This past weekend, I spoke on a panel at an event in Leominster, MA on Trump’s first year in office. It was sponsored by the Worcester Tea Party and moderated by Peter Ingemi of Datechguyblog.

Other panelists included Chip Faulkner of Citizens for Limited Taxation, Dianna Ploss from the Boston Chapter of Act for America, and Christopher Maider from the Meat and Potatoes Radio show.

The audience was an intimate crowd of about fifty people who were strongly pro-Trump, which was fascinating considering this was Massachusetts. Peter Ingemi began with questions of his own but eventually shifted to questions directly from attendees.

Topics included the economy, immigration, national security, media bias, social justice warriors, the 2018 midterms, the 2020 election and more.

One of the strongest takeaways for me was the fact that people in the audience, who presumably don’t follow media and politics as closely as bloggers, were fully aware of the tactics Democrats and their media allies are using to try to “resist” Trump. They see through it all and are happy about what Trump has been able to achieve in his first year.

I sat for a quick interview with Peter after the event and offered further thoughts on a few topics. He asked me what I saw happening this year and whether Democrats would ultimately work with Trump. My response was:

“They (Democrats) are 100 percent invested in stopping Trump, not only stopping Trump but removing Trump, frankly. But I think you raise a very good point. Trump has been much more successful so far, I think, than the Democrats ever expected or are willing to admit, and I think that if he does succeed at brokering any kind of deal in the Middle East, he’ll be far more consequential as a president than they ever expected.”

See the video below:

If you really want to watch the full two hour plus event, the video is here.

I realize this was a small crowd but don’t forget it was Massachusetts. I think Democrats and the media sorely underestimate public support for Trump and his agenda.

Featured image via YouTube.


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