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Citizen activists and conservative politicians have longed for less regulatory burdens on businesses and citizens.

Fast food chain Domino's Pizza is doing the job most local government's serially neglect -- filling in potholes. Under a new initiative, Paving for Pizza, Domino's is soliciting nominations for towns in desperate need of deliverance from rough roads, for the pizza's sake, naturally.

In Denver this past weekend, some soulless busybody called the cops on three little boys working their own lemonade stand. Aged 6, 5, and 4, the Knowles boys set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Compassion International. All proceeds made from their entrepreneurial endeavor would have been sent to "a little 5-year-old boy from Indonesia with siblings, two siblings, kind of like them,” said their mother.

Last fall, we featured California reporter Katy Grimes' book, California's War Against Trump, which chronicled the regulatory and legal volleys that the state's politicians has lobbed against President Trump since the day of his historic election. Now President Trump is turning the tables on the Golden State #Resistance. This weekend, we noted that the EPA was looking to reverse directions Obama-era fuel economy standards for cars. One of the concerns about the new proposals is compliance with California's more stringent standards, based on green justice "science".

The Golden State seems hellbent on regulating itself into oblivion. Their eco-madness has led them to seriously consider legislation that would fine and or imprison waiters for offering restaurant patrons disposable plastic straws unless one is requested. I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn the legislation was presented by a Democrat. And this isn't some fringe issue either. The plastic straw ban was introduced and is championed by Ian Calderon, Assembly Majority Floor Leader.

The theory of "consensus science reliability" seems to have taken another hit, as a new report has been released that asserts government-based dietary fat guidelines "have no evidence base". Publishing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Dr Zoë Harcombe of the Institute of Clinical Exercise and Health Science of the University of the West of Scotland researched both the origins and the results of following the dietary fat guidelines that have prevailed in the US and the United Kingdom for almost 40 years. The evidence provides no support for the assertion that low-fat diets are healthier, especially as the incidences of obesity and diabetes have escalated dramatically during the same four decades of the guidelines' implementation.

While President Trump has spent the week undoing many of Barack Obama's executive orders and policies, I have been wondering about Michelle Obama's signature program: Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA) Legal Insurrection readers may recall some of the questionable highlights related to HHFKA as it has been implemented over the past eight years.

Last summer, I reported that Food and Drug Administration rules covering e-cigarettes and adopted early in the Obama presidency were killing the related American industry. The manufacturer, distribution and retail sales of e-cigarettes (which vaporizes nicotine-infused solutions that have only traces of some of the 60-plus carcinogens found in cigarette smoke), is worth an estimated $3.7 billion last year. In San Diego alone, e-cigarette firms employ hundreds of Californians in productive, middle-class positions, and generate quite a bit of tax revenue for the state as well.

First they came for the mudbugs and I said nothing...actually, yes I did. We all know I always have something to say. In any case, the latest push for MOAR government comes from Louisiana where a non-profit organization is urging the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to add Louisiana crawfish to the injurious wildlife list. WWLTV reports:
Louisiana's crawfish industry could be in trouble if the federal government takes the advice of a nonprofit organization to regulate the red swamp crawfish.