The South Carolina Democratic Primary polls close at 7 p.m. Eastern. We’ll cover the results as they come in.

This is the little storm before the big storm next Super Tuesday.  Whoever outperforms expectations will get some free media for a couple of days, not that Tom Steyer (on the SC ballot) needs it. Bloomberg is not on the ballot. Joe Biden needs some really good news in SC to keep himself relevant.

If Bernie wins or comes close, that would be devastating to the #NeverBernie Democrats. It will be interesting if Operation Chaos, whereby Republicans cross over in the open primary to vote Bernie, helps narrow the gap.


I’m skeptical of exit polls, but anyway, here’s some interesting and not really surprising findings.


Well, that was quick. As soon as the polls closed, all the networks projected Biden not only the winner, but by a large margin based on support from the black community.


There’s Always A Tweet

Steyer Out

Tom Steyer spent a lot of money for very few votes. He focused hard on South Carolina, but it looks like he won’t hit the 15% threshold for delegates. He’s dropping out.



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