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A Portland school is having an identity crisis. It changed its name from Woodrow Wilson High School to Ida B. Wells High School. (Excellent choice because why anyone would want to commemorate Wilson boggles my mind!) It also voted to change the Trojan mascot. Evergreens topped the list of new mascots, but now some have concerns it has connections to lynching.

60 Minutes "reported" DeSantis engaged in a "pay for play" scheme with Publix. He gave them the contract to distribute COVID vaccinations in exchange for a $100,000 donation. In a statement, Democrat Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner described the 60 Minutes as "intentionally false" and that the news program declined his "insight."

A couple of weeks ago, I reported that San Diego's political leaders have allowed the federal government to use the famed San Diego Convention Center as an illegal immigrant shelter to address the continuing Biden border crisis. Despite the fact many area schools aren't allowed in-person schooling due to COVID19 rules, some teachers were willing to do such teaching for the teenage immigrants. The flow of migrants is so steady that a third wave is now in San Diego, with more soon to be processed.

I've been circling back on some campus cases we covered previously that dropped off the radar after an initial flurry of legal proceedings on which we reported. One of those cases involves "John Doe No. 2" - a male student accused of "sexual misconduct" who sued Oberlin College to avoid having to go through a campus disciplinary system allegedly biased against males.

Starting this Monday on April 5th, Greg Gutfeld will be hosting a nightly news and entertainment show called 'Gutfeld!' on the FOX News channel, Monday through Friday at 11 PM. This is great news for anyone who is tired of all the other late night shows, which have become zombie-like televised newsletters for Democrats and the tedious woke mob of social justice warriors on Twitter.
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