There is a continuing pattern of the media falsely trying to portray Trump rally attendees as violent, when in fact almost all confrontations were provoked by violent and intimidating conduct of anti-Trump protesters.

We saw this extensively when Trump’s Chicago rally was shut down after near riots by anti-Trump activists who infiltrated the rally venue.

And we saw it yesterday at a Trump rally in Janesville, WI.

The headlines, such as at The Hill, scream about how a protester was peppered sprayed directly in the face.

What is barely mentioned is why. The woman had just punched an old man in the face.

This video by Rebel Pundit captures the moment:

Andrew Marcus, who works on these video projects with Rebel Pundit, posted this image:

I don’t know the man’s age, but in many states a physical assault on a person over a certain age (usually 60 or 65) get accelerated charging, turning what would be a misdemeanor battery into a felony.

As critical as I have been of Trump and some of his supporters, it’s equally true that the media has an agenda.

It’s the same agenda used against the Tea Party — to portray an overwhelmingly peaceful group of people as violent, and to portray the violent leftist perpetrators as victims.

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