Where are the arrests for disorderly conduct and harassment?

Bitterlyclinging | September 25, 2018 at 8:20 am

Long past the time when a slap on these m’f’er’s wrists will do.
The time of “How many symbolic arrests do you want” is over.

This will end when some pistol packen right wing racist is fearful of his and wive’s life send a couple creeps to the dirt.

theduchessofkitty | September 25, 2018 at 8:26 am

Senator: it’s time to conceal carry.

“But it’s D.C.!” Doesn’t matter. You have constitutional rights. Self-defense is a human right. Heller is still upheld. You have rights.

Announce to the world you have a gun and you carry. Tell all other GOP Senators and Congresscritters to do the same.

And then, sit down and watch.

    I’m pretty sure you can’t shoot someone for yelling at you in any state, not just in the non-state DC. We have Second Amendment rights, but if we started shooting people for being rude and obnoxious we might not deserve them. Thoughts?

      That is true but when a mob of “protesters” surrounds you and your wife and is carrying weapons you can meet force with force.

      For those that missed it take a look at the antifa use of a WW-1 trench club disguised as an umbrella –cops completely missed it. These people have a documented history of being deadly violent and unpredictable.

        Good point. But we don’t have any evidence that Cruz was physically threatened or in any way harmed or that anyone there had a concealed weapon of any kind. So far these mobs aren’t out for literal blood, but should they take such a turn, it won’t be difficult for Cruz and other right-leaning senators to get all the protection he needs/they need. In the meantime, let’s not get crazy. Yelling at someone is not an offense that carries a penalty of bodily injury or death. After all, being free to yell at pols is one of the things that distinguishes us from totalitarian regimes, no?

        Let them yell, let them force people out of eateries, let them show their true colors; every single time this type of thing happens, people stop and pay attention. They assess their own values and whether or not they are supported by such extremist behavior. Normal people will turn away, will #WalkAway.

          They are out for blood but they are also careful. These demonstrations are well planned and co-ordinated. Sometimes there is a slip up though.

          The left, like the right, is divided. There are the antifa-fascists who make no secret of their desire to see bloodshed and to kill people (they advocate for it quite often), but then there are just the hired protesters (at $25 an hour, usually) who show up and yell and hold signs, but don’t give a crap. There are also the #Resistance “true believers” who haven’t yet embraced violence but who see their duty as playing out dramas like this one. The “true believers” are the nuts that follow GOP pols and cabinet members and embarrass them in restaurants. They are pretty harmless at this point, but the more they lose, the more dangerous they are likely to become. The Secret Service and the FBI are on top of this (even though we doubt the FBI on some things, they are not all corrupt loons; most are doing their job and doing it well, that includes knowing what these people are up to and how they are calibrated).

          The Obama admin ran some tests on various groups willing to “rise up,” so we saw the Spring uprising (a nothing burger), Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and probably a score of other experiments that never surfaced. Antifa is just an off-shoot of these, a more violent strand serving as the brownshirts of old. The problem? Outside of Democrat strongholds in coastal and in urban areas, they are toothless. They wield bits of wood with nails in them and stun guns; they are a joke in the vast majority of America. A teenager from Tennessee or Oklahoma or Texas can take out the little man with his 2×4 and never miss a beat.

          The left knows this. The idea, and it’s rooted in Alinsky, is to create unreasonable fear in the opposition so that they make mistakes (i.e. shooting someone for yelling) and thus sway public sentiment. And yes, shooting an unarmed person for yelling would have a huge impact on public sentiment. Read about the Civil Rights movement. Read Alinsky. This is all straight out of that; pose a threat, let the “enemy” or “target” build it up in their own minds until they react disproportionately, thus changing the entire narrative.

          Antifa doesn’t scare me. The reaction of the right to antifa is far more worrisome. One false step and we lose the high ground and fall into the most obvious of all Alinsky’s traps.

          Would a reasonable person be fearful for their life if surrounded by a mob who have a history of assault, attempted murder (Steve Scalise, Rand Paul, etc.)?

          Anyone saying “No” is insane by definition.

