Trump rallies can’t take place due to the pandemic, but Trump supporters in certain areas have come up with a new way to express their solidarity with the president. They’re boat parades called “Trumptillas.”

You’ve got to admire their ingenuity and enthusiasm. And none of it involves riots or looting.

Marc Caputo reports at Politico:

Trump embraces a new kind of rally: The ‘Trumptilla’

President Donald Trump can’t hold his large energetic rallies because of the coronavirus. But his campaign has discovered the next best thing: massive pro-Trump flotillas that are taking his message to waterways across the country.

The large boat parades — which began organically among MAGA devotees in South Florida and spread to Florida’s Gulf Coast, Arizona’s Lake Havasu, South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor and Southern California’s Newport Harbor during Memorial Day weekend — quickly caught the notice of the president and his campaign. Now, the campaign is encouraging the flotillas and utilizing its robust data operation to organize and excite a demographic that turns out to be heavily represented in some of the most closely contested swing states from the Sun Belt to the Great Lakes.

Heading into the holiday weekend, the campaign reports, its biggest seller from its online store were its blue nautical flags emblazoned with the president’s last name.

“The boat parades are essentially recreating Trump rallies, but with social distancing built in,” said John Sellek, a Michigan Republican consultant, adding that the free spirit of recreational boating jibes with the president’s messaging.

Caputo notes that one of the places where this has really caught on is Michigan, where the husband of Gretchen Whitmer recently came under fire for trying to launch his boat despite his wife’s strict shutdown policies.

Trump also noted it on Twitter:

This is Newport Beach, California on May 25th:

Here are some other examples:

The campaign should call this the Trump Navy.

Featured image via YouTube.


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