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Permissible Hatred Week at College Insurrection

Posted by  ▪  Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 8:30am

Your weekly dispatch from the world of higher education.

Susan Douglas University Michigan I Hate Republicans

We’re always told that colleges have to be safe places for students. Controversial topics are prefaced with “trigger warnings” and “microaggressions” are frowned on. Unless you’re a Republican student, that is.

Then there are the real crimes.

Meanwhile, over at Berkeley…

Blame it on the stupidity of the American voter.

Rape culture update.

Senator Elizabeth Warren couldn’t be reached for comment.

Milking Ferguson on campus.

BDS update.

What difference does it make?

You don’t say…

The higher ed bubble grows.

Doubling down on stupid.

Rioting 101.

Happy Holidays.

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Vermont: Where Single Payer Went to Die

Posted by  ▪  Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 2:30pm

“If Vermont can’t make it work, single-payer can’t work anywhere…”

The ultra-liberal state of Vermont never liked Obamacare but not for the reasons most Americans object to the law. Vermont felt it didn’t go far enough and was determined to establish its own single payer system. As of this week, that plan is dead.

Sarah Wheaton of Politico:

Why single payer died in Vermont

Vermont was supposed to be the beacon for a single-payer health care system in America. But now its plans are in ruins, and its onetime champion Gov. Peter Shumlin may have set back the cause.

Advocates of a “Medicare for all” approach were largely sidelined during the national Obamacare debate. The health law left a private insurance system in place and didn’t even include a weaker “public option” government plan to run alongside more traditional commercial ones.

So single-payer advocates looked instead to make a breakthrough in the states. Bills have been introduced from Hawaii to New York; former Medicare chief Don Berwick made it a key plank of his unsuccessful primary race for Massachusetts governor.

Vermont under Shumlin became the most visible trailblazer. Until Wednesday, when the governor admitted what critics had said all along: He couldn’t pay for it.

Advocates of a single payer healthcare system may not realize just how bad this news is for them. Vermont was their best shot. John Fund of National Review noted this:

Health-care experts from outside Vermont point out some of the implications. “It’s a very liberal state, and its leaders spent years trying to design a system that would work,” Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute observes. “If Vermont can’t make it work, single-payer can’t work anywhere in the country where the economy has free and competitive markets. It’s more evidence that centralized government health care is simply not workable in America.”

All is not lost for the Green Mountain state. One of their senators might even run for president.



The FCC “Lost” your Comment on Net Neutrality

Posted by  ▪  Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 12:30pm

“Lost.” Along with Lois Lerner’s e-mails, one would guess.

stop net neutrality

The tech policy community has momentarily banded together to nail the Federal Communications Commission to the wall over what seems to be a big data meltdown regarding hundreds of thousands of public comments the agency received regarding its Net Neutrality deliberations.

Gizmodo has a nice rundown of what we know so far:

New analysis of the data the FCC recently released about the process shows that the agency lost and/or ignored a whole bunch public comments. How many is a whole bunch? Oh, about 340,000.

Fight for the Future, a pro-net neutrality group, just announced a pretty major discrepancy in the number of comments it helped submit. In total, the organization helped drive 777,364 commenters to post on the FCC’s antiquated comment site. Fight for the Future CTO Jeff Lyon says that “at least 244,811 [comments] were missing from the data” recently released by the FCC. On top of that, a new Sunlight Foundation study found that 95,000 of the comments the FCC did release were duplicates.

The Sunlight Foundation admitted that there were some discrepancies in the data. The FCC also admitted to Jeff Lyons that nearly a quarter of a million comments were indeed missing from the data it released. Lyons wondered, “As of right now, the failure point is still unclear: Did the FCC simply fail to export these comments, or did they actually fail to process them in the first place?”

While we don’t yet know the answer to Lyons’ question, we do know that pro-Net Neutrality groups were nervous about the pro/con comment breakdown. The Sunlight Foundation released a report accusing “[a] shadowy organization with ties to the Koch Brothers” of skewing the results with a form letter writing campaign, causing pro-NN groups and tech bloggers to cry foul.

Why? Probably because conservatives absolutely crushed them when the final comment tally rolled around.


Charles Krauthammer on Cuba

Krauthammer: Liberalization Won’t Work in Cuba

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It didn't work in Vietnam or China either.
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Rand Paul’s Cuba Moment

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WI John Doe claim: Search warrants planned for Sean Hannity, conservative media

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Tactic: Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy.

No government fines for saying “Redskins” on-air

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Officially NOT offensive...for now.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Why would North Koreans expect American capitulation over a film?

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