The shooting of Republican Congressman Steven Scalise and others during a baseball practice has led to a lot of examination of the anti-Trump, anti-Republican incitement from the mainstream left.

While criminal culpability rests with the shooter, there also is no doubt that we are experiencing an unprecedented derangement from establishment Democrats, pro-Democrat media (which is almost all of the mainstream media), the entertainment industry and on campuses.

We have been documenting the often violent opposition to Trump for over a year, but particularly since the election. The entire concept of “The Resistance” invokes violence, a deliberate allusion to the resistance movements in World War II Europe.

If you view Trump and his supporters as Hitler and Nazis, anything goes.

Others are doing admirable jobs today cataloging the recent incitement to violence from media figures.

In trying to make sense of what happened today, I kept coming back to a radio interview talk show host Michael Koolidge had with our friend Rebel Pundit (Jeremy Segal) which we posted on May 24, 2016, after Jeremy was arrested for filming an anti-Milo riot at DePaul Univesrity in Chicago, #FreeRebelPundit – arrested while filming leftist riot DePaul U. appearance.

Jeremy knows the radical left better than anyone I know. He has produced many videos of leftist riots, including the riots that led to canceling Donald Trump’s campaign event in Chicago in March 2016

I’ve remembered Jeremy’s words every time I see the campus shout-downs, Antifa beat downs, and other assorted riots.

And I thought of those words the moment I heard of the Scalise shooting:

While people are out, running around, scared about the things Donald Trump is saying, there is an army  of radical, militant youth being built in this country that lives in an absolutely alternative dimension and a different reality. Their entire world view is completely different and completely antithetical to the traditional American world view. And they are getting closer and closer to the point that they will be ready to fight. I don’t know when that’s going to be, but it’s coming and it’s very ugly.

(full interview here)

James T. Hodgkinson may not have been young, but he was infected with that same willingness to fight as Antifa and other anti-Trump leftists who riot. By all evidence, Hodgkinson was driven by an apocalyptic view of Trump’s election.

The window for violence has been moved from the radical fringes to the mere left. It’s much bigger than the incitement. And it’s been a long time in the making.


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