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Study: Refugees Behind Surging Violent Crimes in Germany

Study: Refugees Behind Surging Violent Crimes in Germany

“92.1 of the spike attributed to the refugees,” study commissioned by German Ministry of Family Affairs claims

Unregulated migration may be responsible for the rise in violent crimes in Germany, a study commissioned by the German government claims. The researchers used the state of Lower Saxony to examine the correlation between the refugee arrivals and violent crimes between 2014 and 2016, a period during which such crimes surged by 10.4 percent. More than 90 percent of these additional crimes were attributed to the newly arrived refugees.

Since Germany opened its border to unregulated immigration two years ago, the country has been in the grip of a migrant crime wave. Despite massive efforts undertaken by the political establishment to suppress the reporting of migrant crimes, the fallout simply can’t be contained. There has been a 50 percent rise in migrant crimes in the country, German Federal Crime Bureau (BKA) says in its last annual crime report published in April 2017.

“The number of immigrants suspected of criminal acts in 2016 has risen by 52.7 percent, to the figure of 174,438, compared to the previous year. To ensure a fair comparison with the rest of the population, crimes that only immigrants can commit, such as illegal entry to the country, have been taken out from the statistics,” German newspaper Die Welt reported, citing the finding of the BKA report.

German newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten surmised the findings of the 103-page report commissioned by German Ministry of Family Affairs.

The numbers speak for themselves. Refugees are behind the significant rise in violent crimes between 2014 and 2016, a latest report reveals. A research team led by criminologist Christian Pfeiffer analysed the situation on the behest of German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. “Lower Saxony is an average German state, so we can generalize the finding to an extent,” the co-author Dirk Baier from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Sören Kliem from the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony said during the presentation on Wednesday.

According to the statistics, violent crimes rose by 10,4 percent between 2014 and 2016, out of which 92,1 of the spike was attributed to the refugees, they claimed. [Translation by the author]

German corporate media and state-run broadcasters were busy spinning the findings of the study that seriously indicted Chancellor Merkel’s open doors policy for immigrants. “Only better integration options will reduce the risk of increased crime rates among migrants, a study has found,” claimed the public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

“Leading German criminologists say the best chance of preventing violent crime among migrants is to offer more integration options like language courses, sport, and practical apprenticeships, ” the public broadcaster added without mentioning the fact that such government programs have failed miserably. The number of immigrants living on welfare payments has hit record levels across Germany. An estimated 600,000 of the newly-arrived ‘refugees’ were presently living on the dole despite being young and apparently employable, the German Association of Towns and Municipalities revealed last month.

“Family reunions can lower the violent crimes committed by migrants,” claimed the German current affairs weekly Focus, citing the findings of the study.

So the solution to imported crime wave is to bring in more immigrants?

Family reunions, or allowing immigrants to bring in their extended family, is a key issue in the ongoing coalition negotiations between Chancellor Merkel’s conservatives and the leftist Social Democrats (SPD). The media and political class are busy convincing the German public to see the merit behind importing more immigrants, mostly from Arab and Muslim states, into the country.

Chancellor Merkel is aware of the political risks of peddling her ‘Refugee Welcome’ policy. She is trying to mitigate the impending disaster by advocating an EU-wide migrant relocation program. Her plan is to dump Germany’s problems over to other European countries. The migrant relocation plan has been met with stiff resistance from the eastern European countries. Brussels wants to crush this opposition and has begun legal action against Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic for refusing to open their borders to migrants under the EU program.

As broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported last month, “Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic fiercely opposed the plan from the start and have repeatedly refused to accept asylum seekers. That’s prompted the European Commission, as well as wealthier states like Germany and Sweden, to call for a permanent mechanism for refugee-sharing.”

One must remember that Chancellor Merkel started the migrant influx by arbitrarily suspending the EU-wide border controls set in place for migrants. She failed to consult German parliament or other European leaders before making that call.

Meanwhile, the US and European mainstream media keep on putting the positive spin on Germany’s “courageous” and “selfless” stance, but the policy of unregulated immigration continues to incur heavy social and human cost, not only on Germany but on the future of Europe as a civilization.


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“The numbers speak for themselves. [Muslim r]efugees are behind the significant rise in violent crimes between 2014 and 2016, a latest report reveals.”

In a further section of the same report, the analysts concluded that “That bears do actually relieve themselves while in the woods and (2) that bears will attack any Muslim who attempts to assault them while in the woods.”

Did the Germans believe they were welcoming grateful, independently wealthy, culturally refined refugees?

    4th armored div in reply to Merlin. | January 4, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    NOT the Deutch but MUTTI, arbitrary decided.

    sounds like another Dictator about 80 years ago, Nicht Wahr ???

Refugees. Lol. They are still blinding themselves with PCBS.

Leading German criminologists say the best chance of preventing violent crime among migrants is to offer more integration options like language courses, sport, and practical apprenticeships

Does that include funding for midnight basketball courts?

They’re getting EXACTLY what they voted for.

And I’m going to sit here and laugh at them while they get it good and hard.

Mutti Merkel belongs in prison for this catastrophe.

This is no surprise to me at all. I lived in Germany for several years well before many foreigners were allowed to immigrate. The crime rate was surprisingly low. By nature, Germans are very prone to toe the line and obey the law.

    bobtuba in reply to Granny. | January 4, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    “Inside every German is a little Policeman.” That was back in the day. Not anymore. Now they are all Gutmenschen who are desperately trying to out-virtue-signal each other.

Refugees Welcome… is a defense of social justice adventures, including: elective regime changes, mass abortion fields, trail of tears, and redistributive change. The “clean” wars.

How do they justify their assertion that reunification is the cure for Muslims practicing Islam?

Meanwhile, the entire nation of Poland wet their pants laughing.

Middle fingers are still waving in the general direction of Germany.

“Only better integration options will reduce the risk of increased crime rates among migrants”. Really? I have an alternative idea: get rid of the invaders and they won’t be committing crimes in your country. Merkel is so determined to hand Germany over to Islam I can’t help but wonder what’s in it for her. Certainly she’ll be dead by the time the machine guns and mass rapes are brought to bear in bringing Germany into submission to Islam.

What the Germans are doing is a valuable service to the rest of the free world. We get to see what liberal ideology is like in practice. It’s one thing to teach it and brag about their wonderful views of how we should all live. But to see it in action is and what a monumental failure it is, is priceless! Basically, they espouse “Can’t we all get along” and the answer is no. Only people who have the same interests and desires and have a common respect for the law can get along. When one group believes they are the chosen ones and everyone else are infidels, then they will NEVER get along.

This CHAOS only proves, once again, that liberal ideology is BS and destructive towards a nation. Merkel and all her marching IDIOTS should be deported along with those who seek ruin of Germany. As for the Morons in Brussels who are suing other nations because they exercise sovereignty and protection for their nation,,, That’s because they are seeing how their errors have ruined their nation.

Fortunately this is a problem easily solved.

After a wave of attacks on women by “refugees,” the authorities in Germany and Sweden put up poster and handed out leaflets reminding the refugees that in Germany and Sweden it’s not culturally acceptable to grope or assault women without the women’s permission. I haven’t seen statistics but I’m sure this took care of the problem.

So the answer is simple and obvious–just pass out information that in their new countries committing violent crime is also not considered socially acceptable.

Problem solved; they really shouldn’t need me to set them straight.