The War on Statues is not new.

In 2017, RebelPundit filmmakers Jeremy Segal and Andrew Marcus followed Chicago community organizer, Paul McKinley, on a tour of the south side neighborhood, Washington Park, where they find local residents opposed to a pastor’s calls to remove George Washington’s name and statue from the park.

It’s an interesting glimpse at how statue removal is often a distraction from other issues. For example, then and there, the deflection was to hide the neglect of the Chicago neighborhood. Now, it’s more of a tearing down not of statues, but of history and our civil society, mixed with a psychological collapse.

In either case, don’t focus on the statues, there’s something else going on.

While we’re at it, this 2016 Rebel Pundit interview of a woman complaining about white male privilege is one of my favorites of the genre, You are surrounded by your white male privilege. Put a mask on her, let her out at night, and her type could be any of today’s protesters tearing down statues.

(language warning)


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