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We've been following the special election for Georgia's sixth Congressional District. Vacated by Rep. Tom Price when he left to serve as HHS Secretary, the race has drawn national attention. GA-6 is Newt Gingrich's old district and has been in Republican hands since 1979. For better or worse, Democrats have pitched the race as a referendum on President Trump's agenda. GA-6 though was not a die-hard Trump district in the 2016 election. Trump only won by 1.5 points as most of the district's voters chose Rubio in the Republican primary. But so desperate are Democrats to find a mandate to oppose Trump, this is the route they've chosen.

Early voting began Tuesday in one of the country's hottest races -- the race to replace former Rep. Tom Price (who left to head HHS) in Georgia's sixth Congressional district. The young and inexperienced Democrat Jon Ossoff faces a tough challenger in Republican Karen Handel. Democrats and political media alike have pitched the race as a referendum on President Trump and his agenda. Because the race has garnered so much national attention, super PACs from both sides of the aisle are dropping bank on ads, hoping to sway voters to their cause. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican PAC, created an ad, linking Kathy Griffin to Ossoff.

Monday, a poll was released showing Jon Ossoff, the Democratic contender in the upcoming special election in Georgia's sixth Congressional district, up seven percentage points over Republican candidate, Karen Handel. Conducted by Survey USA, the poll surveyed 700 voters, 549 of which were presumed to have voted in the runoff election. Margin of error is set at 4.3 points. Where the other 150 voters went, I'm not sure, because the poll is based on 549, 30 of whom indicated they were undecided, leaving 519 surveyed voters who'd made up their minds. Of the remaining 519, 40 more people have already pledged their support for Ossoff than Handel. 239 said they'll vote for Handel and 279 plan to vote for Ossoff.

Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff will square off against Republican Karen Handel in the June 20th election for the seat formerly held by Rep. Tom Price who now serves as HHS Secretary. As the runoff special election in Georgia's sixth Congressional district nears the one-month-away mark, national Republican groups are running a slew of anti-Ossoff ads.

High ranking Republicans are joining the fight for Georgia's sixth Congressional district. Vacated by former Rep. Tom Price when he left to serve as HHS secretary, Democrats have made the special election a referendum on President Trump's presidential performance thus far. Speaker Paul Ryan will head to Georgia to headline a May 15 Handel campaign event.

Representative Hank Johnson has had an ethics complaint filed against him for using his position in Congress to assist Jon Ossoff (D-GA), Johnson's former aide, in his bid to win Georgia's 6th district special election. The complaint filed by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) alleges that Johnson used his tax payer-funded House website for political purposes in support of Ossoff's campaign.

Citizens of Georgia's sixth Congressional district flocked to the polls today to select a replacement for former Rep. Tom Price, who now serves as HHS Secretary in Trump's administration. Progressive Democrat, Jon Ossoff, hopes to pass the 50% threshold, which would allow him to avoid a runoff. Everyone is mandate-hunting. Democrats desperately hope to take home a runoff-less win to prove America's wholeheartedly rejecting Trump's agenda.

On the eve of the special election in Georgia's 6th district, news of President Trump's approval hitting 50% on Rasmussen's Presidential Tracking Poll is being blasted from the rafters by Drudge and retweeted by the President himself.  However, Rasmussen's appears to be an outlier, though Gallup has him up by two points at 41%. This is an important point because Georgia's 6th, Newt Gingrich's old district, only barely went for Trump last November, and the progressive Democrat, Jon Ossoff, began his campaign as a "Make Trump Furious" effort and in doing so, has intentionally made the special election a referendum on Trump.

While losing the House seat vacated by Tom Price in Georgia's 6th district will make little immediate difference in real terms for  Republicans, doing so will provide an unwelcome boost of morale and momentum to anti-Trump regressives.   Democrats and "resist we much" activists across the country know this, understand the momentum such a victory would create, and are unleashing all of their resources on this tiny, mostly conservative district near Atlanta. Team Obama, Hollywood has-been Samuel L. Jackson, and outside volunteers and money are flooding into the district with the hopes of scoring a win on Tuesday for the anti-Trump "resistance."  To that end, they are all rallying behind progressive Democrat Jon Ossoff.

As we learned from Scott Brown's (R-MA) supermajority-breaking special election win in January of 2010, special elections can and sometimes do serve as harbingers for midterms.  There are three upcoming special elections to replace House members who have joined President Trump's cabinet, and each is turning out to be unexpectedly challenging for the GOP, who are expecting a low turnout in the wake of the Republicans gaining control of both Congress and the White House. Kansas, Georgia, and Montana will hold special elections this spring, and if the Democrats pick up one or more of these seats, their "resist we much" campaign will get a much-needed boost.

In the summer of 2014, Justin Ross Harris left his 22-month-old son Cooper in the car for seven hours as he went to work. Harris claimed he forgot to drop Cooper off at daycare, but prosecutors revealed he sexted with numerous women, including the day his son died. A grand jury indicted Harris in September 2014. On Tuesday, Cobb County Superior Court Judge Mary Staley Clark sentenced Harris to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The school choice fight rages on in Georgia. On the ballot this year is a constitutional amendment that would create a statewide "Opportunity School District". In 2012, Georgia passed an amendment creating its charter school program. Opportunity School District (OSD) is one of the last remaining pieces of Georgia Governor Deal's education reform initiative. Its function? To assist in the turnaround of failing schools. According to the proposal's official site, OSD is, "ased on similar, successful initiatives in Louisiana and Tennessee," and, "would authorize the state to temporarily step in to assist chronically failing public schools and rescue children languishing in them."