          Well, no. You saw the vid, how fearful for his life does Cruz seem?

          This type of hysteria plays in to the hands of our enemies. Period. I’ve explained the leftist ploy being used, apparently in ways exceeding their expectations, and you can either see it or not.

          But take two seconds here: no one’s life was threatened, no one was harmed; in fact, all that happened was a politician was heckled in public. That’s it. Nothing more.

          Build this up in your head at your own risk. Alinsky doesn’t and can’t work if we realize what we are dealing with, an all-out effort to piss off normal Americans and force us to behave in ways that do not comport with our normal way of being. They want you pissed, they want you pissed at me and at Trump and at Sessions and at no one in particular. The first step is that anger, an emotion they will ride to the finish line. Meanwhile, you can be ridden like a mare or stop being played. It’s up to you.

          We are being played by losers who have lost over a thousand seats, who are gasping in the culture war, and who are convinced they can get a do-over on the 2016 election. Anything you do to help them is . . . well, wrong.

          Learn to prioritize: you either want the wall built and #MAGA, or you want Democrats running the country after November. It’s easy, they win or we do. If they do, we know what will happen, and we know what will and will not happen. Vote for the future you want, SDN. Personally, I will be voting for President Trump.

          You have to look at Antifa’s track record.

          Antifa relies upon physical violence against others to get their “message” across. There have been very, very few non-violent Antifa demonstrations. The most important thing to remember about the Charlottesville incident was that Antifa attacked the peaceful white supremacist marchers, not the other way around. Antifa is an organization composed of anarchist leaders and a passel or violent crazies.

          We carry weapons to protect ourselves, and others, from unlawful physical attack, not to shoot people with whom we disagree. Personal weapons are like flood insurance. You do not need them, until you need them and then you probably REALLY need them.

          As always, you make great sense, Mac! I so love your comments. The only thing I think missing here is the clear delineation between antifa fascists and the progressive left “public.” Most progressives are appalled by antifa, as most conservatives are appalled by neo-Nazis. Every leftist is not antifa, and the antifa-fascists are, themselves, pariahs among most progressives.

          We can’t pretend that every leftist is antifa; that’s not only unfair but operationally damaging. The regressive media has pretended and made people believe that all Trump supporters are the same misogynist, xenophobic, racists, blah blah blah, but we are not, and we know it. We also know that the antifa-fascists are a teensy fraction of the left; elevating them in our imagination does nothing but stoke the very division the left is counting on.

          Antifa will never show its face where we can lawfully combat them; they are just a prop, a tool intended to piss us off and make us irrational, thus tipping the scales of popular opinion back in their favor. Let’s not help them is all I’m saying.

          We can not afford to assume that any leftist is NOT a dangerous, violent person. To assume otherwise simply makes one a helpless victim.

          People are very dangerous animals. That is why humans are at the pointy end of the food chain, on this planet. And, in mobs, people do things that they would NEVER do if alone. All it takes is for one yahoo, in one of these protest groups, to attack the target of their “protest” and that target could end up being attacked by the whole mob. All it takes is the actions of one person in the mob to trigger a deadly physical assault. And, that has already happened a number of time involving liberal/progressive “demonstrators”, since the 2016 Presidential election. Also, these yahoos can be used as cover, to allow an operative to carry out a political assassination. A single shot from within one of these mobs of demonstrators and we have a Senate or House vacancy.

          Our society has long had established standards for behavior and interpersonal relationships. All of these standards are designed to do one thing; allow large numbers of diverse people to coexist in a limited space. What these “demonstrators” are doing is rewriting those standards to allow them to use unacceptable behavior to intimidate those who are different from them. We would not allow the KKK, the American NAZI Party, the Mafia or any other group to engage in this type of behavior, so why on Earth would give liberal yahoos a pass?

          These people are either evil or crazy and should not be taken lightly. They use threats of physical violence and actual physical violence to intimidate those who do not agree with them. And, people had better wake up and smell the manure. Before it is too late.

          Would a reasonable person be fearful for their life if surrounded by a mob who have a history of assault, attempted murder (Steve Scalise, Rand Paul, etc.)?

