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Anyone else want to jump the White House fence?

Posted by  ▪  Monday, March 2, 2015 at 5:56pm

This is getting ridiculous

White House

There are snipers on the White House roof.

Forget teams of fences, dogs, pressure-triggered alarms, or roving bands of secret agents. We have snipers.

Can you imagine the conversations those snipers have when some yahoo hops a barrier and makes a run at the front door? Because that happened again today. Twice.

Via the Daily Mail:

On Sunday night, an unnamed suspect stepped over a bike rack situated outside the White House fence. The bike racks were installed last year following a high-profile fence-jumping incident that involved an Army veteran armed with a knife. Early Monday morning, another person attempted to walk through a gate while a construction crew were leaving.

According to NBC, both men were taken into custody, and the Secret Service has given the all-clear at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The agency has been tight-lipped about the two breaches, which are now under investigation. The suspects have not been named.

The bike rack-jumping incident took place at around 11.30pm Sunday near the southwest corner of the presidential residence, reported MyFox DC. The male suspect was arrested and charged with unlawful entry. The breach led to a 30-minute lockdown at the White House.

Just before 7am Monday, another man allegedly tried to walk into a pedestrian entrance as construction workers were leaving the area. A Secret Service agent stopped the intruder in his tracks and arrested him after a brief confrontation. The White House was placed on another lockdown that lasted only a few minutes following the second incident.



Anti-Israel San Mateo Bridge blockaders face misdemeanor charges

Posted by  ▪  Monday, March 2, 2015 at 3:50pm

Considering the deliberate mayhem and resulting accidents, getting off easy.

We previously reported extensively on the blockade of the San Mateo – Hayward Bridge on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by a group of protesters.

What started as a #BlackLivesMatters protest was hijacked by anti-Israel protesters who draped the Palestinian flag across both sides of the bridge at its highest span.

The action was extremely dangerous, trapping hundreds of motorists and causing multiple traffic accidents.

One vehicle with a 3-year-old child in medical distress reportedly had to be rerouted.

68 protesters, most of them Stanford University students, were arrested.


Netanyahu AIPAC view from crowd

Netanyahu wins narrative at #AIPAC2015

Posted by  ▪  March 2, 2015
“Israel has always been a bipartisan issue"
LI #07 - SISI and PUTIN

Italy and Egypt may find key ally against ISIS… in Russia

Posted by  ▪  March 2, 2015
This is a "Third World War by other means."
scott walker freedom summit

Does it matter if Scott Walker flip-flopped on immigration?

Posted by  ▪  March 2, 2015
Almost all candidates flip at one point, only a flop if you don't trust the candidate.

Congressional Choice not Bibi v. Barack – but Western Civilization v. Iranian Mullahs

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The List: Who in Congress is boycotting Netanyahu?
Netanyahu AIPAC on stage

Netanyahu at #AIPAC2015 (Live)

Posted by  ▪  March 2, 2015
We will have live coverage of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at AIPAC, scheduled to start at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. But of course, it’s running late (the slipped in a panel discussion), so stay tuned. Amy is in the
Netanyahu Congress Speech

Branco Cartoon – Puppet Master

Posted by  ▪  March 2, 2015
Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Enemy
Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley

Mild About Martin O’Malley

Posted by  ▪  March 1, 2015
Billary is shaking in its boots.
Shut Down AIPAC Hezbollah Flag

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hezbollah Flag Raised at Anti-AIPAC protest

Posted by  ▪  March 1, 2015
Chant "The State of Israel's Got to Go" and "Go Home" at Attendees.

Administration Attacks on Bibi Spur Bipartisan Support for Israel

Posted by  ▪  March 1, 2015
How Obama Inadvertently Helps Bibi
Bumper Sticker American Anti Quartering Association

The Third Amendment makes all the others possible

Posted by  ▪  March 1, 2015
Try blogging with a soldier quartered at your desk.
2014 Obama

Revisiting Obama’s past

Posted by  ▪  March 1, 2015
Would the public be ready to listen?

3 Years after Andrew Breitbart’s death, no apologies needed

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"Apologize for WHAT?"
Hillary Clinton Sunglasses Phone Twitter Profile

Word Association 2016: Hillary = Foreign Donations and Benghazi

Posted by  ▪  March 1, 2015
Even Chris Matthews Knows Benghazi and Foreign Donors Spell Trouble for Hillary
CPAC Hub 2

Photo Report from #CPAC2015

Posted by  ▪  March 1, 2015
Legal Insurrection was there...
Scott Walker pic

Thanks Jezebel! Sincerely, Scott Walker

Posted by  ▪  February 28, 2015
The legend grows: The more they throw at Walker, the stronger he gets.