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Democrats Scrambling Toward Election Day

Posted by  ▪  Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 1:30pm

They’re circling the wagons–but will it be enough?

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We’ve written extensively about Democrats’ troubles this election cycle, and how Republicans have reason to be confident (although not overly so) heading into Tuesday’s midterm elections. Most of the polling and analysis has focused on Republican chances to take the Senate, but recent reports show that Democrats are also scrambling to maintain their hold on key House and gubernatorial seats.

Analysts have never doubted Republicans’ ability to maintain their hold on the House, but Democrats’ spending in House races shows that even in normally friendly areas, their candidates are in trouble.

Via AP’s Big Story:

In one example, the Democratic committee has bought $99,000 in radio ads for eight-term Rep. Lois Capps in her Santa Barbara-area race against Chris Mitchum, the son of the late actor Robert Mitchum. The GOP candidate has relatively little money still on hand for his campaign — $96,108 — but the contest is considered close.

The committee also reserved $360,000 in air time for ads for first-term Rep. Steven Horsford in his central Nevada district north of Las Vegas after the Karl Rove-founded group Crossroads GPS made a late ad buy of $935,000. And In Hawaii, the Democrats are spending $200,000 on television ads and voter outreach for Mark Takai, who is locked in a tight race with former Republican Rep. Charles Djou in an open Honolulu-based district that Obama won with 70 percent of the vote.

In the closing days, the Democratic committee has invested $1.1 million in an effort to protect six incumbents in Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, West Virginia and California.

With Obama persona non grata for many Democrats, former President Bill Clinton was campaigning in California on Wednesday.

“It’s a tough climate, it’s getting tougher,” Israel said. “It’s the worst climate for Democrats since 2010, but it won’t be 2010. We knew that this was coming and we prepared for it.”

They may think they’re prepared for a fight, but things aren’t looking good with regards to gubernatorial races, either. Real Clear Politics has classified just two races (California and New York) as “safe” for Democrats, and even their most high-profile candidate of the cycle is maintaining a slow and steady implosion.



Dan Maffei March 2010: Obamacare “burns the village in order to save it” (#NY24)

Posted by  ▪  Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 11:50am

Yet 8 days later Maffei agreed to support Obamacare in a turning point for Democrats.

Although I live in the NY-23 congressional district, we’re in the NY-24 (Syracuse) television market.

NY-24 is represented by Democrat Dan Maffei, who portrays himself as a moderate Democrat. Maffei is being challenged by John Katko.

(Dan Maffei and John Katko)

(Dan Maffei and John Katko)

Maffei first was elected in 2008, but lost his seat in 2010 by a few hundred votes, only to gain it back in 2012 with less than 50% of the vote (a third party candidate received almost 8%).

Now the race is tight.  Roll Call rates it “Tilts Democratic” (in contrast, NY-23 is rated “Safe Republican”).  The Cook Political Report rates it a “Toss-up” (NY-23 is rated “Solid Republican”).


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