Despite Europe’s politicians and the mainstream media continuing to downplay the migrant inflow that overwhelms the continent, the situation on the ground continues to deteriorate by the day. On Wednesday, beachgoers on a southern Spanish beach watched in horror as dozens of migrants stormed the shore, abandoned their boat, and fled into the countryside.

The incident at Spain’s Playa de los Alemanes, or literally the ‘German Beach,’ was followed by the news of another illegal boat landing on a nearby beach. According to the British newspaper Telegraph, Spain is set to surpass Greece as the “gateway for migrants entering Europe by sea.” The number of illegal migrant arrivals in the country have tripled compared to last year.

UK newspaper Telegraph reported the illegal landing:

On Wednesday, sunbathers on a beach near Cadiz were shocked to see a black rubber dinghy loaded with migrants landing on the shore, its occupants quickly leaping from the vessel and running away.

Jose Maraver, head of the Maritime Rescue centre in nearby Tarifa, told the Telegraph that a second boat had landed on another beach in the area on Thursday while two vessels had to be rescued. This was now a regular occurrence along that stretch of coast, he said.

“Every day there are boats, every day there is migration,” Mr Maraver added. “The situation is getting very complicated.”

Migrants are increasingly using North Africa to stage daring actions in order to reach prosperous European welfare states. Earlier this week, hundreds of illegal migrants scaled fences and ran over checkpoints, forcing their way into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta that borders Morocco in Africa:

African migrants are also increasingly setting their sights on Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in Morocco which has seen a 230 percent rise in arrivals in recent weeks. On Wednesday, authorities there said they had closed the border to trade for a week in order to cope with with the surge, after a string of mass incursions through its security fence.

On Monday, almost 200 migrants stormed the double fence and ran through security checkpoints, one officer suffering a broken leg in the stampede, which was captured on CCTV.

A group of some 700 sub-Saharan Africans tried to break through on Thursday but were pushed back by Moroccan police, officials said. An earlier attempt by around 1,000 migrants, armed with sticks and home-made spears, was thwarted by officers from both countries.

The storming of the beach in southern Spain is not an isolated incident, but the ominous sign of things to come. Last week, a German intelligence report warned of a large migrant wave that may hit the continent soon. This year, Europe could face another migrant influx, comparable to the one that began in the autumn of 2015, German newspaper Die Welt reported:

Security services believe that the number of asylum seekers in Germany would rise in the coming months. According to the latest analysis of the Shared Analysis and Strategy Center (GASIM) acquired by Die Welt, “Several indicators point to a rise in illegal immigration into Germany in the second half of the year.” The basis for this assumption are the [recorded] migrants crossing in the Mediterranean, reaching of the peak capacities in Italy, the Refugee Policy of the Scandinavian countries, and the observations of the [German] border police in the month of July. [Translation by author]

The incident shows how Europe, once a mighty and proud continent, is losing control over its own shores and territorial borders. With leaders like France’s President Macron and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel refusing to secure EU’s outer borders, the EU has no plan to face the next migrant tsunami. Led by Merkel and Macron, Europe lacks to political will to avert another wave of mass migration.

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