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Review: California’s War Against Donald Trump

Review: California’s War Against Donald Trump

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While President Donald Trump and our state’s politicians seemingly have called a temporary truce during California’s historic wildfire emergencies, I thought this might be a golden opportunity to review a wonderful, new book: California’s War Against Donald Trump.

The books authors are James V. Lacy (a frequent guest on Fox Business News Channel’s “Varney & Company,” who served as a General Counsel in the Reagan administration) and Katy Grimes, a longtime investigative political journalist and analyst form Sacramento who often contributes additional California reports for Legal Insurrection (because I cannot possibly cover all the insanity by myself).

The book is a wonderful synopsis that details both sides in the legal and regulatory battling between the Trump Administration and California’s state and local government officials. There are only a handful of Californians and Americans who are aware of the activism, regulations, expenditures, and shenanigans that have gone into thwarting sensible policy at the national level and suppressing opposition to progressive policies within this state.

California’s War Against Donald Trump
is extremely engaging, but it is not a “feel good” read. It is compelling, because there is so much information on the state’s uber-liberal politicians, their backgrounds, their extremist progressive supporters, and their sanity-defying antics that even the most savvy political expert will learn something. Frankly, this book should be read by every member of the Trump Administration whose work may involve dealing with our state’s politicos and bureaucrats. Every legal California voter should read it before voting. Finally, political geeks across the country will enjoy having this book in their collection, as it will be a handy reference the next time a liberty-crushing political stunt is reported from the Golden State.

Happily, Katy reports that it is topping the charts on Amazon…as well it should!

Katy was also featured on the popular Los Angeles talk show, John & Ken in a segment that hits some of the book’s highlights:

Katy’s recent post in the Canada Free Press (Jerry Brown’s California: Devastation, Plunder, Economic Failure) provides a sample of the material that can be found in the new book:

California has a significant economy, with more than 19 million private-sector jobs in the state. However, the number of welfare recipients “enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program in California alone exceeds the total populations of 44 of the other states of the union, according to data published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Census Bureau,” Terence Jeffrey with CNS news reported.

California has 13,496 state and municipal employees drawing salaries of $200,000 and up, according to Open The Books. California has more than 13 million welfare recipients, a large government employee class of more than 2 million, and more than 1.4 million former government employees now collecting overly generous government pensions.

When you add up the numbers, there are far more Californians drawing from the government than people working outside the government and paying taxes.

In conclusion: This book is essential reading for everyone who wants to or needs to better understand the Golden State of Insanity. As Katy says, “Get armed with facts.”


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That which can’t go on forever, won’t.

DeLeon For Senator!


Remedy: cut the state tax deduction on federal returns.

You’ll see a tax revolution in California, as the reality of a 10% income tax hits home – where it ought to hit, and not California’s luxury expense to be carried by the rest of the nation.

THAT will give Californian’s a good sense of what ‘succession’ will feel like in their pocketbooks.

Dealing with California shouldn’t be hard for Trump officials: Just remember that the average ISIS Suicide Bomber is going to be far more rational and think far more coherently than the average California politician.

I just moved from CA to a brand new subdivision in Arizona. Half the people in the subdivision are from CA. We are all getting out before we are taxed to death.