          Anyone saying “No” is insane by definition.

          The law everywhere disagrees with you.

          Give the names of the specific people in that group who have such a history. You can’t. The fact that some people with leftist views have used violence is irrelevant.

          There is no such entity as “antifa”, so even if you could positively identify several members of this group as antifa supporters, e.g. by their dress, you could not link that to crimes committed by other people who dressed that way.

          A reasonable person in Cruz’s situation would not fear an imminent attack using deadly force, and therefore a person in that situation has no right to use deadly force in response.

          Antifa is an organization composed of anarchist leaders and a passel or violent crazies.

          Antifa is not an organization at all. It’s an idea. It consists of any thug who chooses to identify by that name.

          We would not allow the KKK, the American NAZI Party, the Mafia or any other group to engage in this type of behavior,

          We would and do. The intimidation inherent in a large group of people acting in concert to express their opposition to a person is not legally considered anything more than their exercise of their first amendment right to assemble. If someone is intimidated (which is the obvious intention) legally that’s their tough luck. See NAACP v Claiborne

          “… So far these mobs aren’t out for literal blood…”

          Steve Scalise says you’re wrong, Fuzzy.

          A former UC Berkeley staffer posted a pic of a guy he knocked out at a riot he participated in, apparently in response to a Milo Yiannopoulos event. And he braqged about it.

          “hey come get your boy, he got ROCKED #miloatcal.”

          Of course, you can’t get arrested for that in Kali. Especially not in Berkeley.

          Or Oakland. At least not for the felony you committed.

          “All Felony Assault Charges Dropped Against Bike Lock Prof. He’ll Serve Three Years Of Probation”

          Looking at the bloody mess he created, it’s mind blowing that he was allowed to plead down to a misdemeanor. But go check the link and tell me again that these people aren’t out for literal blood.

          “…Clanton originally faced up to 11 years in prison. He was supposed to have a preliminary hearing Wednesday, but instead entered into a plea deal, reported Berkeleyside. Clanton submitted a “no contest” plea for misdemeanor battery and, in exchange, had three felony assault charges, a felony for inflicting serious bodily injury, and a misdemeanor mask-wearing charge dismissed…”

          I could go on and on. How many more examples will suffice. I’m 56 years old. I have no patience with antifa thugs who want to stomp on me with their steel-toed boots. What confidence can I have that he and his friends will be satisfied with just breaking a few bones. I’m exactly the kind of “Nazi” that antifa says need to be punched. Which means of course I’m no Nazi at all. It’s kind of amusing, actually, as if someone does try to punch me I’ll be using my mad Krav Maga skills I learned at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center in San Diego. Until I can free one of my hands and skin that smoke wagon.

          Maybe they don’t intend to kill me, but how do I know that? I’m supposed to trust their sweet natures? The goodness of their hearts? Once people start throwing around terms like Nazi as far as I’m concerned all bets are off. It’s like the game we all played in grammar school. If you had the chance to kill Hitler as an infant, would you? And how do you know Hitler is going to turn out to be Hitler when he grows up. If someone really is a Nazi should you stop at just punching him?

          It seems our leftists have an answer. We’ll leave that up to the communist black shirts to decide who the brown shirts are. And it doesn’t really matter if I’m not wearing a brown shirt.

          The latest FBI crime statistics I can come up with show that in 2013 all rifles were used to murder 285 people. I’m supposed to be worried about one kind of rifle, the AR-15?

          And OBTW ARs are not battle weapons. No military in the world uses the AR-15. Well not the kind you can buy at Cabela’s or your local mom-and-pop gun shop, but the USAF used an early version of the M-16 manufactured by Armalite before Colt bought the rights in the early 60s, and it was labeled AR-15, and they used it into the 90s. It’s insane to think of commercially available ARs as “designed for only one thing. To kill as many people as possible on the battlefield.” No, that’s what M-16s are for. Try going to Bass Pro and buy an M-16.

