The Merkel government is apparently covering up the extent of the ongoing migrant influx ahead of the country’s general elections, a leaked police document published in German newspapers suggests.

According to the document, Germany’s Federal Police, the agency responsible for immigration and border controls, is observing “high number of immigrants” entering illegally into Germany along the country’s southern border with Austria. The Federal Police is urging the government to reinstate border controls to stem the flow of illegal migrants into the country, the document reveals.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly rejected the idea of securing Germany’s borders. “In the 21st century, closing borders is not a sensible option,” she said in her statement to the German parliament at the onset of the 2015 Migrant Crisis. “[W]e must resist the temptation to revert to acting as nation states.”

German weekly Focus quoted sources within the police, saying, Germany’s Interior Minister had “instructed [them] not to publish the report” that could highlight the growing migrant influx, just 50 days ahead of the German parliamentary election.

The current affairs weekly Focus reported yesterday:

The [German] Federal Police observed a “high number of immigrants” along the Austrian border, despite the closure of the Balkan route. The immigration to, and transit through Germany carry on unabated. This was revealed in an internal report on border controls ahead of the G20 Summit in Hamburg.

The twelve page document was made accessible to the newspapers belonging to the Funke Mediengruppe. According to the report, the Federal Police registered 6,125 violations of residency rights [subjects illegally residing in the country], 4,546 illegal entries, and 812 drug related crimes between June 12 and July 10. In addition to that 782 arrests were made in that time frame.

“These findings alone call for the temporary introduction of border controls on Germany’s internal borders,” the [police] report said. This would lead to “improved security”. The high number of arrests illustrate the need for “nationwide investigation and control mechanisms”. According to the [sources in] police circles, Internal Affairs Minister Thomas de Maizière had instructed [the Federal Police] not to publish the report. De Maizière wanted to avoid a debate over the merits of border controls. [Translation by author]

The latest revelation about Merkel government’s attempt to hide the country’s worsening migrant situation isn’t an isolated incident. Deception and cover-ups have been the hallmark of Merkel’s open doors policy for illegal immigrants.

“Refugees aren’t more criminal than Germans,” people were told by Germany’s Interior Ministry last summer. The same statement also claimed that “migrants hardly committed any sexual assaults and murders.” That hilarious statement was made just six months after the mass sexual assaults on the New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other German cities. Then we learned through the Germany’s official annual crime report published in April this year that there was a 50 percent spike in migrant crime in the country compared to the previous year’s figures.

According to the media reports earlier this year, Merkel had struck a secret deal with the Erdogan regime to directly fly in 150,000 to 200,000 migrants each year from Turkey into the EU, without bothering to consult other European member states, let alone European voters. Merkel and the EU bosses are backing a centralised migrant ‘relocation plan’ to settle these arriving migrants across Europe. German politicians have threatened the East European states with punitive sanctions and penalties for opposing migrant relocation.

The decision not to secure Europe’s outer borders is not a matter of logistical improbability, as it is often sold to gullible European voters, but a well-thought-out ideological position. Merkel and her political allies in Europe won’t let popular opposition or democracy get in the way of their social engineering project to ‘diversify’ and ‘enrich’ the continent of Europe with mass migration from Arab and Muslim countries.

With her 15-point lead over the nearest Social Democratic rival, Merkel is flying high in opinion polls ahead of the September election. An electoral victory for Merkel will also be an endorsement of her EU-wide Migrant Policy. Next month, German voters will not only be electing their next Chancellor, but deciding the fate of the Christian Europe.

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