Just two days before the final Iowa debate, CNN ran a story — obviously leaked by the Elizabeth Warren campaign and based on second- and third- hand sourcing — claiming that in a private meeting in 2018, Bernie Sanders told her a woman couldn’t win the presidency.

That claim is frequently made by liberals lamenting how Hillary Clinton lost and the uphill fight women face on a national political stage. But coming in the ultra-woke Democratic primary, it was an incendiary accusation against Bernie.

Bernie vehemently denies the accusation.

Warren, using the denial of the CNN story by Bernie as the pretext, then issued a statement standing by the claim:

No one else was in the room. The Washington Post casts doubt on Warren’s claim:

Two people with knowledge of the conversation at the 2018 dinner at Warren’s home told The Washington Post that Warren brought up the issue by asking Sanders whether he believed a woman could win. One of the people with knowledge of the conversation said Sanders did not say a woman couldn’t win but rather that Trump would use nefarious tactics against the Democratic nominee.

Bernie supporters have started the hashtag #RefundWarren which is trending on Twitter. But the criticism goes beyond BernieBros. Peter Daou, a hardcore Hillary supporter and Democrat, is furious with Warren’s “low blow“:


Unless there is independent evidence of what happened in that private conversation, I’m going with Bernie telling the truth on this. Since 2012, we have been documenting Elizabeth Warren’s serial lies and manipulative stories about her own history, not just her Native American deception. Warren is cunning and manipulative, and dropping this claim on the eve of the final Iowa debate fits that pattern.

Here are some entries from ElizabethWarrenWiki.org:

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* * *

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Particularly on the Native American claim, Warren not only lied, she lied about her lies.

Nathan Robinson, who appears to be a Bernie supporter, catalogs some of Warren’s deceptions at Current Affairs, The Credibility Gap:

Bernie is getting a taste of what we’ve been documenting since 2012.

This was a very Comey-like move by Warren’s campaign. She leaked the story, then used the denial of the leak to go on the record.

I think this will backfire on Warren.


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