          But I digress. 687 people were murdered with what the FBI classifies as “personal weapons.” That would be hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. I’m no bad @33. If I was once, that was a few decades ago. The last thing I want to do is get into a fight. I’ve been in fights, including boxing in the Navy. Fighting is a serious business. People get killed in fights, even in a professionally refereed boxing match. How did “teen archer” know he had just knocked “come get your boy” out? He could have killed him. I’m not easily provoked for a reason. And no, I’m not going to shoot someone if they’re just yelling at me, or over a piece of furniture. I don’t want that on my conscience. Also, if I had a hair trigger how do you imagine I could stand up to the cross examination if I had to testify in my self-defense trial? The prosecutor would eat me for lunch.

          But if you put your hands on me you had better be in it for your life because I will be. I still shudder to think of a guy who got knocked out and the attacker put his mouth on the edge of a curb and stomped on the back of his head.

          That ain’t happening to me, sister. No way.

          Antifa is an organization composed of anarchist leaders and a passel or violent crazies.

          Antifa is not an organization at all. It’s an idea. It consists of any thug who chooses to identify by that name.

          We would not allow the KKK, the American NAZI Party, the Mafia or any other group to engage in this type of behavior,

          We would and do. The intimidation inherent in a large group of people acting in concert to express their opposition to a person is not legally considered anything more than their exercise of their first amendment right to assemble. If someone is intimidated (which is the obvious intention) legally that’s their tough luck. See NAACP v Claiborne”

          Wrong on both counts.

          “Antifa” IS organized. It may not have an visible formal organization, but there is evidence that both a guiding group and a financial group are involved. We have seen that Antifa activity can, and is, turned off and on to support more mainstream anti-government activities. We have seen instances where significant financial backing was used to provide transportation, food and lodging for “demonstrators” in previous Antifa events. This all indicates the probable presence of a support and directing organization. Now, many of the local people who get “involved” in Antifa directed and sponsored activities are not members of any organized group. But, most demonstrations attract like minded locals, who have no allegiance to the sponsoring group.

          As to your assertion that society would allow the KKK, NAZIs or any other group to go into a privately owned business and disrupt the operation of that business, you are out of your cotton-pickin’ mind. None of these groups are allowed to disrupt a private business or to harrass individuals in any state in the union. They can demonstrate, peaceably, on public property, but they are usually required to obtain a permit and them may not create an undue burden upon the normal activities of others within the community.

          By the way, I suggest that you actually read NAACP v Claiborne Hardware. It has nothing to do with entering a business or disrupting that business. The NAACP was publicly identifying blacks who violated the NAACP boycott on businesses in Claiborne County MS. What is interesting in Claiborne is that these “protected” activity resulted in, at least, 10 innocent black Americans being physically attacked, sometimes with deadly weapons, simply because they shopped at a boycotted business.

        Whitewall in reply to OldNuc. | September 25, 2018 at 9:17 am

        All true! But the Dem left behaving this way is considered ‘normal’ by the rest of our culture, so it is tolerated up to a point. For any on the right to meet their violent acts with the very same thing will not be tolerated by the rest of society. It would not be normal for us. We could expect massive outrage by the MSM to the point where entire news casts, editorials, seminars etc would be devoted to the danger of ‘rising right wing violence”.

        The Right thrives on order. The Left on chaos.

      theduchessofkitty in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | September 25, 2018 at 9:19 am

      All they have to do is to announce they carry.

      pantifa might be legion, but again, God made man and Samuel Colt made them equal.

      Normal heckling? No. But the left is starting to move past that. When an angry mob surrounds someone and forces them to push past the mob, there can be a real and legitimate reason to be concerned for your safety and well being. That kind of physical intimidation is going to get a “protester” injured.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Fuzzy Slippers. | September 25, 2018 at 1:13 pm

      Shooting right out the gate is not proper of course. But, someone finding they are staring down the barrel of a firearm, with that firearm being held by someone from a state where firearms ar part of the culture, might give the miscreant some pause.

      Every day, someone somewhere who is carrying legally, fends off trouble with the mere presentation of a firearm. (I hesitate to use the word “brandish”, as it is somewhat loaded.)

