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Jeremy Segal, aka Rebel Pundit, put together a video of his interactions with BLM/Antifa/Leftist activists on the streets in recent years. They tell you exactly what their goal is. It's what we've always known.

The War on Statues is not new. In 2017, RebelPundit filmmakers Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus followed Chicago community organizer, Paul McKinley, on a tour of the south side neighborhood, Washington Park, where they find local residents opposed to a pastor's calls to remove George Washington's name and statue from the park.

The shooting of Republican Congressman Steven Scalise and others during a baseball practice has led to a lot of examination of the anti-Trump, anti-Republican incitement from the mainstream left. While criminal culpability rests with the shooter, there also is no doubt that we are experiencing an unprecedented derangement from establishment Democrats, pro-Democrat media (which is almost all of the mainstream media), the entertainment industry and on campuses. We have been documenting the often violent opposition to Trump for over a year, but particularly since the election. The entire concept of "The Resistance" invokes violence, a deliberate allusion to the resistance movements in World War II Europe.

Legal Insurrection readers are part of a small community of people outside the inner-city of Chicago who may be familiar with Joe Watkins, who passed away this week after a battle with cancer. We've published a few videos and interviews with Joe on this site, including Rebel Pundit's "Chicago Unchained," which reached more than 1 million views after it was first published in 2014: But readers may not realize that Watkins's outspoken denunciation of Democrat rule over the poor, black inner-city communities may have paved the way for enormous changes in the way our political landscape unfolds.

There were many predictions of violent protests at the Republican National Convention, in light of a series of violent anti-Trump protests around the country. In Chicago, you will recall, protests organized by and others caused Trump to cancel his appearance at a major university arena. As Jeremy Segal (aka Rebel Pundit) [Featured Image] and Andrew Marcus documented, the Chicago protests were led by anarchists, communists, and open borders protesters.

Breitbart author/media personality Milo appeared at DePaul University tonight, and was met with a stage takeover and threats of violence. Breitbart News has the details:
Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at DePaul University had to be cut short Tuesday night after protesters stormed the stage, blew whistles, grabbed the microphone out of the interviewer’s hand, and threatened to punch Yiannopoulos in the face.
Our friend Rebel Pundit (aka Jeremy Segal), who is the husband of Legal Insurrection author Anne Sorock, was outside filming protesters.

Rebel Pundit (aka Jeremy Segal) and Andrew Marcus have filmed some great videos of anti-Trump protesters. They filmed Bill Ayers and other wack jobs at the Chicago protest to shut down the Trump rally. The blond woman screaming about white male privilege is a haunting image of post-intellectual America. Language Warning

A young woman who was pepper sprayed at a Trump rally in Wisconsin this week is facing charges because video from the incident shows she punched an older man in the face. Some liberal media outlets have been advancing a false narrative that she was sexually assaulted. Professor Jacobson addressed this issue in a prior post. The Hill reported the police recommendation:
Police recommend charges for teen pepper-sprayed outside Trump rally The 15-year-old pepper sprayed at a Donald Trump rally earlier this week may face charges of disorderly conduct for allegedly punching a man in an altercation captured on video.

There is a continuing pattern of the media falsely trying to portray Trump rally attendees as violent, when in fact almost all confrontations were provoked by violent and intimidating conduct of anti-Trump protesters. We saw this extensively when Trump's Chicago rally was shut down after near riots by anti-Trump activists who infiltrated the rally venue. And we saw it yesterday at a Trump rally in Janesville, WI. The headlines, such as at The Hill, scream about how a protester was peppered sprayed directly in the face.

The other day we showed the full Rebel Pundit video of the anti-Trump protest on the streets of Chicago. It was not hard to guess which segment would go viral. It is this woman demanding that the videographer (I think it was Andrew Marcus for that segment) either leave or dismantle his white male privilege. Now it is viral on Twitter: Language Warning

A few days ago we posted a preview of a video by Rebel Pundit about the anti-Trump protests and deliberate disruption of a campaign rally in Chicago. The protests and near-riots were not caused by Trump. This is the same radical, institutionalized left which populated the Occupy protests. If you think this is about Trump, you haven't been paying attention to what is going on at campuses:
Shout-downs and disruptions of non-leftist speech have become common on campuses. Remember, Chicago is one of the places where they tried to ban Chick-fil-A because it allegedly spread hate. So it doesn’t take much for leftists to shout about “hate” and to use that as an excuse to suppress the rights of others. Disruption of opposing speech is THE preferred tactic among campus leftists. If you think the disruption of Trump’s event was about Trump, then you haven’t paid attention to what is going on on campuses.

RebelPundit has newly released video footage from deep within the Black Friday protest in Chicago that provides new insight into the character of, and reception in the grassroots black community to college-based "Black Lives Matter" and other organized groups vying for control of their community. Here is the explanation from Rebel Pundit:
When protesters took to Chicago’s Michigan Avenue last week, grassroots activists at the Black Friday boycott had no interest in sharing the Magnificent Mile with “Black Lives Matter” activists from the University of Chicago, forcing protesters associated with the group off the street. While media coverage from the periphery of the march showed images of protesters lined up in front of the high-end stores and reported on a unified movement for “justice” in the police killing of Laquan McDonald, it was anything but. Our footage from the core of the march reveals the contentious and disunited elements vying for control.

Lee Stranahan of Rebel Pundit is in Louisiana covering Saturday's Senate runoff election between Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy:
On Monday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the Black Conservatives Fund held a press conference to show a new video that exposed Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins telling a crowd of black Democrats: “If you early voted, go vote again tomorrow. One more’s not going to hurt and tomorrow we’re going to re-elect Earl Taylor as D.A., so he won’t prosecute you if you vote twice!” .... Landrieu’s first move to nip the story in the bud was to announce a press conference across town at the exact same time as the Black Conservatives Fund’s Monday presser. Divide the press and conquer. Nothing to see here. Not only did Landrieu hold a counter-press conference to try and stop the Black Conservatives, but the Democrats sent a group of protestors to try and shout down the conference on Monday. Here’s where I come in. The undercover video was shot by a Louisiana local, but I did some work on the final video presentations for the Black Conservative Fund. I flew down to Baton Rouge last Friday and I was at Monday’s press conference. After the event, I went outside to talk to the loud, chanting protestors. The real action starts about a minute into this video, where the Democrat operative hits my camera while I ask questions of a young woman who was the protest handler.
In his post at Rebel Pundit, Stranahan highlights that while questioning a female Democratic operative, a second female Democratic operative appears and smacks his camera (at 1:05). That second operative who smacked the camera is Kirstin Alvanitakis, Communications Director for the Louisiana Democratic Party.