Yesterday I blogged that Wuhan coronavirus has hampered former Vice President Joe Biden’s fundraising and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). It’s hard for both to compete against President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee since both are swimming are cash.

The DNC received a decent boost from billionaire former candidate Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg can transfer $18 million to the DNC since it will come from his campaign. As a citizen, Bloomberg could only donate hundreds of thousands of dollars. Quite a difference!

From The Wall Street Journal:

The investment is aimed at strengthening the DNC’s battleground program, which includes 12 states and is run in coordination with the state party committees. Mr. Bloomberg has also offered to transfer the ownership of many of his field offices to state party committees, according to a Democratic official, who said that the former New York City mayor’s contributions would help speed up their hiring for positions in organizing, data and operations.

The multimillion-dollar boost to the party’s field organizing program could serve as a major asset to the Democratic nominee. Former Vice President Joe Biden is leading the delegate count and has struggled to amass a large campaign war chest. Sen. Bernie Sanders is still in the race, but Mr. Biden’s campaign is preparing to build out a larger staff for the general election while grappling with the new realities of campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic.

President Trump’s team has built a large campaign organization and is planning an extensive operation of field organizers and digital outreach to voters. Mr. Trump and the Republican National Committee had more than $225 million in the bank at the end of February.

The six states are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Bloomberg promised to keep “his staff on the payroll and field offices open in at least six competitive general-election states, even if he wasn’t the party’s nominee.”

However, Mike blogged that Bloomberg cut employees even though he promised them employment for a year. He allowed them to keep the iPhones and MacBooks he gave them:

Multiple Bloomberg aides told POLITICO they participated in termination calls with the campaign on Monday. Some of them complained after the calls that they were originally told they would be paid by Bloomberg though the November general election regardless of whether he remained in the race. Most staffers will receive their last paycheck on March 31, sources said…

Hiring materials from Bloomberg headquarters shared with POLITICO stated that regardless of what happened, field organizers could expect to have a job with “Team Bloomberg” through November, though it didn’t promise interviewees where they would be based. It outlined that organizers would be paid $6,000 a month, plus a $5,000 relocation stipend and full health, dental and vision benefits.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the campaign told staffers in the six states I listed “they would be paid through the first week in April and have full benefits through the end of April.”

Now they “have to reapply for positions through the DNC’s program.” One Democratic aide said the former Bloomberg employees “will not be given preferential treatment.”


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