        “Loaded” is loaded too, FG. 😉

        I equate brandishing with being the aggressor. That the firearm is being presented not because of reasonable fear for one’s own life, or a third party, or great bodily harm, but for the purpose of intimidation.

        A defender only presents his or her weapon when it is literally vital. Now, if the miscreant becomes intimidated all well and good. But you have to make the case to the jury that what you did was absolutely necessary.

      “I’m pretty sure you can’t shoot someone for yelling at you in any state.”

      Well, that kind of takes the fun out of the 2nd amendment, doesn’t it? 😉

      I’m glad it happened. Ted wins the optics war on that one – that won’t play well in TX. Can you imagine that turned into an TV spot with the caption “Beto’s constituents confront Ted in DC Restaurant” … and then watch Beto squirm.

      This is stalking. They just didn’t show up. Since DC is a separate entity, anyone not from DC would be crossing state lines to intimidate a federal official. RICO

Actually Bow Wow is the one behind stuff like this.

The mobs from the left really seem to hate women (Sanders) and Hispanics (Cruz) don’t they? They aren’t Antifa – they are neo-brownshirts, plain and simple.

    guyjones in reply to Sky2u. | September 25, 2018 at 9:36 am

    Agreed. But, I submit that what makes them even more dangerous than the National Socialist brownshirts, is that the contemporary Leftist brownshirts cloak their violence and hatred in a self-congratulatory and self-perceived mantle of alleged righteousness, virtue and “social justice.” They are following the marching orders of their Leftist Gods, and, doing those Gods’ work. And, no one is more dangerous than a believer in a messianic cause, whose evil deeds are rationalized in any one of a thousand different ways, as serving some alleged greater good.

    But Cruz isn’t a “real” Hispanic.

    That claim is being made on that thread.

    4th armored div in reply to Sky2u. | September 25, 2018 at 10:39 am

    that needs to be our narrative –
    the racists and myso’s who treat people like brownshits/brownshirts do.

They probably believe Nigerians who claims to be holding winning lottery tickets, too.

There is no room for dissenters and “heretics” in the Left’s worldview. Anyone who deviates one iota from the Leftists’ Little Red Book of Orthodoxies must be vilified, attacked, and, ultimately, destroyed.

Amazing how self-congratulatory and much-bandied about Leftist aspirational conceits, such as “tolerance,” “diversity” and “inclusivity,” when put into real-world practice, simply look like plain ol’ totalitarianism and Orwellian fascism, just re-labeled, re-packaged and with a savvier marketing campaign.

Do they want more Cruz? Because this is how they get more Cruz.

You guys cut off the twitter feed too early. You didn’t get the tweet of Gavin McInnes’ phone number and call to tell him “You love White Genocide.”

“They live in the basement of mom and dad’s home. You know what that is? That’s the size of their biceps. But they wear, they wear the tough black outfits. No I would never suggest this, but I will tell you, they’re so lucky we are peaceful — Law enforcement, military construction workers, Bikers for Trump.””

President Trump discussing Antifa last Friday at a rally.

They are SO DAMN LUCKY we are peaceful. And DAMN LUCKY they don’t pull their garbage in my neck of the wood.

We are peaceful AND PATIENT. For how much longer – I cannot say.

Antifa, diversity, warlock hunts, baby trials… progressives project.

Fail to understand why this headline on here, Breitbart, and Fox makes Cruz look like a run away weenie. I expect that from fake news media. How about, “Antifa low life, paid agitators disturb entire restaurant to harass and vilify senator cruz and wife.”

Fuzzy: “Most progressives are appalled by antifa, as most conservatives are appalled by neo-Nazis.”

Most of those same progressives hang the nazis around our necks. Are you shielding them from their own tactics?

As for your other remarks, the are using the threat of mob violence to intimidate, the proper response to that is violence.

“This day in 1938 saw the organized destruction of Jewish businesses and homes in Munich, as well as the beating and murder of Jewish men, women, and children.

It was an exercise in terror that would be called “Kristallnacht,” or “the Night of Broken Glass,” because of the cost of broken glass in looted Jewish shops—$5 million marks ($1,250,000).”

