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Remember when former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a presidential candidate? It already seems like a million years ago. As you may know, after dropping out, Bloomberg decided to pump millions upon millions of dollars into the election. He might as well have just set it on fire.

Yesterday I blogged that Wuhan coronavirus has hampered former Vice President Joe Biden's fundraising and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). It's hard for both to compete against President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee since both are swimming are cash. The DNC received a decent boost from billionaire former candidate Michael Bloomberg.

New York Times editor Mara Gay and MSNBC's Brian Williams showed off their superior math skills last night on The 11th Hour. Mekita Rivers, a writer at Glamour and The Washington Post, posted that Michael Bloomberg could have used the $500 million he spent on ads on the American people. She said he could have given everyone $1 million and have money to spare.

Mike Bloomberg had a terrible night at the Las Vegas debate. On that point, I'm in agreement with the conventional wisdom. I'm not in agreement that he is done as a candidate, assuming he's still willing to spend an additional half-billion dollars on advertising, paying social media 'influencers' to hype him, and buying up Democrat policitians and media.

I am continually mystified by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's horrific political instincts.  As her campaign began to stall, she decided to go after fellow Democrats who were beating her in fundraising and polling. As a result, she was so thoroughly owned by former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg during the December Democrat debate that I was surprised when she claimed that socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders told her a woman couldn't win the presidency.