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German Chancellor Angela Merkel promoted the architect of her open borders policy to her new chief foreign policy adviser. Merkel’s hand-picked Jan Hecker, widely regarded as the man enforcing Germany’s ill-advised refugee policy, has no foreign policy experience. Mainstream media that nitpicked President Trump on every single appointment, is apparently giving a pass to their favorite world leader on this one.

Following an EU court decision ordering some eastern European countries to accept the migrant quotas, Hungary and Poland have vowed to fight on against the large-scale resettlement plan being pushed by the EU. The top EU court, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), ruled yesterday that all member states must take in a share of refugees who cross over into Europe. The EU court's ruling "jeopardizes the security and future of all of Europe," said Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Remember the Left's chorus of "build bridges not walls", condemning every sane move from limiting mass migration into Europe to President Trump's proposed border wall? With Jihad warfare fueled by mass migration rocking one European city after another, Europe's ruling class is finally having an unpleasant rendezvous with the reality. Though it's still "open borders" for the ordinary citizens of the street, the ruling class is protecting itself as it senses the approaching disaster of its own making. Austrian government has taken the first steps by constructing blast walls -- capable of withstanding vehicle bombs -- around its vital state buildings in the capital city of Vienna, including the Federal Chancellery, the President's Office, and a few other key government ministries, local newspapers report.

With less than a month until the German elections, Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her Open Borders Policy for illegal migrants on German television over the weekend. "German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended her controversial decision to admit over a million refugees in 2015, and insisted she had no regrets, saying she would take the big decisions 'the same way again,'" British newspaper Daily Express wrote. She also placed the blame ironically on the border restrictions already in place -- prior to the autumn of 2015 -- to check the unregulated inflow of the refugees into Europe. "She criticized the so-called 'Dublin Regulation' on refugees, which requires those seeking asylum to register in the first EU state they enter," German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported. Merkel's arbitrary suspension of the Dublin Regulation, in fact, started the migrant influx from the Middle East and North African countries that continues to this day.

Despite Europe's politicians and the mainstream media continuing to downplay the migrant inflow that overwhelms the continent, the situation on the ground continues to deteriorate by the day. On Wednesday, beachgoers on a southern Spanish beach watched in horror as dozens of migrants stormed the shore, abandoned their boat, and fled into the countryside.

The Merkel government is apparently covering up the extent of the ongoing migrant influx ahead of the country's general elections, a leaked police document published in German newspapers suggests. According to the document, Germany’s Federal Police, the agency responsible for immigration and border controls, is observing “high number of immigrants” entering illegally into Germany along the country's southern border with Austria. The Federal Police is urging the government to reinstate border controls to stem the flow of illegal migrants into the country, the document reveals.

Almost 50 days until Germany's general elections, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel still looks invincible with the double digit lead in polls over her Social Democratic rival, Martin Schulz. If Islamist terror attacks or the migrant crime wave, both resulting from her open borders policy, have failed to affect her electoral prospects, the economy could sink her political ambitions. A looming banking crisis could "down Merkel", believes the British newspaper Daily Express. Record losses made by Commerzbank, the country's second largest bank, may "spell disaster for" Merkel's re-election bid.

Italy has been struggling to deal with a flood of migrants from Libya and has received little to no help from the EU. This has led to strife, as we pointed out in earlier posts.

A 26-year-old "Palestinian" refugee entered a supermarket in Hamburg, Germany and stabbed one man to death while shouting "Allahu Akbar."  As he attempted to flee the scene, he stabbed several other persons.  The exact number is not yet clear and reports range from three to six people wounded. Fox News reports:
A knife-wielding man reportedly screamed "Allahu Akbar" during a wild attack inside a Hamburg supermarket that killed at least one person and left four others bloodied and wounded on Friday. German police arrested the suspected attacker in the Barmbek district after witnesses followed the man and alerted authorities. The suspect was overwhelmed by passers-by and slightly injured in the process, police said.

"Germany will remain Germany,” Chancellor Merkel had assured Germans amid the massive migrant influx last year. German politicians, media, and celebrities told everyone that "refugees" were coming to "enrich" their country. Since then, the country has seen numerous rapes, sexual assaults, and terrorist attacks. Now you can add female genital mutilation and child brides to that list. A report from the feminist and women rights group Terre des Femmes states that the number of females in Germany who have had their genitals mutilated has risen sharply last year due to mass-migration -- taking the total number of victims to 58,0000. Additionally, more than 13,000 minor girls are at risk of undergoing genital mutilation, a practice officially banned in Germany.

Italy is being overwhelmed by migrants from northern Africa due to its geographic location. As we previously reported, the situation has become so bad that Italy has threatened to close its ports. In order to get the rest of the EU to help, Italy is now threatening to just give these migrants, mostly from Libya, visas which would allow them to live anywhere in Europe. This is threat to flood the rest of Europe with hundreds of thousands of Libyan migrants is being termed the "nuclear option."

Since German Chancellor Angela Merkel embarked on her feckless and reckless refugee policy, Germany has encountered many problems with rising crime rates.  The latest serious problem is a gang of self-appointed "Sharia police" who are terrorizing women and gay people in Berlin. The International Business Times reports:
A gang of armed Chechen Muslims are terrorising women in Germany who do not adhere to their strict interpretation of the Quran. Reports suggest up to 100 men belong to the vigilante group, which 'punishes' Chechen women who are seen to behave immorally, including fraternising with non-Chechen men, smoking, drinking or visiting swimming pools.

After taking in a record-breaking number of refugees, Germany is facing a harsh reality. A majority of the refugees are going to be unemployed for a long time, thus making them a financial burden on taxpayers. Express UK reports:
Refugee reality: Germany admits 75% face long-term unemployment and life on benefits Aydan Özoğuz, commissioner for immigration, refugees and integration, told the Financial Times that only a quarter to a third of the newcomers would enter the labour market over the next five years, and “for many others we will need up to 10”.

In a move that is sure to go uncelebrated on the regressive left and to leave many Trump supporters scratching their heads, the State Department has lifted the limit on the number of refugees admitted to the U. S.   This change will result in almost twice as many refugees flooding into our country each day. It is not clear at this time if President Trump is aware of or has approved this change of policy, though it seems highly unlikely he would be unaware of such a substantive change.

The governments of Hungary and Slovakia have filed a case against the EU's refugee distribution plan. "Hungary and Slovakia have accused the EU of negligence and violations with regard to its decision to distribute up to 120,000 refugees across Europe," German newspaper Die Welt reported. Defending his government’s decision to challenge the EU's migrant policy in the European Court of Justice (ECJ), Hungary's Justice Minister Laszlo Trocsanyi told Die Welt, "We have compiled a ten-point list of reasons we believe this decision to be illegal." Minister Trocsanyi criticised EU's plans of redistributing migrants for incentivising illegal immigration. The EU was telling migrants to "go ahead and come to Europe, and we will handle the distribution," Trocsanyi said.