This summer is #ResistanceSummer, and it’s already getting hot with attempts to intimidate and attack Trump administration officials, Republicans, and Trump supporters.

Here are some of the incidents we’ve covered just in the past three weeks:

NY Man Arrested After Threatening To Kill Trump Supporters at Republican Congressman’s Campaign HQ 

Man Rips MAGA Hat Off Teen’s Head in Restaurant, Throws Drink in His Face 

Vandals Smashed Nebraska GOP’s Office Windows, Painted ABOLISH ICE on Sidewalk 

Suspect Arrested for Threatening to Kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Children 

Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell Accosted by Immigration Protesters 

Protestors Surround Sr. White House Advisor Stephen Miller’s Apartment 

DHS Issues Safety Warnings After Official Found Burned Animal Carcass on Porch 

Florida AG Pam Bondi Accosted By Protestors At Tampa Movie Theater 

Sarah Sanders Kicked Out of Virginia Restaurant Because She Works For Trump 

#TheResistance crosses another line, confronts DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at home 

“Justice-minded” Website Doxes Sr. White House Advisor Stephen Miller 

DC Socialist Group Chases DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Out of a Restaurant Shouting, “Shame!” 

None of this is coincidence. There is active encouragement of such intimidation from politicians like Maxine Waters, Uncivil war declared: Rep. Maxine Waters calls on #TheResistance to find and confront Trump officials:

These calls for intimidation are all over the mainstream cable media:

Even the NY Times Editorial Board is calling for Democrats and progressives to go all “Godfather” on Trump and Republicans.

Now it’s happened again to Mitch McConnell, the Courier-Journal reports (emphasis added):

A group of protesters confronted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Bardstown Road in Louisville Saturday, calling out “Abolish ICE,” before adding they know where he lives.

McConnell was out to lunch with Kentucky’s outgoing House Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell, who was upset in his May primary. Shell confirmed the two had lunch, calling the protesters “a small group of extremists.”

The interaction was captured on video and shared with Courier Journal.

In it, someone asks McConnell, “Where are the children? Where are the babies, Mitch?” — an apparent reference to the separation of children from families at the southern U.S. border.

“What are you doing to get the babies back?” someone asks in the clip.

McConnell, wearing a green shirt tucked into blue jeans, isn’t shown reacting or responding to the protesters. He walks past a sign for Bristol Bar & Grille, turns a corner and gets into a vehicle.

Before he gets into the car, someone can be heard saying, “We know where you live.”

Shell called the remark a “not-so-subtle threat right out of the Maxine Waters playbook,” adding that it was “very distasteful.”

The “we know where you live” line clearly was a threat:

#TheResistance is losing. So expect them to get even more unhinged throughout #ResistanceSummer.


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