    Fen in reply to Fen. | September 25, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    “It was an exercise in terror”

    I don’t think women understand this as well as men do. Jordon Peterson made good points on this when he pointed out that males approach conflict vs other males with the implicit understanding that physical violence acceptable.

    That experience gives males insight into the “games” surrounding violence that women simply don’t have. I’m not saying that means you can’t comment on it, I’m just asking you to consider you may be missing a lot. Like me explaining how women are going to feel in the 3rd trimester.

    “Now ladies, you’re going to feel a little pressure
    .. ” – comedian Bill Burr

    If a guy calls another guy a bleeping bleep, he can expect to be on the receiving end of an overhand right. Women not so much. So there is a whole level of nuance re violence that women are ignorant of.

    You see it in reverse with female verbal attacks that are underhanded in a way men are oblivious to:

    Date: Nice dinner party. Michelle was such a sweetie

    Fuzzy: Michelle? The girl who called me a slut all night?

    Date: Huh?! What are you talking about? Did we to this same party?

    Fuzzy: (rolls eyes). Nevermind…. This is good. Stop the cab here. (slams door)

    Date: Wha- was it something I said?

    Jamaican Cabbie: You. Dumb. Ass.

      Fen in reply to Fen. | September 25, 2018 at 12:55 pm

      Oh, there’s a bonus round around 1:50 in that Pterson video

      where he says roughly the sane need to police the crazy in their own ranks. The moderate Dems you defend as being “appalled” aren’t appalled enough to put a stop to it.

      Anyways, I hope my manner hasn’t been too offensive. Sometimes I forget myself and play a little too rough. Just know that I like you and respect you and send us as two people who can go 10 rounds and still remain friends.

      Next round drinks is on me.

      Fen, what is going on with you? I didn’t say anything was an “exercise in terror,”; in fact, you quoted that yourself about Kristallnacht. Can you see no distinction between Kristallnacht, carried out by storm troopers, and a bunch of misguided loons shouting at Ted Cruz in a restaurant? Not only is this so over-the-top that it’s laughable, but it’s a bit insulting to the Jewish people who were slaughtered and to those who survived but had their homes and businesses destroyed that dreadful night.

      I am beginning to really worry about the right if we can’t tell the difference between SS storm troopers committing murder and destruction and fringe misfits shouting a slogan while flipping someone the bird.

      Everyone needs to chill the heck out. Knowing history is one thing, but let’s leave insane revisionism to the left, please. To iterate: Ted Cruz (my favorite politician, btw) being shouted at in a restaurant is nothing at all like–on any plane, in any universe–Kristallnacht. Comparing the two is ludicrous and makes light of a very serious night of horror, death, and destruction. No wonder you started a new comment with that quote, Fen, were you trying to hide the ridiculous nature of your comparison? Because you, YOU, have to know it’s a ludicrous comparison.

    Am I shielding progressives with their own tactics? That’s a silly question in light of my very truthful statement that most progs are appalled by antifa (their violence, their hiding behind masks, all of it). They are, that’s fact. That progressives lump us all in with neo-Nazis doesn’t change that fact at all, so you are not asking me if I am “shielding” progressives, you are asking me why I’m not acting like one.

Listening to Limbaugh as I write. Earlier I likened the Left to the Red Guard of Mao. Let me now add that this is the cusp of the Reign of Terror from the French. It isn’t “re-education” , it is execution.

There is no need for moderates in the Democrat Party to step forward as it isn’t necessary for Sharia believing moderate Muslims to condemn jihad.

The energy imbalance is apparent. The Left is continually driven now by hate. “Getting along” by the Right wing mush is only offering to buy and use the shovel to dig their own graves. Think human wave attacks by Japanese and Maoist Chinese in this wars with human wave attacks.

Unfortunately, human wave attacks require a level of response many are ill prepared for. Add the agitprop of MSM and this is a huge challenge. Some people can never be changed and they are at the pointy tip of the Leftist spear.

