A few days ago we posted a preview of a video by Rebel Pundit about the anti-Trump protests and deliberate disruption of a campaign rally in Chicago.

The protests and near-riots were not caused by Trump. This is the same radical, institutionalized left which populated the Occupy protests. If you think this is about Trump, you haven’t been paying attention to what is going on at campuses:

Shout-downs and disruptions of non-leftist speech have become common on campuses. Remember, Chicago is one of the places where they tried to ban Chick-fil-A because it allegedly spread hate. So it doesn’t take much for leftists to shout about “hate” and to use that as an excuse to suppress the rights of others.

Disruption of opposing speech is THE preferred tactic among campus leftists. If you think the disruption of Trump’s event was about Trump, then you haven’t paid attention to what is going on on campuses.

If Donald Trump is not the nominee, there still will be disruptions of the Republican nominee. Because that has proven to be a successful tactic, one partially enabled by Republicans who — out of hate for Trump — are willing to look the other way.

Rebel Pundit was on Hannity tonight, along with Andrew Marcus, Director of the Hating Breitbart film, who co-produced the new video just released on the Rebel Pundit website.

(Hannity video added)

Language Warning (a “bleeped” version is here)


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