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Chicago Black Activists to Obama: “We pray that congress do away with your amnesty” (Video)

Chicago Black Activists to Obama: “We pray that congress do away with your amnesty” (Video)

“he doesn’t care nothin’ about our people”

After the 2014 State of the Union address, a group of black activists in Chicago were interviewed by Jeremy Segal of Rebel Pundit in a video telling Obama to “just quit.”

Some of those activists, and others, also were interviewed just before the midterms in a video that has over 1 million views and received widespread attention: “My life has been hurt by Democrats”.

In a new post-2015 SOTU interview, the activists express not just their frustrations with Obama, but the hope that Republicans will fight:

All five activists in the video discuss their frustrations with President Obama, and his inability or unwillingness to relate to the poorer working class black population across the country….

[Paul] McKinley says “the country is more racially divided” since President Obama took office six years ago, and the president has failed to correct it.

[Joseph] Watson had a message for new Republican congress, saying, “We hope that congress defunds Obamacare. We pray that congress do away with your amnesty executive order, giving and providing illegal aliens and immigrants work permits to make sure black don’t get jobs in our own community.


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This is the black community finally waking up to the fact that the dems plan is to keep them permanently poor and dependent upon hand outs from government.

jim, agreed….

Yet, the GOP will – once again – snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

GOP ‘leadership’ should immediately host meetings around the country to begin cooperating with local back groups and individuals to publicize their message (the message of the black community, NOT the message of the GOP). Then the GOP should begin a coordinated media campaign to push-back on ‘amnesty’ in all forms while also initiating a defund-it-all action in the House by attaching appropriate language to every piece of legislation it passes (to wit: no federal funds shall be used to fund A, B, C, nor X, Y, or Z”).

Instead, GOP ‘leadership’ will fold like a willow in the wind then wonder why we despise them.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to MJN1957. | January 22, 2015 at 2:09 am

    The blacks are spot-on correct that obola has set them back, but they’re still blaming someone else for their failure as a culture. Where were they when times were good and there was a strong market for skilled labor? Looking for jobs? Utilizing the trillions of dollars spent for their educations and all the benefits to sustain them while they undertook rigorous education endeavors with an eye toward a valued career? Not so much. They weren’t in very good shape before obola came along. Sure, obola broke his promise to them, but he’s lied to and screwed the whole country over, not just blacks.

    Methinks they doth protest too much. They still need to make the cultural changes from within in terms of values, ethics and behavior in order to succeed enough to become competitive with imported Hispanics.

    It’s real simple. If they want to work, then they need to make themselves an attractive candidate for employment. It would be 100% on them to finish school, realize education is a gift but also a necessity for success, and take it seriously by applying themselves. That means de-hoodrat themselves by putting down the blunts, pulling up their pants, avoiding tattoo parlors, cleaning up their speech and language, learning manners and respect, turning down the crap music in public and at work, and staying out of trouble. They would also have to figure out that jobs are provided by businesses, and that businesses are attracted to states and municipalities that offer friendly taxation and business policies, and that those attributes are NOT a function of the Democrat Party’s platform.

    Until they decide to do all that, boohoo if obola let them down. If it’s really good jobs they wanted, they should have examined the political history of the two parties as it pertains to growth and prosperity, and then voted in the self-interest of their futures and pocketbooks instead of their skin color.

That sounds about right. Let’s take care of Americans first. The 2 million annually who are denied birth; and over 300 million who survived planned parenthood.

While leaders of second and third-world nations are happy to send their unwanted men, women, and children somewhere else, they should not be allowed to escape responsibility for their citizens, and our leaders should not escape responsibility for displacement, replacement, abortion, and progressive taxation of Americans.

Yawn. Let me know when they start connecting the gang shootings to specific Democrats who fostered the environment that bred the gangs.

If you aren’t taking names and calling out the enemy, I question your commitment to changing the status quo.

Obama’s racist church is based in “black liberation theology”, which essentially teaches that the current system must be destroyed (transformed) before blacks can advance, over the WASPy man’s dead body.

And to help with that destruction, Obama is opening the borders to the whole third world, and the left preaches it is our Christian duty to care for them.

But like the blacks that secretly came forward to testify against Brown in Ferguson, a large part of “the black community” want the MLK dream, not the Sharpton gold necklace nightmare, or the Winnie Mandela murder necklaces either. The radical black militant left has done no good for Holder’s people, and never will.

    JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Midwest Rhino. | January 22, 2015 at 2:26 am

    Very true.

    But it will take a huge shift in the black culture’s paradigm to leave the ‘rat plantation and start taking responsibility for their lives instead of relying on someone else to ‘do’ for them through a false promise of more entitlements.

    Although I think MLK was basically a fraud, many blacks claim to believe in his ‘dream’. That being the case, let them walk the walk, not just talk the talk. The dream was predicated on equality. MLK sort of left out the part that equality includes equal self-responsibility, not just ‘rights’.

I’ll believe these complaints about Obama when blacks stop voting 95% Democrat.

Sorry, Black folks, but you and your people don’t matter anymore. The Hispanics are the new Democrat power base. All y’all have just been sent to the back of the bus.

But I hear the Democrats are getting y’all your own drinking fountains.