Fuzzy: “I’m pretty sure you can’t shoot someone for yelling at you”

True. But maybe we are operating in the wrong paradigm. Remember how ineffective America became when we treated terrorist attacks as criminal acts and not acts of war? We hamstrung our own warriors overseas, surrendered vital Intel during discovery, allowed their command and control to escape the kill box while we waited for lawyers to approve the airstrike.

Then Trump came, said jill them where you find them. And ISIS was wiped off the face of the earth.

If this is truly a cold civil war, does criminal laws dictate parameters, or do the laws of war? In Somalia, I didn’t have to wait for the enemy to fire on me, I didn’t need to be in fear of grievous bodily injury or death to defend myself or others. I was allowed to attack pre-emptively and with disproportionate force. I was even allowed to destroy unarmed logistical units ferrying food and ammunition.

Antifa is a terrorist organization. We should not be trying to prosecute them, we should be killing tbem.

    MNCPO in reply to Fen. | September 25, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    I agree totally. I’m female, in a wheel chair,and I carry in S.C. If they came screaming at me, one of them would have a hole in their chest. I dare any court to convict.

      First of all, no one is going to come screaming at you like this. Cruz is a prominent conservative senator, and their goal wasn’t to change his mind but to hype up the base.

      If a gang of loons surrounds you and yells at you while you sit in your wheelchair, you may have a case if you shoot one of them dead. But you may not. Why would you presume that you under immediate threat of bodily harm if people are just shouting at you and flipping the bird? A paranoia received by crazy people on blogs who rave nonsense is not a defense (unless you are not in your right mind).

      Here’s the measure to go by: when you go about your daily life, interact with your neighbors and with the random people you see at the store, do you see hate? Do you feel the divide we are promised exists?

      I don’t. When I go out, I see people of all races being kind and good and respectful. I see people helping and being polite to other people. I live in the South, and if there is any region where racism is defeated, it’s here. Best friends from childhood might be white and black and they might marry their black or white neighbor. My own neighbors are a crazy mix of “red neck” (as they self-describe), Hispanics, Blacks, and everything else in between. We’re all good. We have each other’s backs, and when we have a hurricane coming, the men from all these diverse backgrounds come and help me, a white woman, board up my windows. I repay them with steaks and burgers for the block party bar-b-que once the storm has passed but our power not yet restored. It’s still the South, so yeah, the guys man the grills. 😛

      The internet is a glorious thing. We have so much information at our fingertips, but it’s also a danger as we immerse ourselves in this online world of division and hate and forget that we live in the real world. Walk through your real world. Look for hate, and I’m willing to bet you won’t find it.

    This is a joke, right? You aren’t seriously suggesting that random “right” Americans start literally killing other random “wrong” Americans . . . right? You do know how insane that sounds, I would imagine, so you must be joking.

Two important points to carry from this.

1) The difference between a peaceful leftist screaming at somebody they hate in a restaurant and one who pulls a knife and attacks is about a half-second. A peaceful CCW permit holder can NOT make any kind of defensive move in this situation without being stabbed first, unless they’re willing to go to prison. Which brings us to…

2) Where in the (censored) was the restaurant management? You have a VIP in the establishment with a screaming garbage baby in his face, it is your job to be right there, going “Sir, is this man bothering you? You are bothering our guest, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave, sir. No, you may not have a minute. I am now ordering you to leave this establishment, or I will have you arrested and removed for trespassing. No, you may not have a table, you are being refused service. Move along outside, or you will be arrested, and we will press charges. Officer, these are the individuals who refused to leave this establishment. Trespassing, yes that’s the charge we will be pressing. Thank you, officer.”

Note: the Cruzes were not chased out of the restaurant. The staff took them to a back room while security dealt with the intruders, and as soon as they were gone the Cruzes returned to their table.

Bear spray. Lots of bear spray. Or putrescence. That would be fun.

Just saw on another site where Cruz and wife returned to the restaurant after the harassers left and finished their dinner in peace. The staff apparently did the right thing and did call police and have them back.
However, I question how these protesters knew where Cruz was………
Who tipped them off?

This crap needs to be stopped NOW. These leftist radicals need to be incarcerated.